Candles vaginal anti-inflammatory in gynecology

The types and characteristics of vaginal plugs from inflammation

In gynecological practice for the treatment of infectious, inflammatory and fungal infections, the most commonly used suppositories. The effect of vaginal plugs aimed at deep penetration of the active antifungal substances in the walls of the mucous membrane, where there is neutralization of the fungus, inflammation and infection. In this article we will explain what is best to use candles for inflammation of the female organs.

  • Characteristics of vaginal suppositories
  • Overview of vaginal suppositories
  • Rules for the use of suppositories

Characteristics of vaginal suppositories

Anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology are drugs with broad spectrum of action, in which the therapy for elimination of yeast infection in any form (primary, acute, chronic). What is best to buy candles for the treatment of gynecological diseases? The choice of anti-inflammatory drugs should be based on the level of sensitivity of the fungus Candida, which is determined based on the resistance and bacterial seeding.

For information! Anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories have different effects: healing, antiseptic, antibacterial. Independent selection of drugs leads to a rapid multiplication of the fungus Candida and the formation of chronic forms of pathology.

Usually after acute viral respiratory infections or after an inflammatory process in women may experience a yeast infection. This is due to the intake of various medicines, e.g. antivirals and antibiotics. Their active ingredients can cause side effect in the form of a fungal infection.

Overview of vaginal suppositories

Candles for the treatment of inflammations and candidiasis contain different components that are responsible for the duration and effectiveness of therapy. Consider the most popular and effective drugs against of thrush:

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  • If is a gynecological candles, which are used for the treatment and prevention of different forms of candidiasis. The active ingredient of the drug — ketoconazole, which quickly eliminates fungal infections.

For information! If it is allowed to use during pregnancy in the first trimester, in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy is strictly forbidden to use suppositories as a treatment of candidiasis.

  • Irunin antifungal agent containing Itraconazole and other additional substances. Those suppositories for women able to quickly eliminate thrush acute and chronic forms, vulvovaginal candidiasis, and recurrent.
  • Hexicon D — antibacterial candles, the main active ingredient is chlorhexidine. It is an antiseptic, which is used for the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. This tool can numb the pain, eliminate inflammation. Hexicon D is widely used as a remedy for the treatment of bacterial vaginitis.

For information! Not all candles from inflammation can be introduced into the vagina and absorbed into the uterine wall. Some infections require the use of rectal suppositories and absorption of active substances through the intestinal wall.

  • Ketoprofen antiviral candles for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, preparation for the operational period. The main ingredient of the candles is Ketoprofen, able to relieve pain quickly, reduce body temperature and eliminate inflammation. Ketoprofen is not recommended to use in 3 trimester of pregnancy and during lactation.
  • Nystatin is a common and inexpensive drug, is aimed at eliminating fungal infections, including Candida. The main active ingredient of candles is nystatin, which is rapidly absorbed into the uterus and the vaginal walls. It is worth noting the fungus Candida are not able to develop resistance to the components, so the Nystatin is prescribed for the treatment of recurrent and chronic Candida.
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This is an incomplete list of vaginal plugs, which can be used for the treatment of thrush in women. In addition to suppositories are also used douching with pharmacy chamomile, succession, calendula, gels and other forms of production of medicines.

Rules for the use of suppositories

To treat candidiasis it’s recommended for both partners, because often the yeast infection in men is asymptomatic. It is recommended in the treatment to abandon a sexual relationship or use of personal protective equipment.

For information! Antibiotics in gynaecology are appointed in the period of occurrence of intense inflammatory process, acute or chronic form of thrush.

Depending on the stages of the fungus the treating doctor prescribes the duration and dosage of medication. In some cases it is enough to enter 1 candle in a vagina, and in severe thrush the number of suppositories may be more. The active ingredients are easily absorbed in the uterine wall, where they begin to eliminate fungal cells on the walls of the membranes. It is not recommended to use candles during menstruation, this is because of breeding selection is able to reject the substance of suppositories, which blocks the therapeutic effect. It is recommended to use suppositories in a dose of:

  • Ketoprofen, Livarol, Hexicon D — 2 candles a day;
  • Nystatin, ironin — 4-5 candles per day.

During treatment is not recommended to wear synthetic and slimming underwear. You must comply with all rules of personal hygiene and use of personal hygiene products. Before starting therapy it is necessary to pass survey at the gynecologist.

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A large number of vaginal plugs allow you to quickly eliminate the development of a fungal infection. Each product contains a different active substance, efficiency, duration and dosage, which assigns only a specialist.

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