Chickenpox: how many days need to be home in quarantine

Quarantine chicken pox: how many days need to be home

Chickenpox is a disease that is very easily transmitted from one patient to healthy people, especially often marked by outbreaks of disease in places where there are large concentrations of people. Taking into account the age group, it can be noted that the chickenpox in children develops in kindergartens and schools. Like any disease, chickenpox, has several stages in its development. Each of the stages last for a certain period of time, respectively, there is quarantine for chicken pox that must be met in required mode, if you do not want to aggravate the patient’s condition, and infect healthy people.

  • How many days quarantine from chicken pox?
  • When you can go to kindergarten or school after chicken pox?
  • What information to get and from whom?

How many days quarantine from chicken pox?

The stage of the disease:

  • Initially, the infection occurs and the adaptation of the herpes virus to a specific organism.
  • Further, there is a massive replication of the virus and its accumulation in the mucous parts of the body.
  • When the body, and in particular in the patient’s blood, there is a high concentration of the virus, the first symptoms are observed.

Overall, the chicken pox can last from 10 days to 21, in rare cases, 39 days child struggling with illness. It is difficult to say at what stage a person becomes a threat to others, after all, exactly how the virus behaves in a particular organism, would not venture to predict any doctor. It is believed that varicella is a risk of Contracting is the first 5-10 days. At this time, the child is faced with symptoms such as:

  • weakness;
  • fever;
  • itching of the skin;
  • loss of appetite;
  • minor redness;
  • chills;
  • rarely nausea.
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Signs of chickenpox are reminiscent of SARS, the parents, suspecting nothing, freely in contact with the child and treat it from a cold, at that time, as the virus spreads to others and successfully progressing in the body of a baby. To understand that you are faced with chicken pox, to help characteristic rash with clear content. The person will be contagious and have to stay at home until these papules is covered with a thick crust, and completely cease to appear.

It should be noted that sometimes, the baby remains infectious, even when coated with a crust of sores. Because of the low awareness, parents at this time take the child to fresh air, in the mistaken belief that the disease has receded, and it does not pose a threat to others. Contact of the patient with healthy kids who have a weakened immune system, will inevitably lead to the infection.

According to numerous studies of the sanitary-epidemiological station, the quarantine for chicken pox is 14 days. If there is a chicken pox how many days need to be home, decides first and foremost a parent, but established norms must be considered. Even kindergartens and schools close for a period of time, if marked outbreak of the disease. During this time, children have time to recover fully and freely to contact each other.

When you can go to kindergarten or school after chicken pox?

How long is quarantine for chicken pox in children, now you know, but when letting their children to go to kindergarten — is another question. Some parents believe that in two weeks baby has not had time to get stronger, he’s got lowered immunity and it can catch other diseases that are in the children’s groups. This is the correct way of thinking, the child is not worth the extra time to endanger, so it is best few days of kindergarten not to be missed.

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In children after 10 years, the virus can lead to serious complications and quarantine how long will last, tell the attending physician. You can go to kindergarten through 17-18 days after activation in the body of the virus, but, in any case, not before. Even if you see that your baby quickly went to the amendment, the bubbles disappear on the skin -do not rush to send him to daycare after chickenpox.

The herpes virus that causes smallpox remains in our body for life. It is on the correct and duration of therapy depends on what concentration of the virus will remain. Often goes untreated chickenpox to become the impetus for the development of more serious illnesses, to eliminate that would have been in the hospital.

For some children, chickenpox is a minor inconvenience, and for some — a serious test for the organism. So that your baby is not faced with the complications and freely went to kindergarten in two weeks, you must take care of his immune system during illness, and before him. All the nutrients children get from food, so enrich the diet of their offspring vitaminoterapie products, as well as monitor his health. Such a simple exercise, sometimes even to avoid the disease, because once in the body the virus quickly stopped the immune cells.

What information to get and from whom?

If your kid had chicken pox, how many days need to be home, you know, and successfully beat the disease, but faced with the trouble of a documentary type, it will be interesting to know what parents of sick leave prescribed for chickenpox in children for 10 days. Sometimes, this time is not enough to fully cope with the illness of the baby and there are two ways out of the situation. Parent doctor can guide to work and leave the child in the care of other relatives or the parent prolongs the hospital for another 4 days. This is allowed by the laws of the country.

As for when to visit the garden after chickenpox, parents should bring the baby for examination to the regional therapist at the children’s hospital. The doctor, after examination of the skin, may issue a certificate that the baby is completely healthy and can attend care. Given such help in most cases, five days after ceased to be new bubbles on the skin.

Despite the fact that forced vacations have a parent and child lasts for more than three weeks, there are unpleasant symptoms and hassle, it is better that your little one is still ill at the age of 10. If this does not happen, be sure to complete the vaccination. Forced breaking in the house, will seem a trifle in comparison with serious complications of chickenpox, which affects the vital organs, when a child is ill adulthood.

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