Candles when Adnexitis vaginal: treatment and analogues

List of candles for the treatment of adnexitis

Adnexitis – women gynecological disease that causes inflammation in the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The reason lies in the pathology of multiple bacteria, provoking the appearance and dynamics of development (acute or chronic), often there is a combination of bacterial and fungal infections of the female genital organs. Help candle in the adnexitis and what drugs should be taken to reduce symptoms, get proper treatment – consider the issues in more detail.

  • The symptoms of inflammation acute and chronic nature
  • Treatment of adnexitis with candles
  • Voltaren
  • Movalis
  • Hexicon
  • Fluomizin
  • Indomethacin
  • Poliginaks
  • Longidasa

The symptoms of inflammation acute and chronic nature

Acute adnexitis characterized by symptoms similar to colds:

  • The increase in body temperature;
  • Headache, chills;
  • Nausea, vomiting;
  • The loss of strength.
  • On the background of common features manifest the characteristic symptoms are:

    • The selection as serous, mucous, purulent whiter with a pungent odor;
    • Intermittent itching, burning crotch, the intimate area;
    • Recurrent pain in the lower back, lower abdomen;
    • Pain during urination.

    The clinical picture is complemented by irritability, nervousness, sleep disturbance, appetite – the latter may disappear, and significantly increase. In the absence of timely treatment of adnexitis in the acute form quickly moves to the abdominal area that sometimes triggers peritonitis.

    Chronic adnexitis — the expected outcome of undertreated acute, manifested by a sharp deterioration in the health of the patient. Features:

    • The decline in libido, a breakdown of intimate relationships;
    • Constant dull pain in lower abdomen, aggravated by stress, intimate contact, in the period of the cycle, when hypothermia.

    The pathology of the dangerous spread of germs and can cause renal diseases. Chronic inflammation of the appendages also causes menstrual irregularities. If untreated, the pathology leads to an ectopic pregnancy, obstruction of tubes, and complete infertility.

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    Treatment of adnexitis with candles

    Timely diagnosis and early treatment is the key to the health of women. The inflammatory process in the appendages and the tubes requires a professional diagnosis and to use long-term complex therapy strictly on an individual scheme. The therapy includes:

  • Physiotherapy and restorative complex in subacute phase pathology;
  • A course of antibiotics for acute, chronic form. Typically, the process uses NSAIDs broad spectrum of action and to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Also appointed by the candles when adnexitis. However, it is important to understand that anti-inflammatory candles when adnexitis are not the main form of treatment, acting as a helper/companion tool. Suppositories are effective in the early stages of disease. Possessing a property is evenly distributed over the mucosa of the intimate area, vaginal suppositories have a direct effect on the suppression of pathogenic flora and is therefore particularly good for the treatment of the appendages. Medicine offers an extensive list of suppositories, the name and basic properties which will be discussed below.


    Candles for the treatment of adnexitis that has analgesic effect and is destroying the infection. Self-excluded. The course of treatment determined by the doctor, selecting the dosage of the medication. You cannot apply for the 3 trimester of pregnancy, erosions of the intestines, the few colds and hemorrhoids.


    It rectal suppositories that help in the acute forms of adnexitis. The easy ability to combine with other anti-inflammatory drugs. Before use, consult your doctor. The course of treatment prescribed weekly with daily intake of 15 mg of the medication. Therapy candles Movalis contraindicated in patients with kidney conditions, cardiovascular disorders, lactation and hemorrhoids.

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    A good remedy adnexitis characterized by the absence of contraindications. Components of medication absorbed at the local level, are not absorbed into the General blood stream – this factor allows you to take care during pregnancy feeding. The usual course of treatment is 10 days. Contraindications can be an individual intolerance of the drug, possible allergic reactions.


    This means having excellent portability and characterized by complete absence of side effects. The effectiveness of the product is confirmed by physicians and patients. Unlike many other suppositories, treatment of adnexitis with Fluomizin can be carried out not only in the early stages of the disease, but also the average severity of the dynamics. Indicated for pregnant, lactating moms, we decided quickly to relieve symptoms of pathology.


    Rectal suppositories with valuable quality – they are numb almost immediately, even the pain of strong intensity. The drug should be agreed with the doctor. The drug is banned in 3rd trimester, problems with the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and violation of hematopoiesis. The tool has a powerful antiseptic effect, removes heat, removes puffiness, helps to restore the normal microflora.


    Poliginaks is one of the most popular tools in the treatment of adnexitis is one of the most effective drugs in the treatment of fungal infections of the female genital organs. Often used for the treatment and prevention of thrush. Unlike other suppositories, the drug has a capsule form that does not spread and does not drain as masks. In addition, Poliginaks heals fairly quickly – usually, the treatment is not more than 14 days. Having the advantage of newsasian in krovatok, candles adnexitis have a minimum of contraindications and can be used for therapy in pregnancy, during lactation.

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    Vaginal suppositories, which is a enzyme complex that prevents oophoritis, adhesions. Salpingo is the strongest inflammation of the appendages, characterized by pain, swelling of mucosa, swelling of the tubes – sometimes they can be felt by hand. Drug Logidata provides the best flow of medicinal substances, nourishes tissues, relieves swelling. Components of the drug contribute to the resorption of scars, bruises and lead to normal elasticity of inner skin. Adhesions stoped and turned back. After treatment vaginal candles adhesions on the tubes dissolve, leaving no trace. Very good drug is combined antibacterial and antifungal drugs.

    In addition to these, there are funds with a pronounced analgesic effect, for example, Diclofenac, candles with belladonna. Regardless of what form diagnosed adnexitis, candles appoint a doctor and only in the complex therapy. Vaginal and rectal suppositories are used without additional treatment, are not effective means for the complete healing of adnexitis.

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