Candle Lactosorb and instructions for their use: the analogues

Candle Lectonar: output form and the drug

The surest remedy for thrush is to prevent the change in the number of lactobacilli in the microflora. With this handle candle Lactodorum, which include components that prevent the growth of bacteria pathogenic microflora. To use suppositories as a treatment for vulvovaginal candidiasis is not the right decision, as thrush is the only direct limitation for the use of medication.

  • Composition, form release
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Lactosorb and thrush
  • Analogues

Composition, form release

Manufacturers offer capsules for the vagina. The number of capsules in the jar 14 or 28 units. In addition to the capacity supplied plastic applicator and application instructions.

The preparation included a large number of live lactic acid bacteria, which is the active ingredient. As auxiliary components, there is gelatin, milk sugar, and emulsifier food type (E 572).

Indications and contraindications

Its ingredients successfully cope with the following problems:

  • Acute vaginitis, vaginitis;
  • Trophic disorders of the genital mucosa in postmenstrually period;
  • Prevention of infectious complications after gynecological surgeries;
  • Long-term effects of antibiotics (dysbiosis OGC).


  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis (thrush);
  • Individual intolerance to the components included in the composition of the drug.
  • Lactosorb and thrush

    If prescription drug Lactosorb, the statement clearly indicates the prohibition of the use in thrush. The use of drugs will exacerbate the symptoms. In gynecology this is explained by the fact that the increase in the number of lactobacilli will cause a shift of pH to the acid side. This environment is favorable for reproduction of fungal spores, cure in this case is impossible. Lactosorb does not cure thrush but is ideal for maintaining standards in the number of lactobacilli. In addition, the components included in the drug help in maintaining the immunity, accelerate the recovery processes of the microflora and prevent recurrence of thrush.

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    For therapeutic purposes capsules you need to take 1 piece twice a day for 7 days. Prevention requires 1 capsule at night, the course of treatment 7-14 days. Pregnant women can also apply of Lactosorb for the prevention of candidiasis, but patients up to 18 years the drug is replaced by other vaginal tablets or candles – it all depends on the individual. To introduce the medicine to be using the applicator after each use be sure to rinse with warm soapy water and allow it to dry.

    Important! If issued Lactosorb during pregnancy, the applicator cannot be used, suppositories or capsules are entered by hand.

    Side effects felt only in case of overdose, discloses a reaction similar to allergic reaction: burning, itching in the perineum, swelling of the mucosa of the intimate area. This drug is considered to be as safe as possible, therefore indicated for use for pregnant and nursing moms.


    The medicine is quite expensive, because you can always pick up analogue Lactosorb cheaper. Replace it can the drugs:

    • Atsilakt, including dry;
    • Super lymph;
    • Laktobakterin, including dry;
    • Acafemy.

    Important! If you choose not Lactosorb, analogues of dry-type should be pre-diluted and apply them as a means for irrigation, douching or tampons. To replace one drug for another without a doctor’s recommendation is strictly prohibited.

    In addition, vaginal tablets Lactodorum, which you can see in the photo, not derived, like other candles, is not exposed to body temperature. Therefore, the drug is absorbed completely and no side discharge. However, despite the non-prescription status of pharmacy, to begin self-treatment tool can not – change in the number of lactobacilli in the mucosa of the intimate area will trigger the development of negative pathologies.

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