Boils on intimate places: causes and treatment

Treatment of boils on my privates.

One of the most unpleasant and painful skin problems for modern man is a boil in the intimate place. And pathology can suffer equally by both men and women. Education in the form of a boil or carbuncle gives a lot not only aesthetic problems, but also purely physiological. Soreness, swelling and even the risk of further infections, major complications in the formation of boil on intimate places.

  • Causes of boils in an intimate place
  • The mechanism of formation of boil
  • Treatment of furuncle
  • Treatment of boil
  • Medication treatment of furuncle
  • Surgery to remove a boil
  • Medical advice

Causes of boils in an intimate place

As a rule, the boil on her private parts is localized where there are hair follicles. It can be the pubic area, the labia in women or even the area around the anus, buttocks. Causes of purulent boil in this intimate area can be:

  • Failure to observe rules of personal hygiene. In this case, microparticles of sweat and dirt mixed together, which provokes the development of the problem.
  • Constant wearing of synthetic underwear. In this case, enhanced sweating in intimate areas, which causes the accumulation of bacteria there.
  • Microdamages of the skin in the genital area. This can happen as a result of careless shaving, friction of underwear on the skin, sloppy combing.
  • Immunity is reduced. Low resistance to the attack of pathogenic bacteria is threat to human.
  • Prolonged hypothermia. Including have a negative impact on the health of the skin in the genital area and drafts.
  • Hyperhidrosis (sweating pathologically in intimate areas).
  • A deficiency of vitamins. It disrupts the internal systems of the body, which leads to skin problems.
  • Disruptions in metabolic processes. In particular pay attention to the thyroid gland.
  • Inflammation of Bartholin’s gland with trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, etc.

The mechanism of formation of boil

Boil in the intimate place is a result of the penetration into the hair follicle Staphylococcus aureus. In good condition, he lives on the surface of the skin of each person. However, if irritation of the skin and its damage penetrates inside of the dermis and epidermis.

Important: this is why it is so important to treat wounds and cracks on skin antiseptics.

Mechanisms for the formation of boils on the skin looks like this:

  • Penetrated into the skin aureus provokes the inflammatory process. Thus addressed itself to the hair follicle tissue and fatty tissue around it. At this point, the patient may feel a painful swelling and redness in the affected area. Maybe a slight burning sensation. This condition lasts from one to three days.
  • Then the skin begins the necrotic process. That is, in the zone of destruction is formed purulent rod. During its maturation, the patient may experience even more severe pain, clearly delineated swelling and tightness in the affected area. The boil takes on a conical shape, and at its center emerges pustules – head of purulent rod. At this stage a person can feel the all the process symptoms of intoxication – headache, fever up to 38° C, body aches, lethargy and lack of appetite.
  • Approximately the sixth-seventh day from the beginning of the development of boil cover and purulent abscess breaks through the rod comes out. From this moment begins the wound healing. Initially, she may have blue-red color and then gradually fades.

Important: try to squeeze the boil is strictly prohibited. This can lead to rupture of purulent rod inside the tissue and further infection of the blood. As a result, the boil can metastasize — to appear in different parts of the body at regular intervals (developing boils).

Treatment of furuncle

Treatment of boil

In order to overcome the pain in private parts, can be used as medicines, and folk healing. The act is very carefully. In particular for boils in intimate areas, you can use these tools:

  • Needles. As cones and branches of pine needles contains large amounts of antioxidants, essential oils and vitamin C. These components contribute to the rapid removal of inflammation and restoration of the skin with scarring. Pine needles can be used as a decoction for bathing during the formation of boils, and as a means for the preparation of lotions.
  • Turmeric. This Indian spice works as a natural antibiotic. It also reduces inflammation and contribute to the rapid maturation of the boil. Apply turmeric can both internally and as an external tool. Inside take one teaspoon of the spices, and drinking plenty of water. This must be done in order to prevent constipation, because turmeric is very greatly strengthens. Topically you can use a paste of turmeric. This spice is mixed with a sufficient quantity of water to obtain a mass of desired consistency. The finished paste is applied to boils in the intimate area and cover vintovoi bandage. The paste should be changed before the full maturation of the boil.
  • Aloe. Aloe leaves possess antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. For the treatment of boils in the genital area you need to take a fresh leaf of the plant and cut it lengthwise. The gel side of the sheet placed on the boil and attach a patch. Such an application needs to be changed every 2-3 hours.
  • Sulfur ointment and sulfur. Sulfur powder can be purchased at the pharmacy. It sprinkled on bread and eat this sandwich twice a day. Thanks to this therapy furuncle Matures and comes out on the fifth day. You can also use ointments on the basis of sulfur for the treatment of boil. They are applied to the affected skin a thin layer.
  • Boiled onions. In this case, one onion onion need to cook on low heat in cow’s milk. Cooked onion cut in half and applied to the boil cut. The application attached a patch at night.
  • Onions and Laundry soap. In this case, one onion, you must peel, cut and dry on a dry pan. Here and also add grated soap. Ready weight slightly in the form of heat is applied to the boils and cover with a bandage vintovoi for 15-20 minutes or overnight.

Important: you should remember that if the boil in a woman is located close to the entrance in the vagina or on the genital lip boil, then experiment with food components for the treatment of boil is not recommended. They can get into the vagina and disturb its microflora.

Medication treatment of furuncle

Boils in private parts, the treatment of which should be careful, it is best to overcome medical drugs. If the reader wants to understand how to treat a boil in the intimate place, it is best in this case will help the following means:

  • Dimexide. It can be used as in the form of an ointment or gel, and in the form of a ready solution. If you use the solution, it is first necessary to dilute with clean water at a ratio of 1:4. The resulting solution moisten a cotton ball or disc and apply to the place of formation of boil. Lotion, attach the patch at night. If you are using the ointment or gel Dimexide, you can simply apply on maturing the boil before his breakthrough.
  • Ointment of Ichthyol. It is composed of tar, essential oil and xeroform. Such components contribute to the rapid opening of the cover and boil the exit of purulent rod. Applying the Ichthyol ointment you need and you can make a compress in the form bytovyh tampons. This sterile bandage is rolled up area in the form of a small bandage and put on it the necessary amount of ointment. A poultice applied to the boil and cover with top piece of cling film. All fixed with plaster. Such dressings should be changed every 4-6 hours, up to full opening of the cover boil.
  • Tetracycline ointment. This drug is developed on the basis of antibiotic, which means that not only will contribute to the rapid aging of the boil, but additionally will decontaminate the wound. To use the ointment, either in the form of application, lubricating the affected skin in a thin layer, either in the form bytovyh compresses.
  • Levomekol. This type of ointment is used only after the opening of the boil and exit of purulent rod. After the boil out, you can treat the wound will Levamisole with the aim of its early healing. Components of the drug increase the metabolic processes in the wound, which contributes to the lack of scarring after healing.
  • Vishnevsky Ointment. This drug is also considered a great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. A Vishnevsky ointment, you should treat the wound after opening the boil. To use it must be in the form of bytovyh compressors.

Important: use Vishnevsky ointment is absolutely contraindicated in ripening the boil. The fact that the drug promotes the softening of the walls of purulent rod. In this case, it can be effusion within tissues in the skin. As a result, it may happen abscess.

Surgery to remove a boil

In some cases, ripening the boil can’t go alone. In this situation, the patient will experience severe pain in the inflamed site and fever. If there is such symptoms, you must consult a qualified surgeon for urgent surgical removal of the boil. Boil is opened under local anaesthesia, which completely blocks pain during surgery. The surgeon removes the pus and cleans the bottom of the wound. Then on the site of the surgery superimposed swab dipped in antiseptic solution. Further stay in hospital is inappropriate. That is, the operation takes place at the time of surgery one day and lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Medical advice

To avoid inflammation of the hair follicles, doctors recommend to follow these rules:

  • To observe the principles of personal hygiene. Daily shower in the morning and evening will help to avoid inflammation.
  • To wear cotton underwear. Beautiful synthetic is better left for special occasions. For everyday wear suitable underwear of breathable materials.
  • To choose the right size of underwear. Too tight panties enhances friction the pubic area, which can lead to the appearance of purulent inflammation in such conditions.
  • Balanced diet. To maintain a balance of vitamins and minerals in the daily diet.
  • When injury of the skin during depilation efficiently treating wounds with antiseptic.
  • If formations with constant regularity, it is necessary to pass all the necessary tests to detect streptococcal infection or reduction of protective forces of an organism. The doctor carefully examined a patient and identifying the cause of furunculosis, prescribe appropriate treatment. In women, the treatment is most often based on correcting hormonal levels.

It should be remembered that if the seal of a pregnant woman, then self-medication with the use of drugs is contraindicated, since the components of the ointments are absorbed into the bloodstream and can harm the fetus. In addition, careless handling of boil in self-medication can trigger damage to the stem and out the pus in the tissue, risk for infection in the blood. And this is extremely bad for the fetus. Remember — health care is solely in your hands.

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