Bubbles in the baby’s neck and blisters on the tongue without fever

Causes of bubbles in the throat

The mucosa of the pharynx in a healthy condition has a uniform color and smooth texture. However, the diseases appear vesicles in the throat, and the size and tone of the blisters may be different. White, intensely scarlet, Burgundy education point or locally-large size cause many problems for children and adults. And that’s why there are blisters on the throat, how to identify the disease by the type of vial, it is necessary to understand.

  • Causes of
  • Follicular tonsillitis
  • Herpangina
  • Pharyngitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Abscess
  • Herpetic stomatitis
  • Candidiasis
  • When to see a doctor?

Causes of

What are blisters on the throat and can vary depending on age? Regarding the latter, the bubbles on the baby’s neck is not much different from the older formations. And causes palatal or vnutrikletochnykh formations are identical: infectious or chronic diseases.

Follicular tonsillitis

Pathology is manifested by white bubbles in the throat of the child, the adult, as in the photo . Education can be the mucous membrane, tonsils. Severe pathology caused by infection and affects people with weakened immune systems. As a rule, the disease kills kids in autumn-winter period when it is difficult to force the baby to breathe in the cold nose. Affecting the lymph nodes of the throat (tonsils), the disease manifests follicles is dense clumps of tissue that are inflamed and take the form of white bubbles with pustular heads. The size of the formations to 2 mm. the Symptoms are the following:

  • High body temperature;
  • Headache;
  • Nausea, retching;
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • The mucous membrane of the larynx has a Burgundy color, swelling, tonsils are clearly visible whitish or white coating;
  • Inflamed jaw and/or ear lymph nodes;
  • Cough, runny nose.

Disease begins as intestinal poisoning: nausea, diarrhea. But if you look in the mirror, we will see formations on the tonsils is a 100% symptom follicular tonsillitis.

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Highly contagious disease caused by infection. The main symptom – blisters are formed on the throat (at the rear), filled with clear fluid. A lot of them, not to notice these vesicles is impossible. Symptoms:

  • It hurts to swallow;
  • Sick;
  • Blocked nose, hard to breathe;
  • The temperature is high;
  • Abdominal pain and sometimes diarrhea;
  • Blisters in the throat visible in the mirror.

Whitish or light nodular formation is very noticeable on the inflamed tissue of the mucosa of the larynx. To remove them is absolutely impossible not to bring an infection and not to cause the formation of painful ulcers.


The consequences of the respiratory disease. Blisters on the throat will disappear, as soon as complete recovery from the disease. Look education as small bubbles with the liquid. Causing discomfort when swallowing, Valderice not sick, but to be treated gnojno a must!


The disease is chronic, causing inflammation of the tonsils. Manifestations gnoynichkovyh formations are striking the throat of child or adult. Bad breath, pain and discomfort when swallowing – obvious signs of tonsillitis. Allowed to remove them independently, as the pus comes out the jams, but it is better to entrust the care professionals.


If the throat blisters are red in color and located at the rear, it could be an abscess. The reason is injury of the mucous membrane, or transferred a brutal sore throat. The bubbles on the throat does not pass, getting bigger and redder, you can’t remove them! Purulent fluid substance reaches the throat, the infection will go inside, hitting vital organs. To determine the abscess can symptoms:

  • High fever;
  • Pain in the throat, in the area of the ulcers;
  • Intense smell of decay in the mouth
  • Nausea;
  • The outer surface of the neck is red, feverish-sore.
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The last symptom accurately indicates the flow of the abscess. If the child appeared such symptoms immediately to the doctor! The education bubble can burst at any moment, triggering further infection of the immature organism. An adult is also not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor, and to ease the condition, you can rinse the throat with furatsilina.

Herpetic stomatitis

It is a disease of a weakened immune system. Activation of the herpes virus is manifested by inflammation in the form of bubbles of red in the throat, on the lips, on the tongue and under the tongue, in the throat and in any part of the oral cavity. Blisters can have irregular shapes, different sizes. Nelechena will lead to the whitening of the head of formations, and then the blisters burst, which leads to pitting of surfaces, and this is very painful for child and adult. Therefore, to delay a trip to the doctor should not, regardless of the complication occurs without fever or with its increase, it is better to see a doctor.


Pathology affects very young patients and older persons from 60 years. Weak immune system triggers the development of the fungus inside the mouth, on the tonsils, inside the cheeks, palate and throat. The first signs of color change of the mucosa, it becomes red. Then formed a whitish blisters on the throat, which gradually increase in size and in appearance resemble cottage cheese.

First, education does not cause discomfort, but with the proliferation of, the process involved new areas of the throat erosion cause unbearable pain. More likely this disease affects small children who still can’t explain the feeling. Therefore, you should pay attention to the symptoms:

  • Pain during a meal;
  • Poor sleep, loss of appetite;
  • The kid acts up, refuses to play, cries constantly;
  • The body temperature rises, could rise to 39 degrees.

Important. Tip one – immediately to the doctor! The bubbles on the baby’s neck – pathology which is dangerous for its manifestations and consequences.

When to see a doctor?

Reasons – is not a complete list of pathologies, a symptom of which is a blister on the throat. It could be chicken pox, the infection of the cavity due to trauma, dental diseases and other infectious or chronic diseases. Consult a doctor should any of these cases: the bubble formation in the throat can cause infections of internal organs, leading to severe disease of the patient.

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To remove or puncture the blisters is impossible, self-treatment is fraught with side effects. It is better to provide therapy professionals that will correctly determine the cause of the disease and to choose a necessary course of treatment.

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