Candidiasis of the pharynx in the adult: the symptoms and treatment of thrush

Symptoms of candidiasis in the throat: diagnosis and treatment

Candidiasis or thrush can be localized in different places and affect different organs. We often meet with thrush of the oral cavity or genitals, but sometimes a fungal infection can affect the throat. A yeast infection of the throat is most often diagnosed in young children and older adults. About treatment and symptoms of this disease, we will tell in our article.

  • The causes of the disease
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Complications
  • Treatment

The causes of the disease

When the fungus penetrates into the mucosa, there is a disease called candidiasis. Most often disease occurs on the background of reduced immunity. But there are other predisposing factors. These include the following:

  • a serious infectious disease;
  • long-term treatment with antibacterial drugs of wide spectrum;
  • chemotherapy;
  • Oncology;
  • HIV infection and AIDS;
  • radiation therapy;
  • reduced immunity due to stress;
  • fatigue;
  • hypothermia;
  • treatment with glucocorticosteroids and cytostatics;
  • diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Most often, thrush in the throat of a child diagnosed at the age of 1-3 years old due to immaturity of the respiratory system and pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. No less than children susceptible to this disease the elderly because they have reduced immunity and low speed tissue regeneration. The Mature men and women thrush in the larynx can occur when secondary immunodeficiency on the background of cancer or HIV.

The disease can occur acutely or have a slow character with frequent relapses in the presence of favorable conditions for propagation of mushrooms. Tactics of treatment of this disease is directly related to the localization of the infection (a common injury to human body or local).

A yeast infection in the throat may appear for the following reasons:

  • The natural balance of microflora in the oral cavity can be broken because of a sore throat, adenoids or tooth decay. In this case, favorable conditions for reproduction of the fungus.
  • Often the Candida of the nasal passages, nasopharynx and throat occurs on the background of autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus, obstruction of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Long-term use of antidepressants and hormonal drugs has an adverse effect on the immune system, and cause reproduction of fungi.
  • The fungus can begin to develop rapidly during severe exhaustion which can occur due to prolonged fasting, sitting on a diet during heavy physical labor, anorexia and mental overexertion.
  • Signs of fungal infections in the mouth can occur following chemical or thermal burns.
  • Thrush can be transmitted by contact from an infected person through shared household items, toys and towels.
  • Babies can be infected from the mother during birth or afterwards during breast-feeding.
  • Thrush is transmitted during kissing or oral sex.
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    Candidiasis of the throat the symptoms of the disease may appear weak. Most patients complain of General weakness and fatigue. The fungus is the reason that an adult and child, decreased appetite, a decrease in body mass. In this disease, the body temperature usually remains within normal limits, and in some patients it may even be reduced. Often the symptoms of the inflammatory process a very long time does not occur, and the discomfort people associate with fatigue or seasonal changes.

    To understand how the fungus in the throat, easy on the photo. As a rule, these are whitish spots or small white patches on the tonsils. It becomes the reason for seeking medical attention, as patients at the initial stage no more worries. In babies, the disease can manifest itself not only in the form of plaque, but also in the form of plaques or thin whitish stripes. The size of the spots and the affected area directly associated with the stage of disease.

    Important! Often candidiasis throat may be accompanied by erosions of the mucous membrane.

    Sometimes in this form of fungal infection in the child becomes difficult to swallow due to the emergence at this moment of pain. Each patient’s set of symptoms can vary. But even if one of them need to see a doctor.

    Among the characteristic symptoms of this disease is the following:

    • loose white coating on the throat, the tonsils and the sky;
    • the mucous membrane can be used to detect cracks, bubbles and reddish spots of erosion;
    • dry, sore and itchy throat;
    • in the tissues of the tonsils can be seen candidal tube;
    • pain in the throat;
    • tissue necrosis;
    • the swelling of mucous (by the way, a yeast infection in your nose can cause considerable nasal congestion);
    • sometimes zaedy in the corners of the mouth can be a symptom of yeast infection of the throat (these cracks heal poorly and very ill in the mouth opening).
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    Fungal infection in the throat rarely leads to the formation of a characteristic of traffic jams in the tonsils. Usually it’s not tube, and the usual clumps of infectious particles, waste products of metabolism of the fungus and dead cells.

    Attention! It is not recommended to produce self-destruction of Candida tubes. This can lead to suppurative processes.


    At survey of a throat doctor found on the tonsils white patches or individual whitish-yellow plaques. After examination and medical history of the patient should be tested. Be sure to do a General blood test to identify associated disease of the disease.

    In addition, if the patient revealed the candidiasis of the pharynx or throat, he needs to pass the following tests:

    • Conducted bacterioscopic and bacteriological examination of smear from throat. Using this method can not only accurately identify the causative agent, but also to assess its sensitivity to medications.
    • The patient is doing immunogram to assess the condition of the protective forces of the body.

    At diagnosis, it is necessary to differentiate thrush from a bacterial pharyngitis, fusospirochetosis and diphtheria.


    If a person has fungus in his throat, and treatment is either not carried out, or the therapy was not effective enough, the patient may face progressive damage and destruction of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and mouth. In the surface epithelium of the sores appear. Penetrate these places a secondary bacterial infection occurs repeated inflammation and formation of abscesses and ulcers. The disease is so complicated that the patient requires hospitalization.

    A yeast infection of throat may spread to other areas of the respiratory system and then there is candidiasis of the nose, nasopharynx, lower respiratory and even the digestive tract. If a person has a severely weakened immune system, the disease becomes generalized infection, which is similar to sepsis. If time does not have an effective cure in the hospital, then the person may die.


    To effectively treat the disease, therapy should be aimed at restoring the integrity of the mucous membrane of the throat, as well as a decrease in the activity of fungal infection. It is important to prevent infection in the digestive tract. The doctor will prescribe medications to improve the body’s defenses and normalization of immunity.

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    Treatment of candidiasis should be comprehensive:

  • If the patient takes antibiotics, they cancel, to be able to normalize the microflora of the mucosa.
  • Always be imposed antifungal drugs overall effect.
  • Is local treatment of the affected mucous membrane. Usually prescribe special creams and gels for lubrication of the locations of infection.
  • Adjust the immune system. Prescribers of interferon to increase the resistance of cells to attack infectious agents.
  • Restoration of beneficial microflora in the intestine is important not only for protection from fungal infection, but also to enhance the resilience of the human body.
  • Adult patients is also appointed anti-fungal drugs in tablets, for example, Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, Diflucan, Flucostat, etc. They prevent the proliferation of fungi of the genus Candida and reduce their concentration in the flora of the mucous membranes.

    Local treatment of children and adults is usually carried out using Lugol’s solution that is diluted before use in a 10-percent solution of borax. Prepared means you must treat the damaged mucous membranes. Also use gargle with antiseptic solutions or Chlorhexidine Miramistina.

    Tip! To enhance the therapeutic effect of polianovich antibiotics, for example Nystatin, pill need to chew and not swallowing for a few minutes to hold in his mouth. The effectiveness of therapy will be higher, the longer you can keep the mush from the drugs in his mouth.

    In order to avoid candidiasis of the mouth and throat, it is necessary to treat inflammatory diseases of respiratory tract and nasopharynx. Definitely need to take care of the strength of immunity, to monitor the condition of the teeth and not to exceed the duration of antibiotic therapy.

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