Causes and treatment constant perspiration of the hands and feet

Excessive sweating can give the person a lot of inconvenience; moreover, it can be a symptom of a dangerous disease. If sweating in hands and feet, you should not immediately panic and to associate this symptom with serious illnesses, you need to initially understand the cause of the problem and eliminate it.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

If the patient goes to a doctor complaining of excessive sweating, then most likely he will be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. This disease can be of two types:

  1. idiopathic:
  2. secondary.

The first type of hyperhidrosis is an independent disease, the secondary may be just a symptom of different disorders.

By itself, hyperhidrosis is not very common disease, but the idiopathic type is the most common. In this disease sweaty palms, clammy feet, other body parts — the armpit and other.

By itself, hyperhidrosis, subject to the idiopathic type, is not a dangerous disease for human life, but can have a strong discomfort, the person feels constant self-doubt, closed.

Idiopathic hyperhidrosis begins its development in infancy, in adolescence the symptoms may worsen. Full recovery from this disease is impossible, can only alleviate a patient’s condition so that the illness will not bring discomfort. We should not exclude the fact that the sweaty person has persistent problems in communicating with other people, so the issue must be resolved.

If the hospital treats an adult with a question, why sweating hands and feet for no apparent reason, then you can talk about secondary hyperhidrosis. That is, the disease appears different. Often, excessive sweating is a first bell and a serious symptom of other diseases, so it is impossible to neglect, you must look for the true cause of the problem.

With what may be causing excessive sweating of the hands and feet?

Why sweating in hands and feet at normal temperature, from which there is hyperhidrosis? Reasons can be many, but first of all it is diseases of internal organs. The main causes of hyperhidrosis include the following diseases:

  • problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • infection in the body;
  • hematologic disease;
  • cancer;
  • psychological and neurological diseases;
  • the menopause and the puberty and adolescents.
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If the problem appears in babies, it may be due to rickets and lack of vitamin D. Also, excessive sweating can cause medications.

If sweaty hands and feet causes may be different, they must be installed and engage in the subsequent treatment. The diagnosis the doctor performs the examination, assigns the appropriate tests and studies, put the preliminary diagnosis.

Should I be concerned?

If you are constantly sweating hands, foot, you should not immediately panic. Most often such problems are associated with a variety of psychological factors — excessive nervousness, stress, emotions. The limb, especially legs, unable to sweat because of wearing poor clothes and shoes.

If the problem appears from time to time, do not panic, it is necessary to monitor the body and search for optimal solutions. Excessive sweating can be easily eliminated with the help of modern drugs and treatment methods.

If the sweating of the hands and feet is observed constantly, even in cold weather and in the dream, it’s a serious reason to get worried. Here is almost safe to say that hyperhidrosis is associated with severe abnormalities and pathologies.

If sweaty hands and feet, the person feels tired and irritable, constantly want to sleep, there are other uncomfortable symptoms and pain — cannot be postponed, you should contact the doctor to determine the true causes of disease and combat.


If there is a problem of sweating, the first thing you should do is to contact the specialist for advice (therapist, neurologist). After inspection and examination, the doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe adequate and appropriate treatment.

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If sweating is not associated with any serious illness it is all exactly gives a person severe discomfort. People avoiding handshakes, shy to come, as it will be unpleasant foot odor. People with hyperhidrosis can and does withdraw into themselves, self esteem is lowered, problems begin of a personal nature.

If you are interested in how to get rid of sweating hands and feet, to help in this situation is possible. You can use handy tools and medicines. An integrated approach to solving the problem will help to get rid of sweating hands and feet.

If a strong sweating of the feet, you must observe a few rules and guidelines, then the magnitude of the problem will be much less:

  • for washing use a good quality soap, it is best with antiseptic properties and a strong aroma;
  • use special lotions and foot cream with astringent effects.
  • to use a special powder with talc;
  • regularly change socks;
  • you can RUB the shoes with vinegar, this will reduce the odor;
  • take regular foot baths with medicinal preparations and essential oils.

You can also drink a course of vitamins and beta-blocker, but it should only be done after consultation and on the recommendation of a physician. If the problems associated with unrest, anxiety and stress, may be appointed to take antidepressants.

If there is sweating of the palms, you can also use special drugs, to wipe your hands with lotions, a solution of theanine hexachloride or aluminum. Remember that such drugs can cause a severe Allergy, so you can use them short if hyperhidrosis appears in certain moments of life, for example, when strong emotions or in hot weather. Help and baths for hands with infusions and decoctions of herbs.

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If to speak about traditional methods of struggle with hyperhidrosis, there is the problem well:

  • oak bark;
  • calendula;
  • sage;
  • chamomile;
  • nettle.

Of these plants, you need to make herbal teas and lotions on hands and feet. Also copes well with increased sweating blue clay. You can use it to make masks on the problem areas. The ordinary chicken egg is also a great method to help with excessive sweating of the hands and feet. Break the egg separately, beat the yolk and white, connect the resulting mass and put on all the problem areas, rinse with warm water. The procedure recommended to be performed regularly and in the mornings before going out into the community.

Radical methods

If hyperhidrosis bother much, then the physician can be appointed surgery. It may be Botox injections, which are very popular among celebrities. Botox blocks the cells potootdeleniem glands, hyperhidrosis disappears. Surgery can have a lot of contraindications and side effects, so before such procedures are encouraged to obtain professional advice and carefully weigh the pros and cons.

If there is a problem of hyperhidrosis, without the help of professionals can not do. All the traditional methods and medicines that will help eliminate the consequence of the problem, you need to look for causes of sweating and to fight with them.