Candles with sea buckthorn oil and their application in ginekologii

Candles with sea buckthorn oil against yeast infection

Sea buckthorn is a plant with a rich composition. It is rich with phytosterols, pectin, tannins, vitamins, mineral components. Provides anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, regenerating effect. Candles with sea buckthorn oil in gynecology it is applied for therapy of several diseases. They help to reduce the severity of the inflammatory processes of female genital organs, cure diseases of the intestine. Also struggling with malignancy in the uterus, vagina, cure thrush, infectious pathologies.

  • Therapeutic properties and indications for use
  • Use of sea buckthorn suppositories
  • Analogues of sea buckthorn candles
  • Methyluracyl candles
  • Depantol from yeast
  • Candles Galavit
  • Feedback about the use of sea buckthorn candles

Therapeutic properties and indications for use

Candles with sea buckthorn is an effective treatment for chronic thrush. Their high degree of effectiveness due to the fact that the composition includes components useful for the female body, helping to improve the immune system.

Important: candle sea buckthorn is a natural remedy that contains only sea buckthorn oil and beeswax. The composition of the suppository includes 500 mg of active ingredient.

Sea buckthorn oil has a range of medicinal properties. It helps to speed up the process of healing, gives anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, characterized by tonic properties.

Suppositories with oil retain all the beneficial properties of fresh substances. In the treatment of yeast infection remedy has been used along with other medicines, because by itself it has no antifungal effect.

Medicinal properties:

  • Elimination of puffiness of the vaginal mucosa;
  • Reducing the severity of pain;
  • Healing of injured areas;
  • The leveling of inflammatory processes;
  • Improve local immune status.

The use of candles with sea buckthorn along with antifungal medical drugs contribute to a speedy recovery, quickly and effectively relieve the troubling symptoms of the disease.

In addition to thrush, candles should be used in the following situations:

  • Herpes.
  • Cervicitis.
  • Pathology, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Erosion of the cervix.
  • Postnatal injury.
  • Sea buckthorn suppositories are for intravaginal and rectal administration. In the latter case, the application acts as hemorrhoids, fissures, ulcerative or atrophic proctitis, pain during natural bowel movement.

    Use of sea buckthorn suppositories

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    Sea buckthorn candles in gynecology are popular. This is because they have a wide range of therapeutic properties. The main effect of the drug, expressed in yeast infection treatment is enhancing of local immunity.

    When the absorption of active substances into the vagina increased the immune status that can prevent the growth and reproduction of fungal organisms.

    For the record, the only contraindication of candles is a idiosyncrasy of sea buckthorn oil or wax. If the objective, this feature is found in one patient in a million.

    Instructions for use of candles:

    • The suppository is introduced in the supine position, legs slightly bent at the knees;
    • After the introduction, it is recommended to be in a horizontal position during the 30-40 minutes that the active substance is dissolved and absorbed.

    Medication inserted into the vagina twice a day – preferably morning and evening. The duration of the therapeutic course is two weeks. Reviews have noted that on the second day of treatment to abate symptoms of anxiety. If the yeast infection is complicated by such pathologies as cervicitis and colpitis, before the introduction of the drug is vaginal douching.

    Of adverse reactions was negligible burning and itching. They usually caused by hypersensitivity to the active substance. Develop very rarely in the majority of patients the medicine is suitable.

    The use of suppositories with sea buckthorn oil is allowed during pregnancy on the advice of the attending physician. The product does not contain chemical and toxic substances, does not affect fetal development and the status of the mother.

    During treatment, you need to use daily sanitary pads as a solution candle follows, leaving on underwear yellow spots.

    Analogues of sea buckthorn candles

    Vaginal suppositories with sea buckthorn oil in gynecology is often used. However, in some situations not suitable for some indicators. As analogues are different drugs that are equally effective in combating thrush.

    Methyluracyl candles


    The main active component of the drug – methyluracil. Each suppository includes 500 mg of active ingredient. As the candles with sea buckthorn oil, methyluracyl suppositories are prescribed for the treatment of yeast infection along with other medications.

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    Therapeutic action:

  • Promote rapid healing of wounds, so how to restore the growth of damaged cells.
  • Provide stimulation of production of erythrocytes and white blood cells, resulting in inhibiting the activity of fungal microorganisms.
  • Relieve inflammation, relieve disturbing symptoms of thrush.
  • Reduce the negative impact of other conditionally pathogenic microflora.
  • Contraindications are malignancy, lesion of bone marrow, Hodgkin’s disease, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Should know about the impact of candles during pregnancy is unknown, therefore the decision on whether the application accepts a gynecologist on an individual basis.

    The duration of treatment of yeast infection varies from 7 to 14 days. Necessarily require medical supervision. During therapy it is permissible to adjust the regimen and dosage, based on the result achieved. As a rule, recommend the introduction of 1 to 3 candles per day.

    Depantol from yeast

    Depantol – effective drug, which is antibacterial and regenerative action. The application instruction says that the drug can be used only intravaginal method.

    Candles do not have a pronounced antifungal activity, so they are used in several variations:

    • If the patient is diagnosed mixed infection, including the fungi are family of Candida;
    • Or combined with other antifungal medications. It can be pills or vaginal creams.

    For the treatment of candidiasis, recommended the introduction of 1-2 candles per day. The number of suppository depends on the degree of fungal infection. The duration of treatment varies from 10 to 14 days. In most cases is two weeks. After the treatment is necessarily performed laboratory control.

    Candles Galavit

    This drug does not directly affect fungal flora, but it appears to be a potent immunomodulator, which helps prevent the progression of thrush. Suppositories are introduced only rectally. However, medical experts note that in this case it is not so important. The standard treatment lasts 5-10 days. A day enter 1-3 pieces.

    Cannot be applied during pregnancy in the first trimester, the period of breastfeeding and against the background of hypersensitivity to the drug. As for the pregnancy, then during 2-3 trimester to recommend that candles can, if there are medical indications.

    Replace the drugs themselves, it is impossible. For successful treatment of thrush scheme should be a doctor. Only strict observance of all recommendations allows you to achieve the desired therapeutic result.

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    Feedback about the use of sea buckthorn candles

    Doctors say that to combat yeast infection it is better to use «targeted» drugs, which deliver active ingredients to the site of accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms. In every scheme of treatment of thrush is present the local drug – candles, cream, gel etc. that is why a lot of reviews on sea buckthorn suppositories.

    Review from Olga 22 years

    I started to have profuse vaginal discharge, there was such an itch that I couldn’t sit still in one place. The gynecologist said I have a yeast infection, prescribed sea buckthorn candles and another drug. Introduced candles in the morning and evening, as indicated in the instructions. On the second day I forgot about the itch, a week later, already do not care, selection stopped. Soon going to be tested.

    Review from Catherine 29 years old

    Thrush suffer for a long time, already desperate, will ever be able to live like a normal person without constant discomfort. The doctor recommended to use candles with sea buckthorn oil and Pimafucin. She was treated for 10 days, progress is being made – discharge no more, gone severe itching. Pleasantly pleased with the price sea buckthorn suppositories. The disadvantage include the fact that they follow that very frustrating. Hopefully, the therapeutic effect is not affected.

    Sea buckthorn candles – anti-inflammatory medicine that helps strengthen the local immune status, prevent the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. In combination with other anti-fungal drugs manage to get rid of yeast infection forever for the shortest possible time.

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