Celandine from sepici — treatment and removal: instructions for use

Celandine from sepici: instructions for use

Choosing tools from tipici, it is impossible to ignore the plant is celandine. Natural healer has been successfully applied to deal with skin growths of benign character. Treatment tipici celandine literally put «on stream» and pharmaceutical companies offer a lot of medications with the juice of the plant. Let us examine the use of natural wild celandine and its pharmacy peers.

  • Treatment tipici celandine
  • Homemade recipes for the treatment of juice and grass celandine
  • Superestate – pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of skin growths
  • Contraindications
  • Instructions for use

Treatment tipici celandine

When you start to treat benign one? When it begins to interfere. Appears shipica the result of infection with HPV, a characteristic feature is the formation of a lesion of the skin and rapid growth of the wart in the form of warts. Due to the fact that the disease always occurs in the background of weakening of immunity, it is useful to take vitamin preparations and other means to restore the natural defenses of the body.

In cases where Chipita appeared as a result of trauma to the skin, you must heal the wound, and then apply the juice of celandine in order to burn Shimizu. The fact that the juice of the plant relates to potent drugs and the focus of application of the tampon can be formed severe burns. Moxibustion is also not recommended during exacerbation of chronic/viral disease, complicated by high body temperature.

Application of the juice of orange or yellow due to feature to block the spread of infection and to cause death of virus-infected areas of the skin. Of course, before applying the proceeds from sepici should consult a doctor on the subject of warty type of education – not all papillomas can be removed with juice of celandine. Turning to the doctor, the patient receives a complete clinical picture and the nature of the disease, based on the tests the dermatologist will give their own recommendations for the treatment and removal of skin growth.

Fact! During flowering the juice of celandine contains a large number of diseases, due to which there is a relief the spread of infection and necrosis of the affected skin. In addition, the juice contains: vitamin C, flavonoids, carotene, essential oil.

Homemade recipes for the treatment of juice and grass celandine

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Bring Shimizu juice of celandine can folk remedies at home. It is especially important to be treated just plucked a plant, better excavated along the spine. In this case, the juice is still «live» and there is enough active substances to effectively ablate build-up. To prepare the remedy you need to wear gloves and glasses – the SAP is poisonous and also leaves marks on the hands and clothes. It is extremely important not to allow the juice to mucous membranes, so as not to cause General poisoning of the organism.

All homemade and folk remedies are prepared from the juice, how to get it:

  • Take a plant with thick dense stems and large leaves;
  • Wash the plant under running water, remove the root from the earth;
  • To give celandine dry, you can carefully blot with a paper towel;
  • To penetrate the whole plant in a blender or skip through Mincer with frequent grid;
  • Press the pulp through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth;
  • To pour the juice into a bottle, close tightly fitting lid, put in dark cool place for 10 days, from time to time opening the cover and releasing the air (the fermentation process starts on day 2-4, the bottle will be an excess of air may squeeze tube/cap);
  • After 10 days, pour the prepared juice in a bottle or container and store in the fridge.
  • And now, as lead Shimizu at the foot of the resulting juice:

  • It is sufficient to cauterize the education received by the juice twice with an interval of 5-7 hours to get rid of a small wart.
  • To remove plantar wart will forever help the same juice applied 5 times in this diagram: to put education in the first and second day (2-3 times), then three times smearing through the day.
  • Important! Celandine juice obtained in this way is stored in the cold for up to 5 years without changing its useful properties.

    If the garden grows a lot of celandine, to cauterize shipito can juice, break off the stem of a Mature plant. Thus it is possible to get rid of any skin lesions, if they are not malignant like: warts, sipic. A method of removing shipit can be used in the warts to burn them with the juice of celandine, it is important not to overdo the treatment, so as not to get toxic skin burns.

    Important! Categorically not allowed the use of the juice of celandine on open wounds, scratches, sores.

    Very well help compresses of oil celandine. To do this, take a large plant, cut it with a knife into pieces together with root, stem, leaves, pour olive oil cold pressed (5 parts oil to 1 part of the plant) and put a little in a dark cool place (not refrigerator). After 2 weeks the oil is ready, now it can be used as compresses for lotions with skin formations, allergic rashes and many diseases.

    Superestate – pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of skin growths

    The inhabitants of large cities it is difficult to extract fresh stems of celandine, so pharmacists offer celandine from tipici, packaged in pharmaceutical form. Drug Superchatel, the same juice of the plant, but packaged in ampoules. Being in the same natural means, the composition requires caution use.

    In addition to the juice of the plant, the liquid enriched in alkali, sodium chloride, water release form – small capacity, complemented by a dispenser and applicator.

    Important! If the drug is accidentally applied to healthy skin area, the composition neutralized through weak solution of vinegar. It is strictly forbidden to use Supercatalog for skin growths under the armpits, in the groin.

    In some pharmacies Superchatel put on a par with the celandine extract is ampoule form release mountain celandine. Very concentrated product, perfectly cope with the removal of sepic and warts. Application of both drugs the same as contraindications to their use.


    Deletion of sepici Supercatalog or extract in capsules is prohibited in the following cases:

  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • If the localization of the formations on the mucous membranes of the body;
  • In the case where Lipica is in the vicinity of nevus, nevus;
  • With open wounds, cuts around tipici;
  • Patients up to 7-10 years.
  • Possible side effects:

    • Hyperemia and edema local loop cautery;
    • Burns;
    • Allergic reactions;
    • Pain in the region of the cauterization.

    In case of reaction, you should observe her for a reasonable period of time and in the absence of adequate changes for the better, to go to the doctor. You should not hesitate, if the patient after moxibustion of sepici started to choke or lose consciousness – this allergic reaction requires immediate professional intervention.

    Instructions for use

    Important! Improper use of pharmacy or a home remedy can lead to scarring. It would be wrong to apply the compositions on healthy skin or over-use of structure at a time. Pain in the treatment is insignificant. An important advantage of treatment with Supercatalog – quick effect. Cases of relapses are extremely rare, actually good spicami on the legs and other parts of the body.

    In the treatment of chipits balm Superchatel must observe the following rules:

  • When applying the composition to use applicator;
  • To smear only the keratinized part of the skin – the mixture will stain the lesion with the dark shades;
  • Carefully remove the exfoliating scales, giving them the opportunity to go alone – to tear separated the skin so as not to infect the wound;
  • With the defeat of spicami large areas of the skin, burning can be done several times, but consistently. You should give the skin to tear away the top layer, then apply the tool again – it requires a time window of 2-3 days.
  • Instruction for use ampoule, the following:

  • To steam Shimizu in hot water;
  • Wipe lesion dry;
  • To cauterize the affected area;
  • 15-25 minutes, when there will be a dark shade, rinse the area of the burn with clean water.
  • You can apply this coaching and creamy. After washing, wipe the treatment area and to protect the place with a bandage or wear a sock. As a rule, the growths die off in 3-5 days. This period is enough to burn a deep Shimizu. If necessary, repeat the treatment, taking all precautions.

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