Candles from HPV: treatment of human papillomavirus

Effective candles to treat HPV

Papillomavirus (that this genus belongs to the HPV virus) lives in the surface layer of skin is gradually introduced to the basal layer of the skin. The human papilloma virus is quite common, its activation disrupts natural processes. Infection occurs during unprotected sexual contact. The treatment is prescribed by a doctor. In the scheme of therapy include candles from HPV, antiviral and antimicrobial agents, immunomodulators, vitamins, mineral complexes. Frequently used in a operational way of treatment that involves mechanical removal of papillomas.

  • Indications for use of suppositories from HPV
  • Effective candles from HPV
  • Viferon
  • Genferon ®
  • Panavir
  • Galavit
  • Laferobion
  • Kipferon
  • Betadine

Indications for use of suppositories from HPV

The modern world is aware of more than a hundred different viruses of the human papillomavirus. For convenience they are classified according to certain criteria. The classification is summarized as follows:

  • Viruses that do not have the risk of oncogenesis. These include strains from 1 to 3, and the fifth type;
  • Viruses, characterized by a small risk of oncogenesis. These include the sixth type, 11, 42-44 strains;
  • Viruses that possess the highest probability of oncogenicity. This is a 16 and 18 types, as well as some other varieties.

Important: the most dangerous strains are 16 and 18 types of the virus. The danger for man is that when exposed to certain trigger factors these papillomaviruses provoke abnormal processes in the mucous and cutaneous tissues, which is outwardly manifested by the appearance of warts, papillomas and condylomas, as well as the development of cancer.

To get rid of the human papilloma virus is very difficult. Patients have to be treated for a long period of time. But, to prevent probable complications as a result of the disease, therapy is absolutely necessary.

Best result medical students achieve remission, when there is a decrease in the activity of the virus, levels clinical manifestations of the pathological process in the body.

Effective candles from HPV

Treatment for HPV doctor recommends that you take antiviral tablets, to use suppositories to local impact. The pharmaceutical industry provides an extensive range of candles which help to inhibit the activity of the virus. Consider the most effective drugs, their indications and contraindications, the use of features.

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This drug includes a human interferon, which is a specific factor to combat HPV. The composition further includes ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol. Drug provides anti-virus and immunomodulating properties, helps to restrain the growth and reproduction of abnormal cells.

During pregnancy is contraindicated the use of up to 14 weeks. After 14 weeks it is acceptable to use by the doctor. The contraindications include a tendency to allergic reactions and intolerance to the active ingredients.

Method of application candles from HPV: administered suppositories twice a day, preferably in the morning and the evening. The dose is 500,000 IU medicines. The duration of the therapeutic course – not more than 10 days.

Note, during the treatment some people complain of strong burning, but the side effect is not a reason for discontinuation of the drug. Usually burning yourself disappear in 2-3 days.

Genferon ®

Combined a medicine release form – candles with HPV. The composition includes interferon and alpha-2. Duration of action for rectal or vaginal administration is no more than half a day. For the treatment of human papillomavirus infection in the first trimester, the drug is contraindicated. Candles used with great caution in 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Instructions for use:

  • Introduction candles is done rectally or vaginally.
  • Enter twice per day – morning and evening.
  • The interval between the application of suppositories is not more than 12 hours.
  • The duration of therapy is determined individually by a doctor. Can vary from several weeks to 3 months.
  • In the treatment of human papillomavirus infection in a dosage 10000000 IU per 24 hours significantly increases the likelihood of side effects. From the Central nervous system are observed headaches, and from the circulatory system diagnosed with leukopenia.


    The active substances act immediately after the use of candles, artificially boosting the immune response to the production of natural interferon. The use of candles against HPV during pregnancy is not recommended.

    Suppositories it is inappropriate to apply with hypersensitivity to components of the medication, severe kidney and spleen, in children up to 18 years old, during breastfeeding. Candles Panavir available for intravaginal and rectal administration. Prescribe the introduction of a single suppository to 48 hours. After using the three candles, this interval increases to 3 days. One therapeutic course of treatment involves the use of five candles.

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    Of the side effects are only rare allergic reactions. If clinical manifestations are severe need to replace the drug. Cases of overdose not registered.


    Suppositories have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action. The main operating component contributes to the change in the functional and metabolic capacity of macrophages, which provides decrease in activity of inflammatory processes, reduces toxicity in the body.

    The active substance has a tendency to accumulate in the body. The therapeutic effect lasts for about three days after a single use candle.

    Important: the spark from the human papillomavirus is strictly forbidden to use throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

    The scheme of using candles:

    • Administered rectally one suppository every 24 hours;
    • The course of treatment is 10 days;
    • After the tenth day must be entered 1 candle every 48 hours;
    • The total number of suppositories for the entire course – 25 pieces.

    If the drug Galavit is assigned simultaneously with antibacterial drugs, it is possible to decrease the course of dosages. Incompatibility interaction with other drugs is not revealed.


    The composition of one suppository is part of a recombinant form of human interferon, ascorbic acid, vitamin E and solid fats. The drug has immunomodulatory, antitumor and antiviral effect, while not causing toxic injury of the body.

    Contraindications: hypersensitivity to alpha interferon, an autoimmune form of hepatitis, pregnancy, impaired liver function decompensation.

    Instructions for use:

  • Administered rectally 1 suppository in a day for five days;
  • Then move on to use 1 suppository a day;
  • General treatment involves the use of 20 candles.
  • Laferobion – effective drug that destroys the human papilloma virus. However, its application often leads to the development of many side effects. Patients complain about indigestion, headaches, flu-like condition, non-productive cough, allergic reactions, dyspepsia.

    In the interaction with antibacterial drugs Laferobion enhances the biological activity of the antibiotics.


    Combined medicine that combines the action of immunoglobulin a and human interferon. Has antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

    Note: suppositories Kipferon can be used for intravaginal and rectal administration.

    Application features:

    • The dose is 1-2 suppositories in 24 hours;
    • The duration of therapy varies from 10 to 12 days;
    • At the recommendation of a physician duration of treatment can be increased.
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    Kipferon in combination with Amphotericin b leads to an increase in the probability of kidney damage. In combination with the drug Dacarbazine, revealed a risk of loss of functionality of the liver. In a joint treatment with antibacterial drugs has been increasing the therapeutic effect of both drugs.


    Candles have antimicrobial and antiseptic effects. The main active ingredient that provides the biological activity of the medicine is iodine. Its absorption during the application of a minor.


  • Hyperthyroidism;
  • Dermatitis Duhring;
  • Adenoma of thyroid;
  • The simultaneous use of radioactive iodine;
  • Children up to age 1 year.
  • During pregnancy suppositories are recommended with caution when benefits to mother outweigh the likely harm to the child. In the first trimester are never used.

    Candles are introduced every day. The dosage is 1-2 pieces. The duration of treatment is determined individually. You cannot use both mercury and alkaline drugs with hydrogen peroxide and antiseptics.

    Worth knowing: suppositories that are prescribed for the treatment of human papillomavirus infection, can be applied vaginally and rectally. The difference is that rectal use provides both local and systemic effects, and intravaginal use it has only local effect.

    What kind of candles to choose from, solves the medical specialist. After all, there are drugs that gives antiviral and antibacterial effect or additionally possessing antifungal activity. In addition, also take into account other appointments – injection, pills, etc..

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