Candide — drops for newborns: application instructions

Drops Candide — instructions for use of the drug

Fungi of the genus Candida appear familiar inhabitants of the mucous membranes of a person. In small quantities they pose no threat. But under the influence of negative factors ways to actively proliferate, causing thrush. It also affects children. The complexity of treatment in newborns consists in the choice of drug that should be effective and safe simultaneously. One of these is Candide for the children. Before using the medication you should consult with your pediatrician about the appropriateness of the application.

  • General information on cure Candida
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Instructions for use of the drug Candida
  • Possible side effects
  • The reviews on the drug candid

General information on cure Candida

Candide – local remedy antifungal nature. Available in several dosage forms. In pediatric practice, in most cases, administered in the form of drops. The cost depends on method of production and volume of packaging, ranging from 1 to 5$.

Features of drugs depending on method of production:

  • Drops Candide should be used for the treatment of lesions of the fungal nature of the skin. The main active substance having a biological activity against fungi Candida – clotrimazole. In addition as connecting components include glycerin and propylene glycol. The drug is sold in small containers, it is recommended to store at temperatures below 25 degrees. In appearance, medium viscous consistency, is transparent, has no peculiar smell;
  • The powder is applied as powder or diluted in regular water. Used for the treatment of candidiasis in the oral cavity, in the genital area. The main ingredient is clotrimazole. As auxiliary substances on the packaging indicate talc, corn starch, silicon dioxide. Looks like a fine powder with small grains;
  • Cream Candida applied solely externally, you can use of yeast infection in newborn baby. The main active ingredient similar to other forms of production. Accessories – wax, mineral oil, paraffin, purified normal water. Consistency – creamy mass.

Important: a valid tool to use for the treatment of thrush in newborns, but the user specified an age requirement of 2 years of age. Therefore, the application is carried out only under medical supervision.

Drug sold over the counter. Its purchase does not require a prescription. The price depends on method of production and margins the pharmacy network.

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Indications and contraindications

In accordance with official instructions for use, it is advisable to use a Candide for children in the following clinical pictures:

  • Multi-colored lichen.
  • Athlete’s foot and folds.
  • A superficial form of yeast infection.
  • Vulvitis, Candida balanitis character.
  • Diaper dermatitis.
  • From what else apply the medication? Candide for newborns you can use on the background disease, which is oral in nature.

    The tool is not recommended for use in organic intolerance of clotrimazole and other auxiliary substances in the composition. Many moms use the tool without the advice of a physician. It is dangerous. The child’s body can respond to an allergic reaction. In the best case, there is rash and redness of the skin, in the worst – angioedema.

    It is impossible to apply the solution to areas of the skin, if the violation of its integrity:

    • Sores;
    • Scratches;
    • Sores;
    • Bleeding.

    Important: the simultaneous use of Nystatin, Amphotericin b and Candida for newborns, the latter drug significantly reduced the effectiveness of clotrimazole, respectively, its application is useless.

    Instructions for use of the drug Candida

    Candide for the treatment of thrush in newborns is used in different ways. It all depends on the method of production of a drug.

    The use of the solution. Should be applied on a cotton swab a few drops of the drug, treat the affected cavity in your mouth. On the surface 5-6 cm use about 5-10 drops. A solution of Candide is applied every day, with multiplicity two times a day.

    It is noted that the improvement is observed on the fourth day of the therapeutic course. However, the achieved result is not recommended, the mildew will quickly return. Since visible symptoms are gone, the solution in the prevention of thrush in your mouth is used for two weeks.

    Instead of a ready solution acceptable to use a powder. Application features:

  • To dissolve in a glass of water and 5 mg of powder. Shake well.
  • Apply to the affected areas via a cotton swab 3-4 times a day.
  • During treatment, you can not skip the processing of the affected area. For elimination of fungus important regularity.
  • The duration of the therapeutic course is 4 weeks.
  • Worth knowing: if the solution of the mixture is applied to the external area of the skin, previously washed with soap and wipe dry.

    To treat fungal rash is recommended after breast-feeding. To exclude re-infection or failure mom’s breast to lubricate the nipple with a solution of Candida. Manipulation is carried out twice a day in between feeding.

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    How to apply cream? The product is applied to the affected area of the skin. The course of treatment is always determined individually, depending on the severity of symptoms and extent of skin lesions of the patient.
    It should be noted that the solution and dilute the powder in water, is strictly prohibited to take inside. Antifungal medication must be used exclusively for outdoor use.

    The average course of treatment a newborn baby is 2 weeks. In some situations, it lasts up to 4 weeks inclusive. If there is no pronounced therapeutic effect, the vehicle overturned appoint counterparts for infants.

    Possible side effects

    Based on numerous reviews you can approve that on the second day of treatment the progression of disease is slowed down, the fourth day – with a noticeable pronounced effect of the therapy. There is a good portability.

    Treatment of newborns is carried out with extreme caution. The immature child’s body may not accept the medicine, thereby developing side effects:

    • Burning sensation in the mouth;
    • The amplification of the inflammatory processes;
    • Itching, showing the mucosa in the oral cavity;
    • The disruption of the digestive tract;
    • Vomiting, diarrhea (if ingested solution).

    If you use cream develop skin manifestations in the form of urticaria, itching and burning of skin, redness. There is often erythema. Under these signs should be carry out hygiene procedures clean water. Then be sure to show the baby the doctor.

    The reviews on the drug candid

    Thrush – a common phenomenon among small children. To insure against development of the disease impossible. After analyzing a large amount of information, we can conclude that Candide for kids – effective, and safe tool that quickly cope with the problem.

    Feedback from mothers after treatment Candida:

  • Marina is 38 years old. I have a third child when the baby appeared white coating on the tongue, I immediately went for the drug Candida. To be honest, no club soda will not match the efficiency of this medication. Quickly and easily removes white deposits and leaves no bleeding, the baby is not hurt. The drug is bitter, the child is severely twisted during handling of the mouth. All the advice, but use only on the advice of a pediatrician.
  • Katya is 25. With stomatitis daughter met in the first days of life. I can only assume that they gave at the hospital when I was feeding formula from a bottle. As treatment the doctor recommend an application of baking soda and powder Candida. The effect of treatment was not long to wait. It took two weeks to completely get rid of thrush. It is important that the drug is used very economically.
  • Jeanne 26 years. I noticed, toddler small white patches in the mouth. At first I thought that this is the remains of milk. But just a couple of days they covered the whole tongue plaque appeared on her cheeks. We quickly went to the doctor who recommended Candide for kids, and told how to use it properly. Used according to instructions, help. In addition treated with soda all the toys, to exclude re-infection. No side effects were not.
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    In conclusion, it should be noted that many moms really confuse thrush with a touch of milk. Very easy to distinguish. If you wipe out the milk, then the mucous will be normal colors, if the film were the consequence of candidiasis will manifest redness, a running case, ulcers.

    Candide is a good drug that is approved by doctors and many of the moms. However, without the advice of medical professionals is not recommended. Perhaps it is in specific situations where it is inappropriate.

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