Candle Depantol: reviews and analogues of the drug from erosion

Candle Depantol: reviews and rules of application

For the treatment of vaginal candidiasis there are many synthetic drugs in pill form, and means directional influence – suppositories and creams. Their range to such a degree vast that to choose the best option difficult. Often in the scheme of treatment included Depantol that help to suppress the reproduction of fungi, have a regenerating and antiseptic effect. Counterparts Depantol represented by the following medicines: Betadine, Gynoflor, Hexicon, Furazolidone, Gynezol, Klion-D, Livarol, Nystatin etc.

  • Depantol: General information about the cure
  • How to apply Depantol?
  • Ointment
  • Analogues of the drug Depantol
  • Reviews of therapy Debartolo

Depantol: General information about the cure

Suppositories for treatment of vaginal candidiasis – is an effective tool that helps you quickly get rid of inflammation and activity of fungi. One suppository contains 100 mg of active substance – dexpanthenol. The composition includes chlorhexidine digluconate, and macrogol.

Note: many women confuse drug Depantol with the drug Depanthenol is a completely different medication. If the first is used for the treatment of candidiasis, the second drug is for the treatment of dermatological diseases.

Chlorhexidine included in the composition of drugs, gives a powerful antibacterial effect, has a negative effect on various fungi and protozoa, many bacteria. Dexpanthenol is a vitamin which belongs to the group, promotes rapid recovery of the mucous membranes.

Depantol candles are recommended for erosion (advisable only in cases when there is a specific pathogenesis pathology), for the treatment of acute and chronic vaginitis, vaginal candidiasis.

Other indications:

  • Sometimes suppositories are prescribed after cauterization of erosion to speed up the regeneration of vagina and uterus;
  • Also prescribed after childbirth, obstetric and gynecological surgery.
  • Cream for the treatment of thrush is not suitable, as it is used for the treatment of eczema, atopic forms of dermatitis, for treatment of wound surfaces after surgery, the treatment of fractures of the mammary glands during lactation. You can use if there are fungal infections of the skin.

    Contraindication to the use of organic intolerance to drugs in General or its subsidiary components. Side effects are very rare. Only some patients complain of burning and itching after insertion of the suppository.

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    How to apply Depantol?

    Treatment signs doctor. It is due to the age of the patient, existing clinical signs, concomitant diseases and other aspects. The dosage is determined individually.

    Application features candles from thrush:

    • Candles are inserted into the vagina to average depth;
    • Per day dosage is 1-2 candle;
    • The duration of the therapeutic course of 10 days;
    • Of necessity the treatment can be extended to 20 days.

    Important: suppositories is permissible to use during menstruation, as their active substances retain their activity. But ideally, treatment should start immediately after the critical days.

    During pregnancy candles can be used to be used on the background of breastfeeding. The product does not contain chemical components that could harm the mother and the child. Note, to conceive a means of directly does not help. However, if the cause of reproductive disorders is the fungus, the use of the drug is fully justified.

    Before you enter suppositories from candidiasis, certainly are hygienic measures. Thus it is strictly forbidden to use ordinary soap. Use the one that purchased at a pharmacy. After cleaning the genitals wiped with a dry cloth. You should ensure that no residues of soap, chlorhexidine with it not working.


    Depantol cream used for the treatment of fungal infections of the skin. The ointment is used exclusively externally. The drug substance is applied on the affected area, after you need to gently RUB. Under the bandage the drug does not apply.

    After using the gel recommended is good to wash your hands. If the agent designated for treatment of the breast before feeding the child should thoroughly wash the area that was applied to the tool.

    Instruction manual says that for the treatment of fungal infection in the course is determined individually. It all depends on the area affected, clinical manifestations, etc. of important nuances. Suppositories can be purchased at the pharmacy, the price is about 8$, the cream costs about 3-5$.

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    Analogues of the drug Depantol

    If the patient due to the use of candles there is itching, burning, it may be the reason for the cancellation of the medicine. Medication to replace other drugs of similar effect. They are not cheap, but effective.

    Fact: self buying cheaper counterpart may not give the desired result, lead to progression of fungal infection with all its attendant complications.

    Consider effective alternatives:

  • The tool has many indications, including treatment of fungus on the skin. Applied a thin layer to the affected area, leave until completely absorbed, no need to RUB. Smear twice a day. The duration of treatment is determined individually, may vary from 1 to 4-5 months. For reviews effect is observed after 1-2 weeks of daily use.
  • Betadine due to its universal composition struggling with a yeast-like fungi, viruses, protozoa microorganisms, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Usually prescribed one candle per day, the duration of therapy is 7 days. Of necessity, the course is prolonged, and the dosage increased to two candles.
  • Povidone is a medicine that destroys fungi, dermatophytes. Helps to cure yeast infection for one course. Assign the introduction of one suppository before bedtime, the course of therapy varies from 7 to 10 days. Can provoke adverse reactions – hyperemia of the mucous membranes of the vagina, itching, burning, foreign body sensation (in the first few minutes after drug administration).
  • Furazolidone is a medicine, the therapeutic effect which is the dosage. In small doses helps to suppress the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, higher dose destroys parasitic fungi. The tool is available in tablets. The dose for an adult 100-400 mg per day.
  • The opinion of doctors about candlelight Depantol positive, as the performance of the funds is confirmed not only by words in the abstract, but also «live» examples in various clinical pictures.

    Reviews of therapy Debartolo

    Reviews on Depantol candlesticks good medicine helps to cure yeast infection. Its value is consistent with the therapeutic result.

    Review by Marina 44

    I was prescribed suppositories Depantol after cauterization of erosion. The feeling I tell you, just terrible. Literally 1 minute after the introduction of candles, I felt a strong burning sensation, which continued for two hours. I feel so bad never had. The next time the same thing happened. The result of the 20 candles «spent» only 8 pieces. Just physically could not bring myself to use. Went to the doctor, prescribed a different drug. Had no such problems. Probably I was not lucky.

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    Review from Valeria 25 years

    I had terrible thrush, all scratched, the selection plentiful, not even enough daily strip, constant discomfort. The gynecologist has appointed Depantol twice a day – morning and evening. Treatment beginning in the evening, the discomfort was not side effects whatsoever. But the morning after, as expected, lay 30 minutes, then got up and all emerged. The course was held to the end, but the morning of the procedure was useless, because nothing stayed inside. Read the reviews, it’s not just me. As for the result, the thrush went away.

    Review from Alexandra 29 years

    Appointed Depantol and Betadine from yeast. Plus to take fluconazole tablets to be sure to get rid of this infection. Candles no discomfort is not caused, except for leakage, and do not burn, do not pinch, do not irritate. Tests after the treatment showed a negative result. Now three months have passed, my constantly aggravating the yeast infection no more worries.

    Depantol and analogues of the drug is a highly effective medication with a wide range of applications, including from vaginal candidiasis. For self-use should take into account the likelihood of allergic reactions. Medication, as shown by the reviews, is not for everyone.

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