Ceratophyllum — what is it and how to treat it

What is Ceratophyllum: causes and treatment

Various anomalous formations on the skin often occur due to many causes – diseases and external factors. What is Ceratophyllum? This keratinized papilloma, transformed into a keratitis. In most of the paintings are diagnosed in people aged. This disease is better known as a senile wart. The tumors vary in size, have a variety of form – sphere, cone, lobed appearance. Consider the reasons for the development of growth and symptoms.

  • What is Ceratophyllum?
  • Causes and symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Removal methods

What is Ceratophyllum?

Let’s look at Ceratophyllum, what is it? At its core is a growth (tumor) on the skin. Initially it looks like a small speck on the type of pigmentation the skin’s surface. However, this pathological element has the property of rapidly increasing in its size, so that soon acquires the full size of keratomas.

Note, in contrast to conventional wart Ceratophyllum irrelevant to the human papillomavirus (HPV).

In most clinical pictures of the disease is diagnosed in the elderly. The lump is of benign nature, is not cancer. At risk persons over the age of 50 who have a tendency to dry the skin. Some clinical studies the authors note that most often this type of growth found in men than in women.

The mechanism of occurrence of keratomas is based on the uncontrolled expansion of the surface layers of the epidermis, which is accompanied by intense cornification of the cells of epithelial tissue.

The most common localization of senile keratoma is exposed areas of the skin. As a result, it is possible to assume that role in the formation of build-up is given to UV rays.

Ceratophyllum come in several varieties – follicular and senile and Horny keratitis, solar form of keratosis, seborrheic tumors, angiokeratoma.

Causes and symptoms

The keratitis or Ceratophyllum skin is a benign neoplasm, color brown. Most often occurs after the age of 50, some are less after 40. Rarely diagnosed in young people because their immune system effectively fights.

The age in the occurrence of the disease observed not just. The immediate cause of the growth on the skin is the decline in immune status and barrier functions of the organism, which is associated with natural processes stareniyu. If simple words, the body can not resist.

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The human papillomavirus does not affect the appearance of the pathological element. Cause are disturbances in the functioning of internal organs and systems, exposure to ultraviolet rays. In the latter case, the negative influence can be seen exclusively on the background of genetic predisposition. The speed and development of warts affected by the following triggers:

  • Prolonged use of antibiotics, immunosuppressants, diuretics drugs;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • A metabolic process;
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Incorrect operation of the vegetative nervous system;
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet – chocolate tan obtained by prolonged and constant presence under the scorching rays, frequent visits to tanning.

Should know: at risk individuals who have a history of autoimmune disorders, albinism, disease Cockayne, pathology bloom.

Benign tumors almost are not harmful, except for the unsightly appearance. However, their injuries often develop negative effects. Joins a fungal infection that causes the eczema or pyoderma. If pathogens penetrate the abscess, and abscesses.

In some cases the growths can become malignant in nature. It is therefore recommended deletion of Ceratophyllum in the early stages of development.

Clinical manifestations of Ceratophyllum:

  • Initially, the skin appears the stain is brown or yellow color, size small. At first, the spot is virtually indistinguishable from the surface of healthy skin, starts quickly pigmented with.
  • Then it grows, protrudes above the surface of the skin, the result resembles a plaque of circular shape. Size can be up to 6 inches.
  • Due to hyperkeratosis of the surface is covered with small scales. If you remove them, the knot begins to bleed.
  • Horny keratitis in appearance resembles the horn of a tight epithelial tissue. Much rises above the surface of the skin. Sometimes grey or yellow in colour, structure is solid. Around the skin becomes red and inflamed, there is swelling. Mainly localized on the head, fabric horns to peel and crumble.

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    Unlike viral pathologies, cure keratitis specialized drugs will not work. Therefore, treatment is reduced to mechanical removal of tumors, the overall recovery of the body. However, the removal procedure is resorted to, not all clinical pictures. If not detected signs of malignancy education, this person crossed the age of 70, with keratitis just watch.

    Keratitis is most often removed by mechanical methods. The choice of method is due to multiple factors. However, it often happens that the patient has contraindications to manipulation.

    Note: if Ceratophyllum skin has a greater probability of converting into a malignant tumor, the patient complains of itching, severe flaking and active growth, it is assigned to drug correction, warning of further growth and transition to cancer.

    Schema therapy includes the following medications:

    • The group of cytostatics. Drugs in this category stops the growth of abnormal element on the skin;
    • Bleomycin is an anti bacterial drug antitumor action;
    • Solkoderm is an effective tool, if the patient is diagnosed with a form of seborrheic keratomas;
    • To reduce inflammation prescribed Diclofenac in gel form. Treating the skin several times a day;
    • Ointment with hormonal components help to get rid of anxiety symptoms – itching, burning, inflammation, swelling. Applied courses have a lot of contraindications and side effects. There is a syndrome.

    If keratitis only watching, you must visit a dermatologist at least twice in 12 months. Routine inspections will help to notice the transformation of the tumor at an early stage.

    When the keratitis is small, it is possible to use traditional methods of treatment:

  • Wash a few leaves of aloe, put it in the freezer for 48 hours. Then to defrost, make to pathological element, to fix via a patch or bandage. The duration of treatment is three weeks. Reviews of the adherents of folk medicine claim that it is a good way to get rid of small tumors up to 5-6 mm in diameter.
  • To grate the potatoes, the juice is not pressing. A bit of slurry applied to the affected area, cover with cotton cloth, wrap with cling film for 45 minutes. Wash off with running water. The duration of the therapeutic course for three weeks, repeated every day.
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    To say that folk remedy will help 100% is impossible. Some patients have noticed the effectiveness of the described methods, others say that they are fully useless. Therefore, we can conclude that if the rate of folk therapy did not help, it is better to consult the doctor.

    Removal methods

    Surgery has certain contraindications. Mechanical removal is recommended in those scenes when the tumor is very large, the cosmetic defect is significantly expressed, and the classical treatment gave no result.

    Ceratophyllum you can delete in the following ways:

    • It is successful in eradicating. This technique involves the excision of tumors by electric knife. It is characterized by minimal trauma, are assigned to the small dimensions of the elements;
    • Laser treatment is a common method, it has no contraindications. Deleting in this way the probability of recurrent disease is reduced to zero;
    • Radiosurgical intervention. This manipulation allows not only to eliminate the keratitis, but also to coagulate the blood vessels. The advantages of the method include the absence of pain, quick result;
    • Cryotherapy helps to eliminate solar or seborrheic type of education. The process is the freezing with nitrogen. Method is not painful liquid nitrogen destroys the abnormal item.

    Surgery is required in cases where the patient has a rather large growth on the skin. Deletion is carried out along with nearby tissues. The disadvantages include the scarring of the tissues, the appearance of the scar.

    The most effective method of preventing Ceratophyllum is to strengthen the immune system and barrier functions of the body. It is recommended to lead an active lifestyle, balanced and correct nutrition, including menu, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruit, to give up alcohol and Smoking. Additionally take vitamins and mineral complexes, Aevitum, Duovit, Vitrum, etc. multivitamin preparations.

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