Boils on stomach — causes and how to treat a boil

How to treat a boil on your stomach?

Sometimes modern man is faced with the fact that finds a boil on his stomach. Such education differs from the usual pimple that has pus stem and inflamed around the tissue. Pressure a boil (furuncle) is strictly forbidden as it may lead to infection of the internal tissue around the boil as a result of destruction of purulent rod. Act education tedious very carefully. How, exactly, are described below.

  • Causes of boil in the abdomen
  • The symptoms of boils
  • Drugs to combat boil on stomach
  • Skin care after removal of the boil

Causes of boil in the abdomen

You should know that the main reason for the formation of boils on the skin of the abdomen is the penetration into the layers of dermis and epidermis and Staphylococcus aureus. He normally lives on the surface of the skin of each person in the normal conditions of existence does not cause harm. However, some precipitating factors kokk penetrates into subcutaneous tissues, resulting in happens, the inflammation of the tissues around the hair follicle and in this case, formed a boil on his stomach. Aggravating factors for the penetration of Staphylococcus aureus into the dermis and formation of a purulent process in the hair follicle are:

  • Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene. In this case, the number of staphylococci living on the skin of a person with 10% (norm) is increased to 90% (pathology). Due to their active reproduction appears boils on the abdomen;
  • Microtrauma and mechanical damage of the skin. These may be diaper rash, scrapes, abrasions, scratching, miniport, etc.;
  • Wearing tight clothing in the abdominal area. In particular pants with a stiff tight belt (for men) or a dress/skirt (women);
  • Malfunctions in the hormonal system. The predominance of one hormone over others can manifest itself as pain in the abdomen on the type of acne on the face in adolescents;
  • Critical overheating or overcooling. The body receiving such stresses, often results in unexpected reactions;
  • Malfunctions of the immune system. Here the reasons can be various chronic diseases and purulent infection. In particular diabetes, obesity, goiter, cancer, etc.;
  • Prolonged use of certain groups of drugs. Purulent reaction in the form of a boil can give corticosteroids, cytostatics, etc.;
  • An imbalanced diet, deficiency of vitamins in the body.

Important: the process of formation of boil and its full maturation takes an average of 10 days.

The symptoms of boils

Suspect education of furuncle on the skin of the abdomen can be typical symptoms accompanying pathology. Each of the clinical manifestations can be attributed to a certain stage of development of the boil. So, pay attention to these symptoms:

  • Redness of the skin in a certain place and seal. It is formed the infiltrate, which may increase in diameter from 1 to 3 cm, Skin in this place will be painful with pressure or by an accidental touch. The patient may feel a slight tingling in the inflamed tissues. Slight swelling of the skin.
  • The symptoms of purulent infection (stage of necrosis). Usually these symptoms appear at 3-4 day from the beginning of the formation of abscess. At this time in the boil that is formed with a purulent core, which will come out in the form of pustules. The patient in this stage, temperature rises to the level of 38 degrees, the skin around the boil becomes hot and even more painful. The patient may feel the symptoms of intoxication — fever, body aches, weakness, headache.
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At the peak of symptoms of intoxication (6-7 a day) even without special treatment is the norm at showdown lid abscess. The core of the boil comes out and starts the healing process of the bottom of the wound. But more often characterized by abnormal development of an ulcer when he doesn’t breaks out.

It is understood that the manifestation of symptoms of intoxication do not need to wait for the natural break of the boil. It is advisable to go to a surgeon for dissection of furuncle surgical method. Otherwise, in case of accidental injury abscess can occur internal damage suppurative rod, with the result that could begin an abscess.

Important: in rare cases, boils appear on the stomach with the erased symptoms and without the formation of purulent (necrotic) core.

Drugs to combat boil on stomach

Use all the traditional recipes of treatment of boils on the abdomen is not recommended. The occupation is quite dangerous and can lead to undesirable reactions. Before turning to the surgeon or to neutralize the purulent process in the skin layers can be used such preparations in the form of ointments:

  • Vishnevsky Ointment. It is composed of tar, castor oil, xeroform. In this combination the components are able to penetrate deep into the resulting stomach inflammation and remove it. In addition, the ointment is great for recovering microtrauma blood circulation in tissues, which provokes their recovery. It is desirable to use Vishnevsky ointment at the stage of formation of infiltration — when the skin is slightly red and inflamed, but the rod is still not eclipsed. The drug is applied to vintovoi swab and applied on the treated by antiseptic skin area. A bandage fastened with adhesive criss-cross and leave for 12 hours. Such dressings should be done every 12 hours until complete recession of inflammation.
  • Ichthyol ointment. Components of the drug contribute to the opening of the purulent formations and the extrusion of pus from them. After applying this ointment, the bottom of the wound becomes clean and heals faster. To use the Ichthyol ointment need in the form of bytovyh tampons. On a rolled small swab bandage is applied some ointment so that it covers the inflamed surface. Then placing the swab on inflamed boils, and on top of it is a small piece of cling film to create a greenhouse effect. A bandage fastened with adhesive. Change these bandages every 12 hours until the release of purulent web of the boil.
  • Ointment Levomekol. This drug is composed of the antibiotic levomycetin. The preparation perfectly removes inflammation, destroying healthy protein synthesis in pathogenic flora. In the result, decreases swelling and inflammation, accelerated metabolic processes, there is a rapid healing of purulent wounds.

Important: the Treatment can use even pregnant women and children.

  • Ointment on the basis of sulfur. Sulphur — a natural component which perfectly fights inflammation in the skin layers. Drugs based on sulfur can be purchased in a drugstore without a prescription and use them according to the above principle.
  • In severe purulent cases, and in the presence of a deep bottom of the wound after opening the boil, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. This files most often against Staphylococcus aureus actively working Tetracycline and Erythromycin. These drugs are administered to patients with chronic furunculosis.

Important: self-administration of any medication is strictly prohibited inside. So it is possible to cause irreparable harm to their health and further aggravate the situation with the boil. All regulations should be done only by a doctor.

Skin care after removal of the boil

As soon as the abscess breaks, and the rod will come out (either after surgical opening of the boil) should additionally care for the wound until it fully closes. On the open wound must be bandage with ointment Levomekol, powder Xeroform or its analogues. These drugs are made on the basis of antibiotics, promotes healing of wounds and keeping her bottom clean and dry.

Recommended until complete healing of the wound to take a shower but not a bath.

If the patient works with children (school, kindergarten, etc.), it is recommended to take sick leave, not to spread a staph infection in children’s groups.

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It is important to understand that the key to the health of the skin on any area of the body is its purity. Therefore, hygienic shower after sport, hard work, and just every day in the evening should become a mandatory procedure for every person. Then there would be no question, than to treat the boil. And improve overall health will help balanced diet and taking vitamin complexes in the autumn-winter period.

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