Chicken butts on the foot and how to get rid of warts

How to get rid of chicken butts on the foot?

The occurrence of growth on the body disappointing. This files most often on the hand and the foot formed this kind of tumors as a wart chicken. In people, this education has many names «chicken butt», «chicken leg» or «chicken corn». Small tumor discomfort, can lead to serious skin diseases. If the growth is constantly injured, it increases the risk of transformation into skin cancer. Consider why warts appear and how to bring them out.

  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Surgical removal


Chicken most often, warts appear on the sole, can occur on the toe or the hands of man. First, there are solid spot small size, it has clear boundaries. The shape is round. Size up to two inches. In appearance, the lesion looks like callus. In the early stages of development has a flat and smooth surface.

Over time, chicken butt change color, become yellow hue. In the centre appears a small cavity, which is covered with dots of black or brown. Most often the tumor isolated. The immediate cause is infection with human papillomavirus. It enters the body through micro-cracks and small wounds, aktiviziruyutsya on the background of a weak immune system.

Important: if the skin came chicken butt, while it increases rapidly in size, around it there are subsidiaries growths is a symptom of high activity of HPV.

Predisposing factors of occurrence:

  • Failure to comply with elementary rules of hygiene;
  • The pools, saunas and baths;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • The lack of foot care and hands;
  • Atherosclerotic changes in history;
  • Diabetes of any type;
  • Varicose veins of the fourth stage.

If the patient is working normally, the immune system, the risk of chicken butts is reduced to zero.


Before I tell you how to get chicken mole, consider the symptoms. At the initial stage of development the tumor has a smooth surface, the growth of warts it becomes rough. In the middle of the chicken butts is a small papilla from which grow vertical «legs.» When education expands, its appearance is comparable to a «cauliflower».

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Such warts no legs, as it grows above the skin is 1-2 mm, while due to its broad-based deeply rooted in the dermis. When decoupling of growth and purification of the upper layer of the dermis, you can see small black dots – clogged capillaries.

Distinctive features of chicken zhopku:

  • The diameter of the tumor ranges from 1 to 2 centimeters.
  • The crisp, to the touch the wart is dense and hard;
  • If the location of the foot or toes, present pain syndrome during motion, as when walking education rubbed;
  • Usually the wart rises above the surface to 2 mm, only in rare cases more.
  • Described clinical manifestations help distinguish chicken warts from corns or corns.


    How to bring a chicken wart on leg ask your doctor. The dermatologist will give direction to the scraping of the pathological element will prescribe a blood test. Treatment for chicken butts is complex, requires conservative treatment and radical techniques.

    Worth knowing: there must be medical supervision in the treatment of warts in patients who have a history of chronic disease – diabetes, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, etc. serious illness.

    How to get rid of chicken warts? To do this, the doctor recommends drugs antiviral properties:

    • Imiquimod;
    • Acyclovir.

    In some clinical pictures only enough antiviral drugs that suppress the activity of human papilloma virus to the tumor independently gone. As a Supplement recommended means of local actions that ensure the contact of the cautery. Band-AIDS, pencils, solutions, drops, etc.

    The best means from a chicken ass – Lyapisny pencil, Soliped (patch), Cheap, Supercrystal, Verrucate. Drugs are recommended for use in accordance with the instructions. Funds are applied on a steamed wart. Impossible to touch the healthy skin, as it will cause burn and pain.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    To get rid of warts can folk remedies. The followers of non-traditional therapy recommended to use the juice of celandine, acetic acid, garlic, onion, etc. options that help to bring growth.

    How to get rid of chicken warts on foot by yourself? Proven in the following ways:

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  • Need to replace the batter on the basis of acetic acid, flour and grated garlic. The pellet is applied to the wart, top cover band, then it is recommended to secure the bandage. The lotion is left on all night. In the morning, remove, rinse affected area with running water, again to make the cake. To repeat the procedure as long as the tumor does not disappear.
  • Infuse the zest of two lemons 100 ml of vinegar. The steeping time is two weeks. After you want to filter. Grease spot the wart several times a day. Before the procedure, healthy tissue close band-aid, to avoid burns.
  • Output growth using ammonia. To make a foot or hand bath, to steam the wart, to peel the top layer – it will be easy. After rubbed by cotton swabs ammonia in education. Repeat twice a day, duration of the therapeutic course of the month.
  • Take ash Golden willow, add a little vinegar to make a thick slurry. Around warts to glue the plasters, to put slurry on it, seal the top with adhesive and close the bandage. Leave for 5 hours. Then compress to remove, apply a new batch. Patient testimonials show that 2 weeks you can get rid of warts.
  • Note: folk remedies effectively cope with the task, however have a few downsides – the treatment is always prolonged and often patients relapse.

    At home you can lubricate growths fresh juice of celandine, or attach a piece of the plant to the affected area. In the first case the liquid is applied two times a day at equal intervals of time, water it is impossible to wet. In the second embodiment is applied in a compress for a few hours.

    If home methods do not give the desired result within 1 month, the growth is not only not diminished, but increased, it is best to seek help from a medical establishment. Without the use of antiviral drugs is not enough.

    Surgical removal

    Treatment using medicines and folk remedies effective only in the initial stages. When the patient has many tumors, and they are large in size, require mechanical removal. So, how to cure chicken wart by physical means? For this purpose, various surgical procedures for removal:

    • The laser treatment. The essence of the procedure – the laser beam, which is tuned to a certain wave, so that there is evaporation of abnormal cells of the neoplasm. Over time, the destroyed tissue dies, disappears. To get the desired result, is sufficient for a manipulation;
    • Electrocoagulation is applied in advanced and severe paintings. Uses a special scalpel, through which a high-frequency current. During the procedure occurs layer-by-layer excision of warts;
    • Cryotherapy involves exposure to liquid nitrogen, which freezes education. After manipulation is a small blister of dark color. A week later, he disappears, on the site revealed healthy tissue. The blister is strictly forbidden to break, this will lead to scarring, there is also a risk of infection in the open wound;
    • The use of radiosurgical knife. The advantage of this method is the cauterization of blood vessels during the removal. Does not lead to complications, scars do not remain.
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    Worth knowing: surgical removal is resorted to in rare cases, when a wart has a very large size. With a scalpel it completely cut out with a small plot surrounding tissue. Excision of warts is performed under anesthesia.

    Chicken mole is a benign tumor, but the removal of build-up it is better to trust the medical professionals. Home methods do not guarantee complete cure as opposed to modern methods.

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