Celandine against warts: how to display and treat the wart — reviews

The use of celandine for the treatment of warts

Many people faced with unpleasant growths on the skin called warts. Although they do not affect the physical condition of the body, yet, from the aesthetic side, there is a desire to get rid of the tumors. Cope with the problem in different ways, but the most popular is to use the celandine against warts. The article will look at how this plant helps, what are people’s prescriptions and pharmaceutical products based on the celandine.

  • Properties of the plant
  • Cooking ingredients for popular recipes
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Pharmacy tools
  • Reviews about celandine

Properties of the plant

Many doubt whether it helps to rid from the warts. This plant is really useful, it is used to deal not only with the growths, and other skin problems. For example, it is included in recipes to combat eczema, dermatitis and some cancer. These healing properties have become possible due to the fact that the plant contains more than 20 kinds of poisons.

In people, the celandine called «bradanica», as it was the only way to fight skin growths. Although currently there are other medicinal plants.

Before you start treatment with this herb it is important to learn its properties and contraindications. There are a number of points proving the benefit of this poisonous plants in the treatment of:

  • Painless. Any recipe that includes the celandine, means simply applying the mixture to the wart. This patient is not experiencing tingling or severe pain, as in laser or chemical removal;
  • Natural option nature has to offer, allowing you to fight the growths;
  • Availability blooming season makes this drug free. The plant is found in forest edges, meadows, and on most suburban areas.

However, as with any pharmaceutical drugs there has not been without drawbacks:

  • Celandine is useful only during flowering, and this period falls on may — July. In other months it juice is useless;
  • If a person lives in the city and have no garden, then find the plant itself is difficult. Easier to walk to the nearest pharmacy and buy classic medicine;
  • Pharmacy products that contain concentrate of celandine can bring physical pain when applied to the wart;
  • In order to get rid of growths with the help of living plants, need a period;
  • After the removal procedure may leave wounds that take a long time to heal. In the end, leave small scars;
  • Some people are allergic to weeds, which includes the celandine.
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Cooking ingredients for popular recipes

Most methods of application of the plant at home require manufacturing of liquid juice or extract of the plant. So before you treat warts with celandine, it is important to prepare the components of the medication. To obtain the juice necessary to collect the grass, pulling her along with root. After that, rinse thoroughly and give the material to dry on the surface does not remain water drops.

Next, pass the herb through a grinder twice, and the resulting substance will squeeze through the dense tissue. Pour the prepared juice in a dark glass bottle and close with a stopper. During the week every day open the bottle to release gas. Continue to repeat the operation until you stop the natural process of fermentation. Cooked juice store in refrigerator.

To make extract can, only after it has been cooked grass juice. To this end, the finished product add alcohol in the proportion of 2:1. The resulting infusion solution may be stored in the refrigerator for years. This is very important if you have frequent recurrences. And free medicine never hurts.

Traditional methods of treatment

Recipes treat warts with celandine quite a lot, but we will describe only the most effective and affordable. Choose the one that is easier to cook in your circumstances.

The first option will require the application of freshly squeezed juice. This will require constant access to the Bush celandine and the corresponding time of year. So, from the comfort of home is needed to cut the grass near the root, since it is here is concentrated the greatest amount of juice. In place of the cut you will see how to perform a bright orange substance, that she is the cure.

Moisten the wart four times a day until the wart will not disappear. Usually, the procedure lasts no more than three weeks. Confirmation that you are doing it right note, when the tumor will start to blacken. In the end, it itself will disappear.

If a wart appeared in the winter, then treatment will be useful for pre-prepared juice, which was written before.

The second option involves mixing the grass juice with glycerin. The result is a kind of ointment containing celandine, which is quite convenient to use. The principle of the struggle remains the same — the tool allows you to burn warts. The main advantage over the previous method is that this mix can be stored longer. It is applicable when there is no suitable container for the preparation of the extract. In addition, the cream of celandine can be used for removal of acne, dermatitis and eczema.

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During cauterization of warts with celandine is necessary to observe some precautions:

  • Preparing the juice, extract and ointment, use gloves. They will help prevent chemical burns.
  • As celandine emit a poisonous juice, during the course of treatment, it is recommended to process not more than 5 warts. Otherwise the body will be hard to combat the negative effects of medicines.
  • This method can cause irritation of the epithelium. To determine whether there is an Allergy to the juice of the plant spread a small patch of skin in the crook of the elbow. If, after some time, does not appear rash, swelling, redness or feel itching and burning then you can apply the grass.
  • Pharmacy tools

    People living in the city, it is difficult to get out into nature to collect a bunch of the celandine. For this you need lot of time to go out of town, look for the fields desired plants, and then to bring him back. Besides, no one can guarantee that traditional medicine will help to cope with warts. Therefore it is better to seek professional help and buy the pharmacy celandine.

    However, even here there are pitfalls, as there is a large demand for pharmacy celandine. Unscrupulous manufacturers claim your funds from the wart «Supercrystal», but in fact, I have not only acid and alkali. In fact, these products do not cure warts, but just make a strong burning build-up.

    Inexpensive, transparent liquid can’t contain the juice of celandine. As the natural component has a yellow color and real medicine are usually dark brown.

    A solution of celandine contains strong chemicals to burn warts. Therefore, their use must comply with the requirements of manufacturer’s written instructions. Usually, before applying the medication skin around the wart should be lubricated with fat cream. This procedure will help prevent burns to healthy parts of the body.

    So, using superchatel it is important to prepare the affected area of the skin. This medicine with celandine against warts is the usage instructions, which States that you need to steam or soak the knot in water. After that, trying to get just on the surface of the wart, apply some liquid. It is necessary to achieve such a volume of drug to feel a slight burning sensation. Wait 15 minutes, not touching the affected area of the skin. The wart should turn black, after which you can wash off the medicine with water.

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    On the third day you will notice that the surface of the wart starts to peel off. Depending on the size and depth of the lesion, the wart goes through 5 or 10 days. If the result has not been received, then you should repeat the procedure 1-2 times. In the case of getting medicines on the skin or mucous membranes of the eyes, the area urgently needs to be cleaned. The valid period of the product’s contact with the healthy tissue in 10 minutes.

    Reviews about celandine

    Here are some reviews about medications based on celandine and folk methods:

    Dmitry, 22:

    Saw the wart on the thumb of the left hand and decided to fight the old-fashioned method. It several times a day, squeezed the juice from fresh greater celandine. The result was seen in the second week of treatment, and a month later, the problem was eliminated.

    Irina, 35 years:

    Thought it best to take a proven tool in the pharmacy. For 5 days have caused «Supercities» on the wart. To remove the tumor failed, but healthy skin left wounds that have long healed.

    Anastasia, 27 years:

    After noticed warts on his hand, addressed to the dermatologist. He prescribed a medication «Mountain celandine» and explained how to use it. As a result of treatment: the build-up went for one week but did not bring negative effects.

    To remove warts will help and celandine, and other drugs. For the successful solution of problems it is better to consult specialists. The clinic can prescribe a special procedure for the removal of warts or explain how to apply the medication. To prevent the reappearance of growths, try to strengthen the immune system.

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