Cheap ointment nail fungus

Anyone who is suffering from onychomycosis, it is necessary surgery, but not everyone has the means to purchase expensive drugs. What are cheap ointments from fungus of the toenails and what to choose? Talk about it in the article.

The most common ointments for the treatment of onychomycosis

Cheap ointment against the fungus can be found in almost every pharmacy item.


The most common means of lamisil. The active ingredient of the drug is terbinafine, which is due to suppression of the synthesis of Sterol in the cells. This leads to the death of pathogens after some time. To apply the ointment is allowed from 2 years of age. To continue therapy is recommended for 14 days. To achieve a positive impact before, but it is not necessary to discontinue the course to full recovery. Otherwise, there may be relapses.

Ointment on the basis of Clotrimazole

Drug zistan

Relatively inexpensive ointment for nail fungus — drug zistan. If you apply this remedy, it will destroy the structure of microbial cells and in the fastest time possible will give a positive effect. Therapy should continue for 3-8 weeks. But it depends on the individual problems of each patient.


Cheap remedy for fungus Nizoral. This cream works at the cellular level. The active ingredient is ketoconazole, which quickly helps eliminates itching and pain in the affected areas.


Good impact tool Mikospor, based on the bifonazole. Ointment quite rapidly kills the cells of microbes, prevents them from spreading. But this cream is absolutely can not be used without prior consultation with a specialist. The advantage of the drug lies in its broad spectrum of action that contributes to the destruction of dermatophytes, molds and yeast-like fungi.

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Other cheap tools from onychomycosis



If you want to buy the cheaper creams that will help to fight fungal infections, it is possible to pay attention to the Liniment Vishnevsky. Despite the low cost, this tool is very effective. In the product is:

  • birch tar;
  • the xeroform;
  • castor oil.

Such components are able to penetrate deep into the nail plate, which occurs due to a quick stop the growth and reproduction of the fungus. This tool helps you get rid of the inflammation, stinging and itching.

The drug is not prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Another cheap ointment for fungus Fungoterbin. This tool is composed of terbinafine and other components that have a soothing effect. This cream is able to destroy fungus at the cellular level and preventing them from further reproduction. Often the drug is used prophylactically.

Salicylic cream

Salicylic fungus cream — another inexpensive product. Concentrated ointment (35 %) will help effectively get rid of onychomycosis. It is recommended to apply several times a day, for manipulation using a cotton swab. Such ointments sometimes make compresses. For this you need to apply the gel on the affected areas of the epidermis, wrapped in cling film and left it for whole night. After these procedures, the skin will begin to flake off, and you can remove it with nail scissors. Experts recommend after the operations to take baths from of baking soda and soap.

Sulphur ointment

Zinc ointment

If the nail has been affected with onychomycosis, you can use Zinc ointment. The cream is made from petrolatum and zinc oxide. This drug does not cause side effects, so it can be applied on the epidermis to 5 times a day. To get rid of fungal infections are allowed by the cream of Econorm. This substance provides a fungicidal effect against dermatophytes, mold and dimorphic fungi. This makes it easy to cope with onychomycosis.

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If you use cheap ointments to fight fungal infections, it will make it easy to get rid of the disease. Before using or that funds should consult with an expert and carefully examine the instructions to the use of drugs.