Candles Atsilakt and instructions for use in gynecology

Candles Atsilakt: composition and application of the drug

Atsilakt is a drug of new generation, whose main task is aimed at the destruction of the fungal infection Candida. Active substances of this tool help to neutralize and reproduction of the fungus, which prevents the formation of chronic form of thrush. In this article we will look at Atsilakt suppositories, as a remedy against the development of thrush.

  • Pharmacological action of the drug
  • The composition and form of issue
  • Scope
  • How to use Atsilakt?
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Use in pregnancy
  • Counterparts, and reviews

Pharmacological action of the drug

The therapeutic effect of vaginal plugs is achieved due to the impact of the acidophilus bacteria, which possess high antibacterial and antimicrobial action. Lactobacilli destroy pathogens and prevent the spread and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

For information! Atsilakt candles enhance the immune system and metabolize glycogen, which in turn causes lactic acid, which helps to normalize the pH level in the body.

It should be noted, Atsilakt capable as Acipol to normalize the flora in the intestines, fight bacteria overgrowth and to eliminate different diseases related to gynecology.

The composition and form of issue

Manufacturer Atsilakt offers the consumer medicine in several forms of issue:

  • tablets;
  • vaginal suppositories;
  • dry Atsilakt or lyophilisate for preparation of solution for local and oral administration.

For information! Thanks to non-toxic components are the part of candles Atsilakt, they are prescribed for the treatment of various gynecological diseases in women and adolescents.

Regardless of the form of production of each tool contains live Lactobacillus acidophilus. Lactobacilli have beneficial effects on the body women, because strains of these bacteria include vitamins, plastic products and minerals, which are present in dairy products. Candles can contain additional auxiliary substances, presented in the form:

  • emulsifier;
  • solid fat;
  • paraffin.

Such a composition of the suppository allows you to evenly distribute the dry culture of Lactobacillus acidophilus in the body. Tablets may be additional components, in appearance they have yellow or gray color, and suppositories are torpedo shape of white color. Candles have a smell, which gives them a solid confectionery fat in their composition.

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Indications Atsilakt wide enough, for example, this tool can be used for:

  • treatment of infections of the oral cavity;
  • treatment of genital infections in women (thrush, inflammation);
  • treatment of disorders of the digestive system;
  • the prevention of septic inflammation;
  • prepare women for labor and prevent the formation of suppurative inflammatory processes;
  • treatment of urogenital infections (herpes, gonorrhea).

For information! Atsilakt instruction manual has different approaches and methods of use, which depend on the form of release of the drug.

Before beginning the therapy using this drug is recommended to consult with your doctor and explore the abstract.

How to use Atsilakt?

Pharmaceutical form the tablets involves receiving 1 dose of Lactobacillus 40 minutes before meals 3 times a day. It is worth noting the composition of the drug allows its use in infants in acute inflammatory processes in the dosage in 3 doses for 1 admission. If a child has difficulties with taking the pills Atsilakt, it can be assigned to therapy with drug Acipol, which has a special children’s release form. In the treatment of infections of the oral cavity the dosage of the tablets is the same for both children and adults.

For information! Atsilakt during menstruation is forbidden to use, because mucus and blood completely cover the walls of the vagina, which eliminates the ability of the lactobacilli to gain a foothold and neutralise the virus or fungus.

For the treatment of thrush in women using candles. According to the instructions for use in gynecology suppositories Atsilakt it is recommended to introduce 1 suppository vaginally 1 time per day. Course of treatment lasts 10 days, then you need to take a break for 20 days and repeat the treatment again. Atsilakt when menstruation can be assigned in the form of pills or treatment can be performed after the end of menstruation. This is because during menstruation the uterus is open and there is a high risk of infection or fungus. Girls are not sexually active, candles administered rectally. It is recommended to introduce the suppository before going to sleep, and to enhance the therapeutic effect can be combined pill or a lyophilisate. Compatibility Atsilakt with other drugs related to antiviral, immunomodulatory, and antimicrobial, is possible under condition of taking them orally. But with the antibiotics it is also not recommended to treat.

Important! Atsilakt and alcohol strictly forbidden, the products of ethanol can cause irreversible internal processes. Allowed alcohol for 24 hours prior to therapy.

Contraindications and side effects

Side effects of the drug can cause allergies to Atsilakt. Contraindications of notes the prohibition of the use of medication with strong form vulvovaginal candidiasis as a basic therapeutic tool.

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Use in pregnancy

Due to the non-toxic composition of the drug candles Atsilakt during pregnancy and other forms of production of medicines can be applied. Lactobacilli are not able to harm the fetus and health of the woman. Feedback from women, during pregnancy, there is a greater risk of developing thrush and education of dysbiosis vagina. Such a violation can cause complications during labor, can cause long-term healing of sutures and infect the newborn.

For information! The use of Atsilakt during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on women’s health and prepares the vagina for childbirth. Lactobacilli sanitize the vaginal walls, normalize the microflora, eliminate minor damage, which leads to the best stretch fabrics.

Reviews of women who used candles Atsilakt as the preparatory means to leave enough positive. The drug is rather quickly eliminated the unpleasant sensation of the vagina, caused by dysbiosis.

Counterparts, and reviews

Analogues Atsilakt quite a lot, absolutely all of these preparations contain Lactobacillus, which have a therapeutic effect. For example, Acipol also contains strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus. It should be noted that the tool Acipol prescribed for the treatment of thrush and normalize intestinal flora.

How much is Atsilakt? The cost of this tool is $ 5, and Acipol from 3.5 to 5, depending on the pharmacy network.

Reviews on the treatment are mostly good.

Anna, 37 years:

In the period of change of season I have all the time acute candidiasis, tried many different means. In the last visit to the doctor prescribed me candles Atsilakt at night, and the solution in the morning. Was treated for 20 days and parallel to the vitamins already on day 2 was better. The drug is excellent and safe.

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Victoria, 23 years:

After severe stress I had vaginal candidiasis, was treated with expensive drugs, the symptoms are off and on some time it became easier, and then the fungus came back again. The gynecologist has appointed candles Atsilakt, already on the 4th day I felt relieved, went itching and unpleasant discharge. I was pleased with the drug for 3 months nothing disturbs me.

Preparations made on the basis of acidophilic lactobacilli that can quickly and safely eliminate yeast infections, including thrush, as well as to normalize the intestinal microflora. Due to the non-toxic active ingredients Atsilakt can be used during pregnancy.

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