Candles Fluomizin and instructions for their use: reviews and analogues

Candle Fluomizin from yeast: application instructions

To find a drug that can quickly help with a yeast infection can be difficult. If you rely on reviews Fluomizin – a medicine that can help quickly deal with the germs and providing a persistent antiseptic effect. Despite the tablet form of the issue that is causing some difficulties when receiving, vaginal tablets in gynecology are considered safe, shown for the treatment of pregnant, lactating women and patients with both mild and advanced forms of candidiasis. The main advantages of the drug is the lack of harmful toxic effects, local drug absorption and instant relief of the symptoms of candidiasis.

  • The composition, pharmacological action
  • Contraindications, instructions for use
  • Analogues of the drug, reviews
  • Reviews

The composition, pharmacological action

With vaginal candidiasis is familiar to almost all women. Symptoms pathology cause physical and emotional discomfort, because I want to quickly heal from diseases. Medicine offers a huge list of medicines for therapy. Sold drugs without a prescription, but assign them without consulting with a specialist is prohibited. Some compounds can cause allergic reactions or aggravate the disease, because at first the doctor and then treatment.

One of the most effective means is Fluomizin. In a matter of hours, eliminating the discharge, itching, burning, it for a few days eliminates all signs of the disease and is a good prophylactic against thrush.

Fluomizin belongs to drugs with a local antiseptic and antibacterial action. Available in the form of biconvex tablets, one pack contains 6 tablets, sufficient for one course of therapy.

The active ingredient included in decaline chloride. It’s not quite an antibiotic, antimicrobial compound rather broad spectrum. As auxiliary components are lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose. Decaline chloride detrimental effect on a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, protozoa and fungal spores that cause vaginal candidiasis.

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Contraindications, instructions for use

Pills Fluomizin is indicated for the treatment of yeast infection not all patients. Should know, under what conditions and who can not Fluomizin, instruction manual strictly prohibits the use of tablets, suppositories hypersensitive to drug and erosive lesions of the cervix, vagina. In addition, candles Fluomizin is not used in pediatric practice, the appointment is only on reaching puberty.

As for whether the candles Fluomizin during pregnancy, it all depends on the condition of the patient. The active substance, part of the medication does not penetrate through the placental barrier and harm the fetus, so doctors allow drug Fluomizin during pregnancy, lactation. Should strictly observe all the instructions of the doctor. Misuse of drugs can cause adverse reactions in pregnant women, especially in 1 trimester. Often in pregnancy 1 trimester is forbidden to use any candles, vaginal tablets type, the doctor finds other regimens. The same caution should be treated during lactation, the fact of the drug’s safety to the health of newborns is not completely installed, which requires caution in the use of tools.

There are a few immutable rules to Fluomizin for thrush have proved their efficiency:

  • In the period of the cycle, the tool should not apply, like any other broad-spectrum antibiotic. If therapy is interrupted cycle after therapy starts from the beginning.
  • It is permissible to moisten the tablet in cool water to make it dissolve faster, but patients often say that then to insert medication into the vagina is extremely difficult. Better to use the tablet immediately after a shower, as expected, for the night.
  • To prevent reinfection, you should avoid sex life altogether for the entire period of treatment.
  • Suppositories cannot be used for more than 6 days. Longer treatment may cause negative effects from the body of women.
  • Important! With the correct medication there are no side effects. Manifestations in the form of itching, burning, increase in body temperature dictate the immediate cessation of therapy and the mandatory visit to the doctor. The drug is that it can be combined with any other drugs, however, should refrain from washing your privates with soap alkaline environment can reduce the whole healing effect. It is better to replace the soap on the gel for intimate hygiene.

    Analogues of the drug, reviews

    Counterparts Fluomizin to pick up is not so simple, full counterparts there. There are tools a bit similar to Fluomizin, analogs composition and method of action are:

    • Hexicon;
    • Zalain;
    • Livarol;
    • Pimafucin;
    • Terginan.
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    Note that many drugs are cheaper Fluomizin how much drug is better to check at the pharmacy, approximate price is $ 12-25. Despite the expensive cost, the tool is popular because of its effectiveness, which is confirmed by reviews of the patients.


    Larissa, 25 years:

    Used pills, no side effects were not. Treated vaginosis exactly 6 days like the doctor said. After the specified time it was all gone, not a trace is left. Most importantly, do not run, to not have to deal with complications.

    Jack, 28 years:

    We are not faced with vaginosis for the first time in pregnancy, no idea how hard it is. The doctor ordered Fluomizin. Used under the supervision of, and reported on each symptom. Everything went well, the baby was born healthy. Surprised that only 6 days later the sore was. A good drug.

    Catherine, 32 years:

    I want to say that in pregnancy, the drug is quite safe. The pills helped me, now they gave my sister, she’s pregnant, first trimester, small vaginosis decided to err. Most importantly, do not quit the treatment after disappearance of symptoms – they are after the first pill, but need to convalesce.

    Natalia, 23 years:

    Generally, the drug is normal, but noticed a large amount of discharge. Tablet insert is unpleasant, but it is impossible to wet – I wet the whole tablet disintegrated in his hands, do not insert. Candles are easier to place, but the tablet faster treat. All symptoms of thrush are almost immediately.

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