Boils on body — the causes boil

Causes of boils on the body

Large aesthetic, cosmetic and physiological trouble delivering modern man boils on the body. Such pus formation quite painful and in the worst case can cause an abscess or even purulent meningitis (if located on the neck or head). From which there are boils and how to prevent their education, understand the material below.

  • Causes of boils on the skin
  • Microtrauma of the skin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene
  • Wearing synthetic clothes and underwear
  • Lowered immunity
  • Frequent hypothermia
  • Venereal disease
  • The presence of chronic diseases
  • The symptoms of boils
  • Prevention of the formation of boils

Causes of boils on the skin

Boils on the body can be localized in any area of the body, including the genitals and the head. The reason for this is hair present on the human skin. It is important to know that every hair, even the smallest and invisible, has its hair follicles. Here in it and the original localized inflammatory process in the formation of the boil (furuncle). This pathology occurs due to the penetration into the skin layers (dermis and epidermis) of Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium lives on the surface of the skin of each person and normally does not cause trouble. However, once ingested, begins to intensify and multiply. In this case, the body formed: and the causes of their formation will be discussed below. That is, we learn that becomes the cause of the penetration of Staphylococcus aureus in the hair follicle.

Microtrauma of the skin

This is one of the main causes of boils. The fact that open wounds aureus penetrates as quickly as possible. And open can be considered not only explicit cuts and wounds, but just fading. Microtrauma of the skin you can get under these circumstances:

  • Rough shave;
  • The procedure of hair removal without observing the rules of hygiene and the treatment of open wounds;
  • Wearing underwear of a smaller than necessary size and friction on the skin;
  • Friction gate of the shirt or the seams of clothing on the skin;
  • Careless brushing of the skin.

In all these cases is as soon as possible to treat the wounds with antiseptic and change clothes/underwear on the net.

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Excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis (sweating) contributes to the widening of skin pores. In this case, works like a greenhouse effect. Humidity (sweat), plus the increased body temperature (37 degrees is enough) extend the pores. In this case, the dirt (dust, sweat, bacteria) penetrates the layers of skin much faster. And this is the good reason of occurrence of boils.

Important: special attention to pay hyperhidrosis people with excessive sweating in bikini area. The formation of boils in this area are extremely painful and brings me a lot of discomfort.

Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene

If the reader is interested in the causes of furuncle and what it is formed, you should know that purity of body means health of the skin. The content of the skin in a dirty condition leads to the growth of bacteria and literally rubbing them into the pores of the skin through contact with her clothes.

Wearing synthetic clothes and underwear

In this case, a coat alone does not cause the growth of boils, but is the root cause of sweating of the skin. In addition, synthetic enhances friction and irritation of the skin. The penetration of Staphylococcus aureus in this case, the hair follicle will happen sooner or later.

Lowered immunity

In this case, the formation of boils, the reasons which are now clear, due to the decrease in the protective forces of the human body. And if fully healthy individual Staphylococcus aureus needs to work hard to penetrate the layers of the dermis, weakened from chronic disease or a previous infection human cocca has a nearly open access to the deep layers of the epidermis under favorable factors.

Frequent hypothermia

Frequent, sudden and prolonged hypothermia in a human body starts a hidden inflammatory process. Under such stress, sooner or later, are formed and there are boils on the body, the causes of which are already clear.

Venereal disease

In this case, the inflammation of the hair follicle contributes to inflammation of the Bartholin gland. This happens on the background of chronic trichomoniasis or gonorrhea. The boils in this case can arise only in intimate places.

The presence of chronic diseases

Here, in particular, causes boils on the body – diabetes and an imbalance of vitamins/minerals. In this case, the person has violated the exchange process in which processing of some elements and separate the body’s production of other does not allow the system to fully function. As a result, the appearance of boils on the body provided with.

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The symptoms of boils

Once the cause of boils is installed, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of the disease. Purulent-inflammatory process is fast and takes 8 to 12 days. From the formation of a normal pimple on the body boil distinguish these symptoms:

  • Swelling in the affected area. In this case, the skin will be redness, every day receiving well-defined diameter. On day 3, the spot grows to 1-3 see When you press or even with a light touch to the skin at the site of lesion is felt soreness. In some cases people might feel tingling and burning. It’s all about the stage of infiltration.
  • The acquisition of cone-shaped boil. In this case, the top will crown the pustules – head formed purulent rod in the structure of Chiriqui on the body. The web is maturing 2-3 days that gives the patient maximum discomfort. In addition to pain at the site of skin lesions, the patient may feel the symptoms of intoxication temperature up to 38 degrees, body aches, chills, fatigue, apathy.
  • Then at the peak of these symptoms occur break of the boil (OK) and the rod comes out, together with particles of lymph and blood. At this stage it is important to disinfect the wound to its healing passed as quickly as possible.

Important: in no case should one try to squeeze the festering boil. This can lead to the destruction of purulent-rod and his outpouring in the skin tissue. In this case, the pus and coccal infection will spread through the blood throughout the body, and the patient may develop a disease called furunculosis. That is, the boils will periodically appear on different parts of the body until, until it is cleaned of blood.

Prevention of the formation of boils

Below: on the body is not bothered by never, experts recommend to observe some rules, which will be a sort of preventive. In particular, you should:

  • Make a daily hygienic shower. In the cold season rather than once a day – in the evening. In the heat of summer can take a shower after each exit outside to wash off the dust, sweat and dirt;
  • Wear underwear in breathable fabrics. This will facilitate the natural heat transfer and discharge of moisture from the surface of the skin. Beautiful synthetic lace lingerie should be a pleasant exception for special occasions, but not wear every day;
  • To find lingerie and clothing size. Too tight clothing cause friction, and it is not good for the skin;
  • To correctly treat their food. The diet should be balanced and include a delivery amount of vegetables, fruits, calcium and water;
  • With a mind to go to develop mode of work and rest. As constant stress and fatigue – common causes of boils;
  • In the presence of chronic diseases periodically visit your doctor to maintain health in optimal condition;
  • To avoid hypothermia (prolonged stay in the water, sitting on the cold, stay in the draft);
  • When intense perspiration should go to specialized clinics to solve. If this is not possible, you can simply use baby talc for periodic treatment of the skin.
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It is important to remember that if you follow all the above rules, then tweet a pimple will never trouble you again. If the problem of boil is global and affects not one part of the body, it is advisable to seek qualified help and to conduct a series of tests for identification of staph or other infection. In the first place will help you a dermatologist, who will send the patient to the correct specialist. Remember, learn why popping boils, the disease is always easier to prevent than to treat.

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