Candle Course vaginal: instructions for use

The composition of the candles the Course and instructions for use

Thrush – a disease familiar to many women. Characteristic symptoms: unpleasant odor, burning and cheesy discharge from the vagina. Is it possible to use for the treatment of a candle a Course and how effectively the tool helps? The acute, especially that candle with Lactobacillus – a low-cost drug, sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

  • Description, composition, effect of the drug
  • Indications for use
  • Instructions for use, dosage
  • Contraindications, drug analogues
  • The course and thrush
  • Reviews

Description, composition, effect of the drug

Laktobakterin – tool with a high concentration of live lactobacilli, producyruemy lactic acid and having increased activity against pathogenic bacteria. In particular, in terms of the «bad» bacteria include staphylococci, Proteus, enteropathogenic E. coli. In addition, the drug normalizes activity of the digestive tract, and helps to restore immunity and improves metabolic process.

Vaginal suppositories with lactic acid bacteria responsible for the metabolism of glycogen of vaginal epithelium in the vagina to lactic acid, maintaining a pH level of 3.8 to 4.2. The increase in pH contributes to the destruction ciclocontrol pathogens, thereby increasing resistance of the organism.

In the preparation composition is not only lactobacilli but also excipients that increase the efficiency of glycogen metabolism. One suppository may contain up to 10 million of Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is equivalent to one dose. Manufacturers produce packaging that contains up to 10 cartridges and vials with a specified composition and powder for suspension preparation/solution for irrigation. Attached instructions for use, which can be specified dosage of the drug in the ampoule, for example, in one vial up to 3 doses.

The effect of the drug describes the instructions for use. All based on high content of live lactic acid bacteria, inhibit the active growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, the process starts almost immediately after the introduction of candles. The treatment Course is determined individually, often the therapy includes additional drugs that accelerate the process of getting rid of thrush.

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Indications for use

Being a natural substance, the composition is prescribed to patients in the following cases:

  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract of different etiology (including in children with first weeks of life);
  • Inflammatory processes in the urogenital system: thrush, genital herpes, chlamydia, vaginosis;
  • The elective gynecological surgery to prevent postoperative complications;
  • Prenatal preparation of pregnant women to prevent the development of vaginal dysbiosis.
  • Instructions for use, dosage

    In various inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system should be applied no more than 1 suppository twice a day. The duration of treatment up to 10 days. If disturbed, the purity of the vagina during pregnancy, are appointed by 1-2 candles vaginally within 5-10 days, but if necessary the course may be extended by the doctor until the complete disappearance of signs of impurity. In order to prevent purulent-septic pathology instruction manual recommends to put no more than 1 candle per day. A course of treatment for up to 10 days.

    Important! Lactobacilli are indispensable in the period of rehabilitation after the treatment of thrush. To normalize the microflora should be suppositories twice a day for 10 days. Total treatment is up to 4 months between doses of the drug to 20 days. Before taking you need to consult with a specialist to design individual regimens.

    Contraindications, drug analogues

    In relation to children of any age instructions for use of the drug prohibits the giving Laktobakterin patients with Candida and avoid taking a tablet form of medication to 7-8 years. In relation to adult patients, there are following limitations in the application of dosage forms:

    • The presence of fungal microorganisms (Candida). The drug is possible only after the fungus is cured, to restore the microflora on lactic acid bacteria;
    • Individual intolerance of the drug.

    Important! Despite the fact that the instruction manual permits to give the drug to children, consult a pediatrician!

    During pregnancy and lactation Course only accepted according to individual indications. When prescribed for the treatment of candles is allowed simultaneously to take antibacterial, antiviral, immunomodulatory drugs, and chemotherapy. Side effects from this drug are extremely rare. In strictly individual cases, there may be Allergy: burning, redness of the genitals.

    Important! Strictly forbidden to use candles with broken packaging and/or having a distinct flavor of rancid oil.

    In gynecology can be replaced by readings Laktobakterin other medicinal compounds. Analogues: Atsilakt, Lactosorb, Acafemy.

    The course and thrush

    The use in obstetrics of the Course for the treatment of thrush does not give the desired effect, despite the ability of the composition to reduce and eliminate bacterial backdrop that contribute to the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, physicians are advised to use either the equivalent, or combining the drug with other medications. But after the cure of yeast infection, the use of candles can not be avoided – they are perfect for restoring the microflora. As therapy prescribed Lactobacterin and Bifidumbacterin. Both drugs contain a part of the symbiotic against each other substances reinforcing the therapeutic effect. Usually the Course is applied in the first half of the day, because the need for probiotics in this period much higher, and the phase of colonial explication of lactic acid bacteria in the organs of the urogenital sphere takes a long time.

    Bifidumbakterin used in a joint reception in the evening. The period is characterized by high activity of the life cycle of putrefactive bacteria and bifidobacteria immediately «off to work», contributing to the destruction of the negative elements.

    General medical studies confirm the feasibility of simultaneous administration of drugs with the time division. Choosing, or Lactobacterin Bifidumbacterin, it is better to consult a doctor about the possibilities of joint use of drugs.


    Galina, 35 years:

    Called for trouble in the form of thrush. Treated candles the Course with antifungal drug. After treatment left the candles (on the advice of the doctor) was surprised. Moreover, that was a yeast infection, and normalized stool, and generally feeling better.

    Catherine, 28 years

    The course I bought for myself (candles vaginal), put if you suspect thrush during pregnancy. 10 days course on 2 candles and everything vanished. Good and cheap cure. A natural way, improves the immune system, she is satisfied.

    Julia, 30 years:

    A couple of years ago the whole face covered with acne along the way, caught a cold, and began itching, burning in genital organs. Thought, cystitis, cutting the course of their medicines, not helping. Gynecologist prescribed Course and another couple of drugs. Candle morning-evening, to do for 10 days. Such effects are not expected: no sign of thrush, his appetite gone and constipation, and acne even memories left. It turns out that the Course has a lot of positive moments, besides after treatment of yeast infection restores the balance of the mucosa.

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