Chelators — list of medications for children and what it is

List of drugs enterosorbents

Enterosorption is one of the treatment stages included in the comprehensive intervention therapy of allergic conditions. The essence of this method lies in the use of drugs that can rid allergens from the products of their metabolism and the resulting toxic substances from the body. Sorbents for allergies in the acute phase it can be used for relief of symptoms of itching of the skin, and intoxication. Relapse of allergic diseases is prevented through preventive intake of these drugs. There are chelators for children and adults.

  • What are chelators?
  • Application from allergies
  • Enterosgel
  • Smectite
  • Polifepan
  • Activated carbon
  • White coal
  • Contraindications

What are chelators?

Enterosorbents – what is it? Chelators are drugs that have the ability to bind and retain all sorts of allergens, toxins, poisonous substances. They also absorb pathogens and its allocation, bringing them eventually to the outside through natural means. The effect of the chelators differs quite widespread – they are able to excrete many harmful substances, thereby ensuring not only rapid recovery but also the overall strengthening of the immune system.

Important! A great advantage of the data usage of medicines can be called and their relatively small compared to other drugs the number of side effects in shortest time the commencement of their useful properties.

Application from allergies

What chelators for people with allergies? In modern medicine, chelators are used in many cases. They are ideal for the treatment of many allergic reactions, alcohol and food poisoning. They are also used as prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and ischemia.

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Decided to allocate 4 generations of enterosorbents:

  • Coal;
  • Polymer, of natural clays;
  • Hydrogel, silicon;
  • Over highly dispersed silicon dioxide.

There are many enterosorbiruyuschee means both for children and for adults who are in tablets, powders, suspensions, and so on. It is necessary to consider the most famous of them. Chelators, list of drugs:


Has the form of a silicone matrix that consists of water-filled pores. It does not interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals, does not harm the intestinal mucosa. Enterosgel is available in the form of a paste that before use make the liquid by mixing with water. The tool shown for use in the combinations of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with allergic manifestations.


POLYSORB shows the optimal absorptive capacity, good binds many toxins regardless of their origin and removes them without damaging the gut wall. The drug is available in powder form, apply it allowed at any age starting from 1 year. So for kids with allergies it is perfect.


This medicine sorbent is an aluminum silicate of natural origin, a positive impact on the intestinal mucosa, improving its protective properties. On intestinal motility effects takes place. Smectite has a fairly pleasant taste and can be administered at any age.


Also is a natural sorbent. Polifepan created on the basis of lignin and is considered by doctors to be one of the most effective drugs of its kind. Non-toxic, is not absorbed in the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, has a high absorption and adsorption capacity. Manufactured in powder form.

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Activated carbon

Another natural sorbent. Able to bind almost any substance on its surface. This ability is extremely important in connection with the difficulty of determining the nature of a large number of toxins entering the body and at different stages in metabolism.

White coal

Also possesses a high sorption activity. Great for binding and excretion of toxins of different nature, excess gastric, intestinal gas and hydrochloric acid. Thanks to the white coal reduces the load on the liver and kidneys, corrected metabolic processes and immune status. Improves lipid metabolism – cholesterol, total lipids and triglycerides. The crushed tablets will increase the effectiveness of the drug, but is not mandatory.


Ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract activated charcoal is contraindicated. Drugs white coal are composed of sugar that should be considered for people with diabetes. White charcoal is contraindicated in breastfeeding and pregnancy, gastric ulcers, intestinal obstruction. You can take it adults and children from 14 years.

POLYSORB, enterosgel, smectite, activated charcoal and white – it’s hard to name the best chelators – each of them has its positive and negative qualities. You can make your own list of medications for children and adults. This list will be effective against intoxications of various etiology and toxic substances of different origin.

Important! Taking any of the medicines must be agreed with your doctor.

Drugs such as chelators can affect the absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, so their use is not desirable to combine with meals. If you need to take other medicines along with the sorbents to accept them stands alone.

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