Candidal vaginitis in men: symptoms and treatment of the disease

What is candidal vaginitis: symptoms and treatment

Candidal vaginitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina, which affects the cervix and the vulva, the causative agent is the fungus Candida. The disease belongs to the category of sexually transmitted pathologies. Obesity in men is not diagnosed because it is an exclusively female disease. However during sexual intercourse with the patient’s partner a man can become infected with pathogenic microflora, which leads to the carriage. If talking about the development of specific colpitis caused by Ureaplasma or gonorrhea, then get a man.

  • What is candidal colpitis?
  • What’s the difference between yeast infection from Candida vaginitis?
  • Symptoms of obesity in men and women
  • Signs of vaginitis in women
  • How to cure Candida colpitis?
  • Treatment of women

What is candidal colpitis?

Women are diagnosed not only General pathology, but the specific disease, due to physiological characteristics. Obesity occurs due to various factors found in women, children and men.

Normal vaginal flora consists of microorganisms:

  • Candida;
  • Streptococci;
  • Staphylococci;
  • Lactobacillus.

These opportunistic bacteria maintain a normal vaginal flora.

When you see the influence of the harmful factors, reduction of beneficial bacteria, this leads to growth of pathogenic microflora, thereby developing an abnormal processes, including thrush.

Thrush – an inflammatory process that attacks the cervix. Can be mild or severe, occurs in chronic and acute form. The symptoms expressed in the acute period, in the chronic form, some erased.

Candidal vaginitis in men not diagnosed, is caused by features of the male structure. However, sexual contact with a sick partner for men threat. Female disorder is not transmitted directly, but is transmitted opportunistic pathogens, with the consequence that man becomes contagious.

Important: statistics notes that infectious urethritis in men develops due to the penetration of bacteria that cause candidal vaginitis in women. The risk group also includes people aged 25-40 years.

Some girls have revealed an allergic form of vaginitis, which is the body’s response to use of barrier contraception – condoms.

What’s the difference between yeast infection from Candida vaginitis?

Microflora of healthy women has hundreds of different microorganisms, which, because its activities support optimal balance. If you have negative factors, their number increases or decreases, which leads to the development of the pathological process.

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Women’s microflora is constantly changing. In some situations this is normal, others pathological. Natural physiological changes are based on the age, hormonal background, the menstrual cycle. The deviation is caused by disruption of the immune and hormonal systems.

Colpitis and thrush are different are not the same diseases. Differences depending on the causative agent are the following points:

  • Obesity in women is triggered by specific pathogens – Candida, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and non – Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Trichomonas, gonococcus.
  • Thrush is fungal in nature, the pathogen is the Candida or Monilia.
  • Monilia is a type of thrush, develops as a result of the pathogenic effect of the fungus Monilia. In comparison with the yeast infection caused by Candida albicans, Monilia is extremely rare.

    The difference between the diseases is the nature of the flow:

    • Obesity in men in principle can not be. The only thing – the person becomes a carrier, can transmit the disease to sexual partners. Flows in most cases asymptomatic, but can transform into infectious urethritis;
    • Obesity in women of a specific nature occurs on the background of inflammation of the vagina, there is a sharp decrease in the number of lactobacilli, or they are replaced by pathogenic fungi;
    • Colpitis of non-specific nature depends on the causative agent, the clinical manifestations are extremely extensive;
    • Thrush disturb the vaginal flora, characterised by the rapid growth of pathogens that can infect the mucous membranes and surrounding tissue.

    In a nutshell, the differences of yeast infection of vaginitis that pathology is the result of deterioration of the immune system, and the second disease is caused by a somatic disease who have acute or chronic form.

    Worth knowing: colpitis and thrush are alike in that both have the same shape of the flow – acute and chronic deep.

    Symptoms of obesity in men and women

    Symptoms of obesity in men arise far not at once as soon as he got the infection. In some situations, pathology for a long period of time makes itself felt. So, knowing what is vaginitis, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the pathological process.

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    Symptoms of infectious urethritis in men:

  • In the process of urination is observed.
  • Periodically experiencing pain in the pubic area.
  • Difficulty going to the toilet, sometimes acute retention of urine.
  • Purulent discharge in some cases can be traced blood streaks.
  • In the morning it seems that the urethra sticking together.
  • Sometimes the representatives of the stronger sex is manifested complete symptomatic complex, and sometimes there are several isolated symptoms. The severity of clinical manifestations caused by the pathogen, duration of infection, the immune system and other factors. I should say that for this pathology is never increased temperature.

    If a man with chronic candidal vaginitis, the symptoms subside completely or partially, almost not worried. However, over time develop complications such as acute prostatitis or cystitis.

    Signs of vaginitis in women

    One of the symptoms of a yeast infection or vaginitis, are difficult to define. Test is conducted by the doctor based on the laboratory test results. There are many causative agents of vaginitis, resulting picture is much different.

    Women complain of the following symptoms:

    • Pain in the lower abdomen;
    • Rich and thick vaginal discharge. Have a cheesy consistency and unpleasant smell;
    • Severe itching and burning occur both inside and outside the genital organs;
    • In the process of urination occurs pain syndrome, pain;
    • Swelling of the external genitalia.

    Due to the above symptoms a lot of women have disturbed sleep, manifested by insomnia, they become irritable and anxious, there are signs of emotional lability. The symptoms and treatment of pathologies linked. Therapy is only administered after the establishment of the pathogen. Necessarily determined by the parasitic susceptibility of the microorganism to the drug.

    Ignoring the treatment leads to chronic form. Aggravation occur up to 5 times a year, while their duration varies from several weeks to a couple months.

    Important: no treatment is fraught with the spread of infection to internal organs that may cause infertility.

    How to cure Candida colpitis?

    How to treat vaginitis explain doctor. The treatment of obesity in men depends on the type of the causative agent of inflammation. The choice of drugs, dosage form, dosage and frequency of admission is the prerogative of the doctor.

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    Men prescribed drugs:

  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics treatment (Tetracycline).
  • Erythromycin (if the pathogen gonococcus).
  • Metronidazole to get rid of Trichomonas.
  • Candidiasis antifungal drugs – Clotrimazole, Nystatin, etc.
  • If the pathogens chlamydia, then prescribe medication from the group of macrolides.
  • When the herpes virus is recommended antiviral medications (Acyclovir).
  • Man during treatment should abandon sexual relations, to comply with diet, to avoid eating alcoholic beverages.

    Treatment of women

    Because the disease is caused by disorders of the internal environment of the body, it is necessary to conduct not only antifungal therapy, but also to eliminate the precipitating factor. The choice of medication depends on the sensitivity of fungi to the drugs.

    Prescribe medications aimed at suppressing the active reproduction of pathogenic flora (Ketoconazole, Clotrimazole). Surely supplemented by local therapy with drugs in the form of suppositories – Hexicon.

    Treatment of candidal vaginitis include:

    • The vitamin complexes consisting of Biotin;
    • Douching with an antiseptic solution (Miramistin);
    • If joined by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed;
    • To restore the microflora of the necessary probiotics.

    Women are also encouraged Wellness food. It should be noted that therapy must go to the end, even if the symptoms disappeared in the first days of treatment. The disease tends to recur, so it is advisable to repeat the course six months later.

    In conclusion, we note that without the doctor’s advice is not recommended to self-medicate. The probability of a positive outcome is extremely low, it is possible to cause substantial harm to your health.

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