Celandine from calluses with a rod on the foot: treatment and removal

The application of celandine from stem callus

Celandine on the blisters is considered to be one of the best natural remedies. The plant has antiseptic and antifungal action, due to which not just cleanses the skin from growths, but also relieves inflammation. Start treating corns celandine is possible at an early stage, preventing the coarsening of the epidermis and development of viruses.

  • Treatment of corns folk remedies
  • How to prepare the juice of celandine?
  • Preventive recommendations

Treatment of corns folk remedies

Juice of celandine can be treated like an old dry corn, stem education and wet in the healing stage. Helps remedy and fungal growths. Sometimes there is some tingling in the area of medication, most often for wet corn formations.

Dry the growths after application of the juice change color. Affecting the dermis, the composition of the juice has a corrosive effect on dead cells, they soften and start to flake off. In the treatment of particularly dry growths, removing ingrown calluses, it is recommended to steam the lesion to the juice of the plant will reach the infected cells, and the treatment process was more effective.

Important! Should tune in to the duration of therapy. You will need at least a week to remove the small education. The advantage is the efficiency of the relief process proliferation, even large blisters may start to decrease (to flake off) after 3-4 treatments.

Celandine from blisters applied to all types of entities. Here are some examples of recipes:

  • To get rid of the core formations, you should steam the lesion to soften the upper rough layer. Then remove dead skin cells with a pumice stone and apply a poultice from the juice, fixing the bandage. A compress applied to the day, then changed to a new one. The time of treatment up to 5-6 days.
  • You crack the corn with a rod, but again only after steaming. The top layer of the dermis is cut with scissors, and then the rod dropped juice, and all is closed with a patch. Repeat the process once a day for 2-3 weeks. Using the rod will emerge from the skin on their own.
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  • Fungal lesions are also treated with grass juice. Treated the affected area, but need to make sure that no liquid gets on healthy skin. As soon as the juice is absorbed, you should re-process the corn. A day allowed up to 3-5 treatments, the course of treatment up to 5-6 days.
  • Very good to use from corns ointment from the juice of celandine, mixed with a couple drops of oregano juice, calendula with the addition of medical vaseline. The mixture was overlaid on overnight and fixed with a bandage. The duration of treatment to 10 days. Application daily.
  • Festering lesions to treat the pulp of the leaves of celandine, ground in a meat grinder. Pre-leaves and stem wash, scalded with boiling water and dried. Then apply paste to the lesion, cover with a bandage and fix. Leave for a day.
  • Dry corn without the rod also well treated gruel of plants. Tablespoon of the mixture to work properly by an with 1 tbsp of baking soda and attach to the toes at night. In the morning remove the poultice, raspravam corn in soapy water and remove the dead part of the skin with a pumice stone. Then place the corn lubricating moisturizer and at night, again to take the treatment procedure. The course lasts until the complete elimination of corn.
  • Any corn can be treated with fresh juice of the herb, however, be aware that it is acrid poisonous substance, the coloring properties. Therefore, no harm will be measures of individual protection and cleaning cloth for bandages (to overlay on top of a sterile bandage to avoid staining of clothes juice).

    How to prepare the juice of celandine?

    For the preparation of drugs suitable for both the fresh plant and dry collection (pharmacy). The best time for harvesting herbs from may to July. Dried grass is stored for up to 3 years, fresh juice, properly prepared, up to 4-6 months. To prepare a decoction of dried herbs to take the raw material and boiled water in proportion 1:5, insist in a water bath for 20 minutes and you can use it.

    Tip! Independently of better harvest the plant along with leaves and roots, peeled from the earth. Before drying the celandine wash, dried with a towel and then hang to complete drying. It is important to keep the plant dry out well when even a hint of mildew affected leaves should be removed.

    To prepare the composition of the fresh plant, you should take a thick stalk with roots and leaves, rinse under running water, cut into pieces and place in a bottle with a wide neck. Pour all the boiling water in the proportions 1:10, let stand for 5-6 days under cover in a cool place – infusion for foot baths ready. Store in the refrigerator.

    Another way to prepare the juice of celandine will require a little more effort, but you can keep it long enough:

    • Choose a fat plant, dig it along with the root;
    • Washed, cleaned from the ground, cut the bad leaves, good write;
    • Wet the plant with a towel;
    • Skip all parts of the plant through a meat grinder or grind in a blender;
    • Squeeze the pulp through several layers of gauze (Marc not to throw);
    • Juice put in a bottle with a tight lid and clean up for 10 days in a dark cool place;
    • Leave the juice to ferment for 2 weeks, every 2 days, opening the cover and releasing the excess air;
    • Ready to pour the fermented juice into another container and store in the refrigerator.

    Pomace can be used as slurry for lotions from dry corn. It is best to mix them with small quantity of soap chips, a pinch of baking soda and dilute with warm water until the condition of slurry. This composition is very well kept, dry corns, papillomas, soft core black calluses and other growths.

    Preventive recommendations

    Prevention of corns – a necessary and useful thing. Application of the juice of celandine is not always possible. For example, if there is intolerance to the components, age up to 3 years (the juice is very poisonous and toxic.) A few simple tips will help to get rid of blisters on feet and hands:

  • Wear comfortable shoes;
  • To monitor the cleanliness of hands, feet;
  • Frequently change socks, stockings;
  • Apply orthopedic insoles, especially for people with excess body weight;
  • Take it easy high heel and a low platform – both leads to the formation of corns, callosities black;
  • To treat fungal infection, skin lesions on the hands and feet, preventing infection;
  • Timely therapy in case of excessive sweating on feet and palms of the hands;
  • Protect your hands with gloves and feet socks in all types of physical work, sports.
  • Remember that often the blisters have a fungal or infectious basis, so it is important to monitor the immune system. Almost all types of calluses can be avoided if periodically inspect the body for signs of lesions, injury. Even a small splinter on your finger can trigger the black corn – foreign body will grow into the skin, is formed around the hearth of rough dermis, the core of corn will germinate in pretty deep. The result – an unpleasant pain when walking and long-term treatment.

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