Celandine against warts reviews treatment and removal

Treatment of warts with celandine: the reviews about the treatment

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a disease that affects anyone. While dormant, the virus infects the skin as long as you do not weaken the immune system. The slightest failure in the work of the body will cause the growth of papillomas, warts and other growths. Medicine offers a lot of compositions for the treatment, but there are natural remedies, coping with the disease. For example, the plant Chelidonium. Consider its characteristics, application and contraindications.

  • Why celandine helps with papillomas?
  • How to treat celandine papilloma: manual?
  • Contraindications
  • Feedback about the use of celandine for the treatment of papillomas

Why celandine helps with papillomas?

Celandine is one of the most common and affordable in the land of herbs. The plant has a wide growing area, being absent only in the cold Arctic and Antarctic zones. Meet both lowland and mountain types of herbs to use for treating warts can be of any type.

The healing properties of herbs known since ancient times, it was the ability to clean the skin from any diseases of grass and has received such beautiful name. In folk medicine used fresh, fermented juice, oil, tincture of herbs. The tool has the following medicinal properties:

  • bactericidal;
  • anticonvulsant;
  • diuretic;
  • analgesic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • wound healing;
  • anticancer;
  • cholagogue;
  • soothing.
  • A rare composition of medicinal plants offers the versatility of application of the plant in medicine. Tinctures, decoctions and ointments good for getting rid of skin growths as an element of postoperative therapy in surgery, gynecology, Oncology.

    How to treat celandine papilloma: manual?

    Can you remove warts with celandine? Of course! The very name of the herb suggests that to treat HPV celandine is not only possible, but necessary. The use of juice, decoctions or oil allows without any problems to cope with the removal of the growths. But we should remember that therapy is a medicinal folk remedy takes time. Unlike cryotherapy, laser and radio-wave methods of removing papillomas, juice to be treated longer. In addition, the juice of the herb is highly toxic and poisonous substance, so apply it very carefully. But there is such therapy is much cheaper, which redeems its negative manifestations.

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    How to remove papillomas? There are several options for the use of grass juice:

  • Fresh juice obtained from the broken stalk of a plant, to cauterize papillomas to their darkening and subsequent rejection. Procedure cauterization is done daily.
  • To take a plant with roots and leaves, wash, dry and grind in a meat grinder. Put the juice, without the husks to steep for a few weeks, then ready to pour the fermented juice into container and store in the fridge. Use for lotions from papillomas.
  • Pure plant along with the root to chop pieces, place in a jar and cover with water (based on 1 part of celandine 5 parts water). Infuse 5-6 days in a dark place, then use the infusion as a lotion from warts, other skin growths.
  • Oil celandine is a great remedy to eliminate skin growths. Cook it simply: the dry grass of this plant mix with heated cosmetic oil (proportion 1:5), leave under cover for about 7 days and can be used. If there are no cosmetic oil, suitable for cold-pressed olive. Oil is used for both adults and children.
  • Dry grass is harvested by themselves and sold in pharmacies. Pharmacy fees without roots, so do not neglect the ability to procure raw materials for the future with your own hands – at the root of the plant, as stems contain:

    • over 20 unique alkaloids;
    • coumarin;
    • vitamin C, A;
    • carotene, saponins;
    • organic acid;
    • sanguinarin;
    • tannins.

    Tip! Treating warts juice of celandine should be at least 2 times a day. Education change shade to dark – this means the beginning of the process of the withering away of the cell structure of the fabric, and then the papilloma will fall off themselves.

    To smear with oil or juice of celandine should only be affected skin. On a healthy region of the skin may appear burns, because of its high toxicity, the drug is not recommended for use people with high skin sensitivity.


    Categorically it is impossible to treat of fresh grass juice children up to 3 years. Inhalation of vapours may cause burns to mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. In addition, you cannot apply grass treatment in the following indications:

    • pregnancy, lactation;
    • angina;
    • constipation, dysbacteriosis;
    • mental disorders, epilepsy.

    The juice of celandine, and ointment/oil is not applied to an open wound. Antiseptic treat only the area around the lesion, but not the wound. In the treatment of warts, if there is a wound on the skin, and smeared her healing compositions, but without the celandine. The wrong dose may cause paralysis, deafness, inflammation of the digestive system.

    Fact! No animal will ever have a celandine is the main indicator of very poisonous plants, so in the treatment, take all possible precautions and do not break the dosage of the medication.

    Before you apply the juice of celandine in the treatment of the funds or for natural therapy, you should exclude the possibility of allergic reactions. It is best to consult with a doctor papillomas are sometimes a symptom of a deeper disease, to diagnose which can only be a specialist.

    Feedback about the use of celandine for the treatment of papillomas

    Despite the wide range of drugs, a large number of patients use celandine from papillomas, the results speak for themselves.


    «From multiple papillomas on the neck helped to get rid of the oil. Did itself with fresh leaves and apricot oil. Applied twice a day, for the night left even as a poultice. After 10 days from warts have not disappeared.»


    «Looking at the pharmacy the juice of celandine, was not. Had to do with your hands. Very abundant precipitation of the husband on the neck, chest, underarm area started to disappear on the 8th day after the cauterization. The biggest problem was with the warts underarm – there is profuse sweating, difficult to deal with skin growths. But everything went well, the therapy is successful and I recommend the juice of celandine as the best means and by the way, very cheap.»


    «Hello! I celandine «sit» for a long time. The immune system is weak, so the HPV virus hews fairly often: warts, rashes. Papilloma drove oil plants. To prepare it simply, applications abound, the efficiency is high. Papillomavirus should be smeared with oil or juice at least twice a day. It would be nice to take more vitamins, that the treatment was complete. I have high papilloma have been for a month, a little came off on day 6.»

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