Candles Hexicon and usage instructions in ginekologii

Candles Hexicon: the composition and instructions for use

STDs – the problem is not the most pleasant. And you don’t have to run around to get the disease. Many diseases arise from colds, hormonal surges. Thrush is no exception, and to cure it is often prescribed candles Hexicon. It is a modern, reliable means, however, ease of use does not denote the possibility of self-treatment. Like any medical drug, suppositories Geksikon from yeast or other occasions should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

  • The drug, release form
  • Indications for use
  • The efficacy of Hexicon for thrush
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Analogues of the drug
  • Reviews

The drug, release form

In gynecology vaginal suppositories Hexicon antiseptics are considered local action. The main ingredient is chlorhexidine digluconate, has the activity to the simplest of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The drug is available in tablet form and in the form of vaginal plugs white color, for example yellow.

Important! Vaginal tablets and candles are sold with different percentage of main active ingredient. That is why you should consult a doctor who will select an individual treatment plan.

Complete with a drug sometimes sold napalechniki disposable to ensure maximum hygiene. Store in a dry place, protected from light place at temperature not above +25C.

Indications for use

What helps Hexicon? Doctors have positioned the medication as extra help in preventing genital infections. A single suppository or tablet is enough to avoid infection such unpleasant diseases as: ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, syphilis, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and so on.

Important! If in order to protect to use Hexicon, instruction manual clearly indicates the obligatory deadlines: insert candles Hexicon should immediately or no later than two hours after intercourse.If the candles Hexicon used later, the effect will not be infection within the given time it will penetrate the vaginal mucosa and the healing will require more serious therapeutic effect.

Suppositories and tablets Hexicon not have overwhelming negative effects on the microflora of the mucosa. That is why doctors prescribe Hexicon during pregnancy at all stages of carrying a child.

The home kit must be Hexicon candles, instructions for use clearly defines the indications for therapy:

  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Prevention of inflammatory-infectious processes arising from a gynecological and obstetric interventions. Hexicon tablets and candles are often discharged before heavy labor, abortions, surgical procedures on the female genital organs. Sometimes treatment with Hexicon appointed before installing/uninstalling of the Navy, study of intrauterine space.
  • Prevention/treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis, mixed and nonspecific types.
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    If you have these indications, Hexicon need to correctly enter. Put the candle before you sleep once a day. With intensive therapy (issued 1 suppository twice a day), after the introduction of the suppository lie down for at least 30-40 minutes. The time interval between meals preparation should be equal. Method of application: to enter the candle as deep as possible into the vagina, under the influence of heat, the drug is spread and immediately began to act on inflammation.

    Important! How to take tablets, tell a doctor, if you do not know how to enter a suppositories, will prompt the user manual. And remember the rule: any form of the drug helps in operational use. Candles – the most effective and speedy remedy than pills, suppositories, directly act on the lesion, bypassing the digestive tract.

    The efficacy of Hexicon for thrush

    Despite the fact that the candles are shown during pregnancy as disease prevention, many girls apply Hexicon against thrush. This candidiasis or fungal infection that lives in any body. Although not threatening to health, infection with positive conditions began to develop, leading to negative factors:

    • the burning sensation, itching in the genital area;
    • appear cottage cheese discharge with sour smell.

    In addition, in some cases there are signs of General malaise, abdominal pain, temperature. And candles Hexicon successfully cope with the causative agent of the disease. The drug not only reduces swelling, relieves inflammation and eliminates the burning, but also treating the cause – fungal infection. The important thing to remember is Hexicon for thrush is most effective as part of comprehensive therapy! As additional funds used antifungal remedy prescribed by the doctor. Forget the patient, trying to apply the medicine for thrush during pregnancy or at any other time. Why so many negative comments about the fact that the Hexicon against thrush inefficient and it is better to take counterparts.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Despite the numerous advantages, there are indications for which it is not recommended to apply Hexicon during pregnancy, like candles from a yeast infection or as prophylaxis against sexually transmitted infections. Hexicon gel, tablets or candles is strictly prohibited if you are hypersensitive components. In this case, you experience side effects resembling an allergic reaction:

  • itching and burning in region of contact with the product;
  • sticky/humid, or Vice versa, very dry skin of hands;
  • tooth enamel changes colour;
  • violations of taste.
  • Important! Profuse discharge from the vagina is not a side effects of the drug, which should undo the cure. Side effects are expressed only negative feelings, and the allocation is the remnants of a medications arising due to violation of the rules of use or the abundant lubrication of the vagina, which is an individual feature of the woman’s body.

    Side effects sometimes occur if the patient during treatment, refuses sex, or if you take incompatible detergents anionic groups:

    • carboxymethylcellulose sodium;
    • saponins;
    • sodium lauryl sulfate.
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    During the application of the therapy should change soap and other detergents for intimate hygiene gels – all the other hygienic preparations can cause side effects.

    Important! Due to a local effect on the infection, the drug is allowed not only during pregnancy, but children is Hexicon a candle manufactured in the form of suppositories for 8 mg.

    As prophylaxis prescribe one suppository or tablet immediately after intercourse. The allocation will indicate only that the treatment has already started, not about the possible infection of the patient. To start healing before the menstrual cycle is not recommended. When the start cycle, therapy interruption, and after the end of the cycle, start from the beginning. Does the drug in purulent formations in the vagina? No. Must fix the cause of the purulent lesions, and only then to start treatment with this medicine.

    Tip! If the pharmacy did not have candles or tablets, you can use the gel or ointment Hexicon. How to apply: on the tube is worn mandatory nozzle in the kit. The nozzle is inserted into the vagina and is expelled from the tube dose. You can make the swab with the drug and enter it at the required depth.

    Analogues of the drug

    The most famous analogue Hexicon – Terjinan. Choosing Hexicon Terginan or, what is better, remember cream, candles Terginan can not be used in the first half of pregnancy. Furthermore, considering the Hexicon or Terginan, you should consider the following factors:

  • Hexicon, indications and possibilities:
    • you can apply in HS;
    • minimum Allergy risk;
    • requires virtually no limitations of physical activity;
    • thrush and Hexicon – the opposite of the concept, the drug is a smart heal, but only applying as part of therapy.
  • Terginan, indications and possibilities:
    • there are restrictions on use during pregnancy, guards;
    • has a complex structure that provides a wide range of applications, but increases the risk of allergies;
    • can be used as a treatment for thrush without ancillary drugs.
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    Having considered all the indicators, choose for yourself which is better: Hexicon or Terginan. And here’s other similar medications:

    • Chlorhexidine digluconate;
    • Depantol;
    • Amident;
    • Cathedral S.

    Some drugs are cheaper, but there are expensive compounds. In any case, you should talk with a doctor appointment and not to self-medicate.


    Veronica. The doctor prescribed the drug as a prevention of the birth canal, but I first read about Hexicon reviews, and most importantly – composition. I liked that there is a large list of components, everything is clear and accessible. In addition, the drug helped as a preventive measure, got rid of chronic trichomoniasis, which was not even suspected.

    Tatiana,28 years:

    After Hexicon from thrush to develop a strong selection. So I suggest immediately put at the reception of the candle normal gasket and not a «dailies» – they do not. And thrush medication really does help – seen in my experience. Selection ended, once stopped the treatment, now everything is normal.

    Valeria,32 years:

    My first course of suppositories did not help at all. I bought a candle from the thrush, set according to instructions – no response. The reason was that they only used candles, and they alone, are not treated fully. We still have some medicine against the fungus – that this is not written in the instructions do not say when buying candles. Now start a new course candles Hexicon and tablets from the fungus. Changes are immediately passed itching, feeling better.

    Svetlana,26 years:

    My spark has appointed a doctor during pregnancy. The smear showed that a lot of secretions and possible thrush. In General, the drug know bought without fear, because allergies never was. Put on night and morning pink highlight. Overturned candles and immediately to the doctor. Despite my good tolerability, to me it was contraindicated during pregnancy. Continued use could lead to bad consequences.

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