Boil in a child — treatment for boil on face in children

Treatment of furuncle on the face of the child

Very often, attentive parents to notice on the skin of the child furuncle or boil. A boil is an inflammation of the hair shaft and adjacent tissues. Inflammation is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, so to ignore it is impossible. The task of the parents is the immediate adoption of measures to eliminate the tumors, because letting the situation take its course, infection may spread to deep skin layer and once in the bloodstream, can cause blood poisoning.

  • Prevention of boils
  • Reasons
  • Symptoms and diagnosis
  • Risk areas
  • Treatment of boils in children
  • Cream active against acne clean line
  • Zineryt acne
  • Ichthyol ointment acne
  • Folk remedies

Prevention of boils

Boils and boils in children are not uncommon, they may occur at different ages and in different parts of the body under the influence of different reasons. Parents in any case, it is impossible to stay on the sidelines and hope that everything goes by itself, that will not happen ever. If you wish to protect your child from boils, you should first strengthen his immune power, after all, a man with powerful protective properties, bacteria cling much less, and if they fall on the skin and mucous membranes, the body copes with them myself.

All the nutrients we get from food, therefore, try to Supplement the diet of your baby vitaminosoderžaŝej products. Spend more time in the fresh air, watch the purity of his skin, and at the slightest injury, treat the skin with antiseptics. If the child has a cold, carefully follow the physician’s recommendations and precipices to the end, do not stop the use of drugs after disappearance of symptoms.

If you are not able to prevent the pathological process, try to carefully treat the boil, and continue to prevent such a development.


The child has a boil usually develops due to the ingress of pathogenic bacteria into the subcutaneous layer and hair follicle. There, the pathogen replicates massively and provokes purulent-necrotic process. The causes of boils on the skin of the developing organism, can be the following:

  • the non-observance of personal hygiene;
  • significant reduction of immune forces in the body;
  • microtrauma on the skin;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • beriberi;
  • hypothermia or overheating of the body;
  • improper diet;
  • excessive sweating.

Boil the child may develop on the background of inflammatory diseases, for example, when severe sore throat, staph aureus can cause skin rashes and abscess.

In the summer, to provoke a boil on the skin insect bites, child, combing, itchy skin, can bring germs into an open wound, which are localized beneath his fingernails and on dirty hands. Children learn about the world through touch, and sometimes the touch handles everything, including the garbage that is in itself a source of huge amounts of germs. So how to protect the child from the outside world, and he is interested in the things you do does not work, try to monitor the cleanliness of his hands and skin in General, especially in the hot season, when the sweating increases.

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Symptoms and diagnosis

Boil in children, as adults, goes through several stages of development, each of them is characterized by a number of symptoms. The first stage in medicine is called «infiltration», it is characterized by redness on the baby’s skin and the formation of a rounded tubercle. Over time, the tubercle increases in size, the skin around it swells, and becomes painful when touched. Not infrequently, the baby fever, marked General weakness, refusal of food, and sleep disturbance.

The second stage is suppuration, different from the previous one in the first place, the formation of purulent the top of the boil. The tumor becomes conical and denser to the touch, the skin raised above the surface of the cover, the bump is shiny and very smooth. Body temperature at this time, the child may exceed 39 degrees, the pain becomes very strong and is bothering the baby, even without touching the inflamed place. At this time, the symptoms of General intoxication. Delay medical assistance is not necessary, at any time, the boil may become evident on the body of a child, and without competent handling, along with infiltrate to get into the General circulation.

The ripening of the abscess as a whole can take up to 8 days, relief comes after the boil opened and pus will come out.

The last stage of the furuncle is considered «healing». At the site of inflammation celebrated the opening of the cavity dark red or purple in color that eventually seroprevalence and crusts. To tear it is strictly forbidden, you can lead to re-infection. Scars on the body of the child be only when extensive inflammation usually a few months later, the scar in its color compared with healthy skin.

In the presence of the above symptoms, you need to seek medical help. A qualified doctor, sometimes enough inspection, to see the boil. To confirm the diagnosis, doctors can take the tank sowing discharge from a boil to determine the causative agent of the inflammation and to understand how to treat boils in children. If there are multiple tumors on the skin or recurrent boils, the dermatologist will direct the child to:

  • blood sugar;
  • tank urine;
  • Ultrasound of the organs of the peritoneum and kidneys;
  • x-rays;
  • flyurografiya;
  • MRI of the brain.

If necessary, the child may consult an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, an otolaryngologist and a pulmonologist. Only on the basis of the results of the analyses and conclusions of experts, the dermatologist develops a treatment plan, it assigns a set of drugs.

Boil, it is important to differentiate from such diseases as hidradenitis, granuloma, erythema nodosum and anthrax. All these diseases have similar clinical picture, and in order to achieve the effect of treatment, it is necessary to exclude them at the stage of diagnosis.

Risk areas

The most dangerous boils on my stomach and face. If a furuncle on the face, there is a risk of infection at the ocular veins in the brain. If is a boil on the stomach, infectious-inflammatory process may affect one of the vital organs, causing, for example, pyelonephritis or pneumonia. If the ulcers are located in proximity to the blood vessels, can contribute to the development of complications such as:

  • meningitis;
  • lymphadenitis;
  • lymphangitis;
  • thrombosis of the lymph paths;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • purulent metastases in adjacent organs.
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Complications for boils is possible if the child is suffering from blood diseases, and diabetes.

Treatment of boils in children

In the initial stages of the boil, treatment can be conservative. Recommended to topically applied ointment Ilon, Baktroban, Levomekol, Azelic and Futsidin. If there is a large boil in a child’s treatment may include anti-inflammatory creams — Vishnevsky ointment, and Zinc ointment Sintomitsina. In case of high fever or if the abscess is not opened for a long time, prescribe antibiotic therapy: parenteral administration of drugs — Methicillin, Cloxacillin, Flucloxacillin. To speed up the opening of the boil, can prescribe physical therapy — the impact of helium-neon laser.

After opening, inflammation is treated with hydrogen peroxide or hlorgeksidinom. To improve the immune forces of the child, can appoint:

  • Derinat;
  • Polyoxidonium;
  • Myelopid;
  • Gabriglobin.

Also shown are the b-complex, the greater number of them contained in brewer’s yeast, you can buy them at the pharmacy.

Cream active against acne clean line

Cosmetic company Clean line has long been engaged in production of means for skin care. Is in the range of drugs and cream for oily skin that helps to get rid of pimples and acne. Thanks to zinc, aloe Vera and an herbal tea that included cream, the remedy has a cleansing and calming effect. The cream’s active ingredients regulate the production of sebum, reduce enlarged pores and eliminate blackheads. The cream is applied on clean skin, morning and evening. Taking into account the fact that funds Clean line for sensitive skin have no contraindications and do not contain dyes, use acne cream, it is possible for a long time.

Zineryt acne

Very often on TV and in magazines you can see the advertising of the drug Zineryt for acne. Despite the fact that the drug to be made freely available and dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, to appoint himself his own impossible. The fact that the composition of Sinnerite included erythromycin is a strong antibiotic that kills the bacteria that are localized on the skin. If a man has a personal intolerance of this substance, possible severe allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock.

The beneficial effect of Zineryt due to the additional component that is included with the zinc. It reduces inflammation, has a restorative effect and also reduces the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. Because of constant high formulation of sebum, clogged pores and creates optimal conditions for reproduction of pathogens.

The drug caused a thin layer of point — to formation of boils and pimples, twice a day. Rinse the medication is not necessary, it is easily absorbed into the skin and has an immediate therapeutic effect.

Ichthyol ointment acne

One of the ways of treating boils and pimples is Ichthyol ointment. This drug has a broad spectrum of action can kill germs on the skin, reduce inflammation, and pull out the infiltration that had accumulated inside the tumors. It also accelerates regeneration of damaged skin. In the preparation includes two components — Ichthyol and sulphur, which have a nasty smell. It is because of this aroma that is hard to kill, most people refuse to use for therapy this medicine at least to remove the boil, twice applying to the skin.

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Use Ichthyol ointment, usually in the form of compresses — a small amount of the ointment applied on a cotton swab, and using adhesive tape, stick it to the pimple or boil on the night. In the morning gently remove the compress and wash the site of inflammation water.

If you decide to use for the treatment of pimples and boils in children Ichthyol ointment, do not let the injured area to deal an additional iodine or Zelenka, for example. The child may get burned, consequently will slow down the process of exit of pus and restore the skin.

Folk remedies

Among the active agents for the treatment of boils folk medicine include the onion leaves. Separate and bake in the oven for 15 minutes, then apply as a compress on a tumor. It is very important that the onion has cooled, heat the boil is prohibited. Well pull the pus from the boil of egg protein. You need to cook hard-boiled egg when it has cooled, separate the white from the yolk, and, using adhesive tape, stick to the boil overnight. Morning protein is removed with pus that separated and washed with decoction of chamomile. Chamomile is a great herbal disinfectant, it will disinfect the wound and prevent the spread of infection to nearby areas.

To accelerate the output shaft from the tumor will help the pulp of garlic or garlic juice. This method is effective, but use it on babies and children up to 1 year is not worth it. They have very sensitive skin that may react to the irritant allergies, which will further aggravate the situation.

To reduce pain and inflammation in the boil will help the soap, rubbed it on the track and applied to the tumor for several hours, twice a day. According to reviews of people who have tested this treatment option, three bandages with soap and water to boil was discovered.

Which of the solutions boil your child, you wouldn’t remember that in any case, no need to squeeze the ulcer, especially if it is located on the head, face or nose. The mechanical effect on the boil in a child can lead to serious complications, to eliminate that, would have been in the hospital.

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