Chicken pox in the throat in adults and than rinse if it hurts

Causes chicken pox in the throat and symptoms of the disease

Many of us faced in childhood with such a viral disease as chickenpox. It more often affects children, but have not had a grown man can also get infected. The main distinguishing feature of the disease is a skin rash. However, found this form of this disease, as the pox in my throat. There are several causes of the manifestations of the disease. As for treatment, it is a little different from therapy typical forms of the disease.

  • Symptoms and causes
  • Treatment
  • Rinse
  • Folk remedies for rinsing
  • Special gels and ointments

Symptoms and causes

Chicken pox in the throat may occur due to infection with herpes virus of the 3rd type. Transmission is by airborne droplets, but can sometimes get sick by direct contact. Infection with air penetrates the throat and it is here that it is localized infection site. The virus quickly enters the bloodstream, causing damage to the mucous membranes, and then deposited in the skin cells. Since its introduction into the body until the first signs of the disease is 9-10 days. This is called latent disease. In adults, the incubation period can last up to three weeks.

Important: the virus herpes infection remains in human body forever.

The symptoms of the disease at a chicken pox of the throat in children and adults can be drastically different. A child can much easier to transfer the disease, but a grown man will hurt harder. The severity of symptoms the smaller, the younger the organism. Adult disease can not only appear brighter, but also more long-term leaking.

Though the first signs of the disease arise suddenly (weakness, cough, runny nose, moodiness in children), sore throat is not from the first day. First of all, overall health is suffering, then there is rash, and other characteristic signs of the disease.

Chicken pox may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • In connection with the disease first appears General lethargy and toxicity. Then joins headache, in the language of the plaque.
  • The person may shiver. The feeling of cold is replaced by a feeling of heat.
  • Fever.
  • The eruption begins with the oral cavity. The first signs of the rash resemble a reddish point. In the photo
  • it can be clearly seen. After 2 h on the set of formed blisters, filled with a whitish liquid. The blister bursts quickly, and in its place formed ulcer, overgrown epithelium. While in the oral cavity and throat when the chickenpox are not formed is characteristic of the skin of the crust. The person may feel pain in the throat. Sometimes it hurts not just drink and swallow, but also to speak.

    • Sometimes adults on the background brain edema occurs photophobia, disorders of coordination and muscle twitching.

    Attention! The main distinguishing feature – the rash does not appear on the language, but when you attach a secondary infection is affected by the tongue, tonsils, palate and even the esophagus.

    The jump in temperature, usually associated with the formation of blisters. Before the appearance of new lesions can increase the body temperature. The intensity of lesions and their localization at the throat are directly related to how high the temperature. The closer to the throat, the higher the temperature. Generally the appearance of blisters in the throat, evidence of severe disease.

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    It is important to understand that a complication of the disease is the appearance of bright red dots. Bubbles often form in the throat, throat, palate and tonsils. Not rarely, the rash spread to the gums, cheeks and lips, much less the language. After this rash covers all the skin except the soles of feet and palms.

    Rash on the tonsils and throat usually contribute to the appearance of edema of the larynx. It is therefore not only a sore throat with chicken pox, but it causes cough, changing the timbre of the voice. If you have chicken pox in the throat, how to treat this disease, we’ll continue.


    Answering the question of how to treat chicken pox, it should be said that this is a viral disease requires no specific treatment in the hospital. All procedures can be performed at home, but you need to know exactly what to do in this form of the disease.

    To improve overall health, shows light food rich in vitamins, drinking plenty of fluids and good hygiene. For the treatment of blisters on the tonsils and posterior wall of the larynx you can use the following methods of complex therapy:

    • special rinsing;
    • essential oil;
    • healing gels and ointments.

    Important! When the chicken pox cannot be used as an antipyretic aspirin. This medicine may lead to complications. Also should refuse hot food.


    With the appearance of blisters in the throat and on the tonsils it hurts not only eat, but also to speak, but another coughing spell only increases the pain. To reduce inflammation and remove pain in the throat use gargle. When the disease will be faster if you manage to handle the localization of infection.

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    For rinsing you can use one of these drugs after consulting your doctor:

  • . To prepare the solution you need to dissolve in hot water (0.1 l) one tablet of the drug. The prepared solution can be used when it has cooled to a comfortable temperature. A day you need to spend at least five rinses.
  • For the removal of white papules using a tincture of calendula. To do this you need to dissolve 0.25 litres of warm water a couple of tablespoons of medication. The day of the procedure you need to spend some time.
  • Sulfatsil sodium in solution. One vial of the drug is dissolved in a glass of water. Rinsing is carried out three times a day.
  • A good antiseptic qualities perfectly. Such rinsing will significantly speed up the recovery. The procedure can be used as undiluted drug (in vials) and mix it with water in equal proportions.
  • Solution Hlorofillipta oil. 0.25 litres of warm water must be diluted with a few drops of this drug. Significant improvement you will feel after a few treatments.
  • Effective remedy for chicken pox is considered to be boric acid. To prepare this solution you need to dilute in boiled water (0.02 l) ½ teaspoon of boric acid one percent. This tool processes the throat at least six times per day.
  • When executing procedures, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

    • Rinse to perform better after a meal and then a couple of hours to refrain from drinking and eating.
    • Medication in any case can not swallow.
    • The solution should be warm, not hot or cold.
    • Before each treatment prepare a fresh solution and do not use leftovers from last time.

    Folk remedies for rinsing

    In folk medicine there are many effective means to combat this disease:

  • You can prepare a solution of Apple cider vinegar. It will reduce the pain. To do this in 0.25 l of water was dissolved 60 ml of Apple cider vinegar.
  • It turns out that green tea is effective for sore throat during chicken pox. You need to prepare not a very strong drink. This means for rinsing you can use during the day many times.
  • An excellent remedy for inflammation and pain in the throat can be a decoction of chamomile and sage. To do this, 15 g of each plant it is necessary to insist in 0.25 l of boiling water for half an hour. After the liquid is filtered and cooled.
  • Equally effective herbal prepared from chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and flax seed. All the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, pour 0.25 l of boiling water and insist 40 minutes. After straining and cooling infusion rinse the throat three times a day.
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    Special gels and ointments

    Now you know what to gargle with the chicken pox. But there is no less effective means in the form of gels and ointments. So, to ease my throat and to eliminate unpleasant symptoms will help the following pharmaceutical products:

  • Effective is sea buckthorn oil. With the help of cotton shelves oil to lubricate 4 R/d head blisters.
  • To reduce pain, rashes can be lubricated gels, which are used for getting rid of the pain of teething in children, e.g., Kalgel. If such a tool 3 R/d to lubricate the red dots, it will allow the patient to safely eat and drink without pain.
  • To protect oral mucosa from damage uses a special adhesive paste Solcoseryl. If it is applied on the tonsils and the larynx, it is possible to protect the mucosa from irritation while eating, which will reduce pain. The effect after using the funds saved for five hours.
  • Different essential oils can neutralize the virus and speed up the recovery time. Suitable bergamot oil, tea tree and eucalyptus. These agents have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. Oil is ideal for treating children. It must be added to a warm bath.

    For older children and adults you can choose the oil in the form of a spray or aerosol. It is more convenient to apply on the damaged area. To prepare a lotion by yourself. To do this in 0.1 l of water dissolve five drops of a suitable essential oil. The oil will speed up the healing process of ulcers that formed after opening of the blisters.

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