Can HPV disappear and fall off

Can papilloma themselves to fade or fall off?

Benign growths on the skin and mucous membranes of a person referred to as papillomas. They often appear on the neck, in the armpits and on the genitals. The reason for their appearance lies in the infection of human papillomavirus (HPV). Sometimes warts go away on their own. We will look at why this happens, and whether a harmless growth to regenerate in malignant education.

  • Can HPV disappear by themselves?
  • Can a papilloma to develop into the deadly disease cancer?
  • The reasons for forking papillomas

Can HPV disappear by themselves?

Doctors long ago gave the answer to the question of whether papillomas disappear by themselves? The answer is Yes they can. And warts, and papillomas can undergo independently. These tumors often appear after stress and pass on their own after a day at sea. Some people they disappear after a few years without any treatment. Other patients noted the periodic appearance and drops these tumors. This can happen every few months or weeks.

Now that we know whether the HPV to pass remains to understand why this happens. The papillomas themselves may disappear due to the own efforts of the human immune system. Their appearance and growth is directly related to the condition of immunity. If the body’s defenses in order, HPV can be eliminated by the immune system almost immediately after penetration into the body.

If, after the occurrence and prolonged exposure to the skin or mucous papilloma disappeared by itself, it means that a previously weakened immune system is strong enough and able to cope with HPV. Pass she can in such cases:

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  • Often the disappearance of these growths observed during puberty. This is because in childhood the immature immune system is not able to resist the virus of the person, but then in the period of hormonal surge, she stepped up and eliminated the virus. In this case, the growths resolve themselves within a very short time.
  • Sometimes these formations disappear gradually and for a long time, that is, the process stretched on for months.
  • Unnoticed and disappear quickly tumors that appeared during pregnancy. They usually completely disappear after delivery, so professionals often don’t prescribe HPV women while carrying the baby.
  • Can a papilloma to develop into the deadly disease cancer?

    Now, when we know whether the HPV disappear on their own, it is necessary to answer the equally important question of whether these structures malignant reborn. It is worth saying that there are several types of HPV (over a hundred). Many of them are not dangerous and sometimes even self-disappear. But there are oncogenic viruses that can lead to malignant transformation of the nodule.

    Important! To oncogenic viruses include HPV 31, 18, 16, 33, 68, 35, 59, 39, 58, 45, 56, 51 and 52 species.

    Usually 16 and 18 kind of HPV cause cancer of the mouth, the penis in men, anal area, vagina, cervix. This files most often diagnosed cervical cancer, which is caused by lesions of HPV. Often breast cancer is associated with the formation of papillomas vnutriposelkovyh called cystadenofibroma and cystadenomas. It kistevidnyi education outgrowths in the form of papillae. These formations appear in the epithelium of mammary ducts. Their development process is very lengthy. It begins at puberty and ends at menopause.

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    The reasons for forking papillomas

    Well, if it was itself, that is gradually decreased and resolved. But there are times when this education simply falls off. If this happens, you do not need to worry because this usually happens if you defeat a certain variety of HPV. This form of tumors can spontaneously disappear. If she fell off, then examined by a doctor better to go to a specialist can establish if the rhizomes of tumors in the skin.

    If you have fallen off the education, you need to do the following:

    • This place should be treated with antiseptic;
    • If the site is bleeding, apply a cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution;
    • Then apply a bandage or put a band-aid and go to the doctor;
    • It is advisable to bring loose the tumor, after its examination in a special laboratory it will be possible to tell precisely, malignant or not.

    Finally I want to say about prevention of this disease. Through vaccination, you can protect against oncogenic human papillomaviruses. To do this, we introduce two vaccines: the first from the virus 16 and 18 type, and the second between 6 and 11 varieties of HPV. Vaccination is advised to place adolescent girls prior to sexual activity and young women who have not previously encountered with HPV person.

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