Candles Livarol: instructions for use and reviews

Candle Laviron from yeast: application instructions

Candles Livarol – one of the most effective drugs for the treatment and prevention of fungal diseases of the intimate sphere. Simple to use suppositories Livarol thrush quickly eliminate foreign microorganisms coping with pathogenic microflora, and contribute to the restoration of normal pH level.

  • The composition, instructions for use
  • The mechanism of action of drugs
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • The price of drugs, the analogues
  • Reviews

The composition, instructions for use

It is important to understand that vaginal suppositories exclusively active against pathogenic fungus, while not affecting healthy cells. Local administration provides rapid absorption of the ingredients included in the composition, in the vaginal mucous membrane, and not in the blood system. That is why gynecology candles Livarol considered one of the most harmless and safe drug in the treatment of candidiasis.

Important! The drug is recommended only after consultation with a specialist and get the right diagnosis.

The main active substance included in the composition of the medicine ketoconazole. This group of antifungal topical applications, having the property of destroying the fungal organisms. As auxiliary substances, If the candles contain:

  • Butylhydroxyanisole – vysokodoznogo substance that acts as an antioxidant to reduce tissue damage in the lesions;
  • Macrogol – based suppositories.

The dosage and duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Suppositories Livarol instruction manual recommends thus:

  • Therapy acute candidiasis – 1 suppository (400 mg) 1 times a day for 5 days;
  • In the chronic form for the treatment assign 1 candle 1 time at night 10 days;
  • Prevention of thrush – 1 candle 5 consecutive nights after the menstrual cycle, if necessary, repeating the course every month.
  • Tip! It makes most sense to enter a drug Livarol in the evening for the night. If you use the suppositories in the morning, physical activity can cause leakage of substances. After removing the candle from the packaging, place it pointed end deeply into the vagina, then you should lie down for 1-1. 5 hours. Absolutely can not leave candles in bulk, divide into parts or keep in hand. You can not use the suppository that had fallen on the floor, candles with expired or broken packaging. The fact that the candles Livarol thrush from have a mild concentration, melting from the heat and sticky — therefore it is better to prepare in advance, and then only to get the preparation from the packaging and quickly insert the suppository.

    The mechanism of action of drugs

    Part of ketoconazole provides efficacy in the treatment of candidiasis. As soon as the candle is inserted, it starts to melt from the heat, and the substance evenly coats the inner lining, being absorbed without a trace. Penetrating into the mucosa, ketoconazole disrupts the surface membrane of the pathogenic fungus, inhibiting the synthesis of ergosterol. The process leads to thinning of cell walls, their destruction and death of the fungal infection.

    The use of suppositories has the following effect:

    • Fungistatic is a decrease of activity and reproduction of fungi pathogenic type;
    • Fungicidal – the destruction of the existing fungi.

    The absence of ergosterol in the cell membranes of the human body determines the safety of ketoconazole for patients: the medication only affects the body, without affecting the cellular composition of other bodies.

    Indications for use

    Candles Livarol prescribed for the following diagnoses:

    • Acute/chronic vaginal candidiasis;
    • Recurrent vaginal candidiasis;
    • Preventive measures against fungal infections of intimate areas.

    The presence of factors that increase the risk of Contracting candidiasis – this is also indications for use drugs. Therefore, gynaecologists often prescribe Liveroom pregnancy, prenatal period, as prophylaxis after surgery.


    Contraindications can be absolute, categorical ban on admission Rivarola or relative. In the latter case, the use of suppositories for therapeutic purposes conducted short courses and under the supervision of a doctor. As a rule, so designate candles during pregnancy, when there is a risk of developing candidiasis. How much and how to apply medical means will tell the doctor, determining the individual regimen on the basis of the analyses.

    The categorical prohibition applies to patients:

    • with individual intolerance to ketoconazole or concomitant medications;
    • in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy – the first trimester is fundamental to the development of the embryo, medication may adversely affect the process.

    Carefully make candles Livarol:

  • 2-3 semester of gestation, despite the minimal damage, the high probability of development of allergic reactions in the future baby.
  • Lactation – the period when the drug is applied with special care: short-term use the risk of transmission to the baby of ketoconazole in breast milk is small, with long-term therapies is better to choose the analogues Rivarola.
  • Children up to 12 years the drug is contraindicated because of the lack of data on the impact of the drug on the child’s body. Data on adverse reactions are also not.
  • Tip! If the vaginal area has open wounds, then spark should replace the ointment and doing the swabs with the medication. Requires a high level of hygiene to prevent the ingress into the wound microbes. In addition, the high risk of getting a large number of active substances into the systemic circulation, which can lead to undesirable consequences. On the advice of a specialist ointment with ketoconazole is replaced with the analogs of the drug.

    Side effects

    Included in RLS candles Livarol, instructions for use which speaks of almost complete safety, can cause side effects. However, all side effects limited to local reactions:

  • Allergic reactions are expressed in redness and swelling of the mucosa of the intimate area, sometimes there is a slight burning sensation, itching. If the intensity of symptoms increases, you should stop taking pills, suppositories, ointment and apply to the doctor. Therapy will continue after the specialist will select the analogues of the drug or prescribe antihistamines, assessing the pace and nature of allergies.
  • Local reactions from a sexual partner. Sometimes there are cases of hyperemia (in the case of unprotected acts). It is recommended to use mechanical means of protection.
  • Relapse of fungal infection occurs when prolonged administration of the drug. In this case, pathogenic fungal flora partially survives, resuming activity after taking suppositories. If so for thrush should be used strictly according to instructions.
  • Profuse discharge is a natural process of rejection cheesy masses of mucus. While taking the suppositories is better to replace the daily strip on a regular.
  • The price of drugs, the analogues

    Call If not be cheap, the price varies in different regions and is $7-10. To clarify, how much is the medication and dosage at the pharmacy of the city, and the selected analogues, the composition and effectiveness of which no less. But, If to replace by cheaper ones should only be with the consent of the attending doctor. Identical in composition to ointments, creams, candles, dry mixes:

    • Ketodin;
    • Ketoconazole-altfarm;
    • Livgin-M;
    • Ketoconazole.

    Tip! Ointment and cream, in the absence of a special applicator, it is better to take in the form of tampons. It should strictly observe the dosage, without disturbing the regimen, especially if there is an open lesion of the vagina.


    Many patients were convinced of the effectiveness of the drug Livarol, reviews gynecologists about the medication is also positive.

    Irina. The drug is prescribed after a smear on flora – found a yeast infection, although symptoms do not exist. The doctor said to carefully read the description of possible side effects and completed treatment with Fluconazole. Candles effectively work well at the level of the vagina, any described side effects was not completed full course of treatment. Take as prevention.
    Tatiana. The candles were appointed in the period of pregnancy. The effect appeared immediately, just take very carefully (in term 2) and show the midwife. Not cheap, but effective.
    Love. Until I became pregnant, didn’t know about the thrush. The period of gestation with a vengeance to fill the knowledge gap. Now she diagnose fungus and just buy a If. By the way, doctor supports me. Relief from symptoms occurs after the first candle, all of the following suppositories help to reduce the symptoms and really treated. And can be used for prevention. By the way, in General, all signs of thrush are after the third candle, but to cast treatment, it is better to be treated before the end.

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