Blisters on the feet; blisters on fingers itchy

Blisters on feet: causes and treatments

The blisters on his feet – phenomenon is painful and unpleasant. To bubble on the feet can in any place: on the foot, between the toes, on the shins and above. A blister is called bloating of the upper layer of the skin that may occur due to certain reasons. The tumor may be firm or soft to the touch and have a different shape. Sometimes there is a chain of bubbles on the legs, arms, and education can be filled with water and when pressed a little bounce. What is the cause of and how to treat blisters on the feet, the hands of a child or adult, we will understand more.

  • Causes blistering and treatment
  • Features of treatment of individual types of entities
  • When the doctor necessary?

Causes blistering and treatment

Depending on the reasons for the occurrence of water bubbles on the feet can be painless or cause discomfort to palpation. If the blister somehow gets the dirt that education is badly scratched, it only adds to the negativity. In itself, the appearance of the blister with the liquid on the legs of a child or adult is not a special threat to health and life, but to treat the bubbles you need.

Why blisters on feet:

  • Tight or uncomfortable shoes. Sandals, shoes made from rough materials or with protruding elements, the straps can RUB, causing bubbles form on the foot, heels, toes. Conventional blister without the blood gently saleplays. Sometimes you can puncture the skin, drain the fluid, processing the place of puncture (before and after), to secure the bandage to the wound did not hit the dirt.
  • Insect bites. In this case, most often, bubbles are formed between the toes, and hands. Education cause itching, therefore it is better to apply a special gel with a cooling and podrachivaya effect. Lubricate the skin should be at least 2-3 times a day and it is better not to comb it. Kind of watery vesicles on the foot of a child can cause serious illness. If the bites were not, and education have appeared, you should consult a dermatologist.
  • Allergy is also a cause for the manifestation of the blisters. Treatment is usually antihistamines medications. But to exclude any other reason, otherwise the drugs will not have the desired effect. If no bites, and blisters on the hands and feet are unbearably itchy, there was redness, inflammation, education merge into a single local loop, immediately to the doctor! The reason for such a reaction may be that household chemicals, and food, drugs, pollen, cosmetics – anything.
  • Fungus of the feet, the hands. Bubbles on the skin of the feet or hands appear due to fungal infection. Fungal infection also causes itching, and the infection can occur on the beach, in the pool, the sauna – it is impossible to be saved. Sometimes fungal growth is a manifestation of a weakened immune system. A clear sign, distinguishable from allergies – blisters, not only on feet but also on the heels. For a long time of education may not appear, and the skin is only slightly scaly, red. A little later appear watery bubbles locally or a chain that is located on or between the toes. Education burst quickly, clumped, which increases the risk of subsequent infection of the skin.
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    Important! At the slightest suspicion you should immediately contact a doctor. Treatment of mycosis does a dermatologist. He will determine the degree of damage, the dynamics of the disease and prescribe treatment. If the ability to visit, use special anti-fungal pharmaceutical agent.

  • Skin diseases cause a rash on the toes bubbles also formed in all the areas of the skin. While education is not itchy, but to self-medicate is not worth it. The symptom may be caused by dynamic severe pathology and treatment will require taking strong drugs: hormonal drugs or medications that suppress the immune system.
  • Sunburn may also be the reason that the fingers, hands, legs or foot blisters. Intense irradiation leads to severe burn, such education is itch, hurt and is a sign of a second degree burn. Sometimes you need the help of a professional, such as without a trace the sun are not.
  • Sometimes the blisters on my feet can take themselves, as well as to receive. The reason in this case search is not required, only to watch their overall health. In particular, watery vesicles appear on the leg, if a person has a chronic, infectious disease. Often babies appear Valderice on the heels, especially if several days kept the edge temperature. Phenomenon in formations under the skin accompanied by a severe course of diabetes mellitus, viral hepatitis, and may simply be a consequence of vitamin deficiency.

    Important! If a water blister appeared in a patient with diabetes needs immediate consultation with an endocrinologist and quick treatment to lower blood sugar levels!

    Features of treatment of individual types of entities

    Despite the similarity of treatment therapy depends on the localization of entities:

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  • Liquid blisters on my feet to better treat the plaster with anti-bacterial pad. This pad will protect the bubbles on the feet from breaking and infection. Pre-lubricate the education green paint. The period of treatment, complete disappearance of education.
  • Watery vesicles on the toes caused by swelling of the legs is common in some diseases. In this case, you should treat the cause, not the consequences. To protect yourself from entities committed free shoes, socks or gel pads, insoles.
  • Blisters on the feet , the heels are formed as Allergy and high heels. The adult can change, but long-term treatment of lactose intolerance in a child will help special protective gel sheet. He is glued to the full stop and protects the skin from friction, excessive pressure. Sold in pharmacies.
  • Blood blisters on hands, can be a consequence of the disease on legs appear in the place of contact with rough leather, shoes, clothes. To pierce or otherwise withdraw bloody fluid from the formation, you should not. To protect a band-aid, to go to the doctor.
  • Important! Blood watery vesicles on the hands, heels or foot, and anywhere else, appears not only from friction but also serious problems with the immune system. Accurate medical diagnosis dermatologist, allergist. To treat such education on their own, especially a child, is strictly prohibited. In particular, vesicles on the fingers talk about severely low immunity, which is probably the cause of mysterious ailments. Unaddressed problems will develop into a chronic pathology, get rid of that is sometimes impossible.

    When the doctor necessary?

    Not every patient pays due attention to the blisters between the toes, on the hands. Taken treatment at home itching and pain itching. It is right only in case of clearly defined reasons. For example, small blisters from the bite of mosquitoes or blood blister on the toe from rubbing of the straps of sandals. But if there are signs of inflammation, the doctor will apply. Symptoms of inflammation of the formations:

  • Increasing constant pain in the region of the blister;
  • Redness, increase in temperature around the place of education;
  • Purulent, of bleeding;
  • The total rise in body temperature;
  • Obvious inflammation of the lymph nodes (palpation they are);
  • Suspected fungal growth – in this case, the vesicles on the fingers, feet very itchy, the rash continued to the interdigital space;
  • The bubbles on the toes, or local, blisters continue to rise, even though you have protected it with a bandage, changed shoes and clothes.
  • Delay upon detection of at least one symptom not! In a clinic or blisters split open, releasing liquid or prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. But the opportunity to go to the doctor does not always exist. How to treat blisters, if not under the doctor’s hand:

    • Observe the kind of education, avoiding hardening of the skin and changes color to dark yellow or brown.
    • If treatment is antifungal, anti-infective drugs is delayed (read the instructions), then it is better to call the doctor.

    To strictly follow the instructions. Often the symptoms of the disease are compounded by the entities of the violation of dosage of drugs. Because if foot blisters, check the correctness of the use of drugs. Watery vesicles on the feet and hands – a manifestation, talking about mismatched shoes or immune system disorders. In any case, to treat the education you need, and how – it depends on the reasons for their occurrence.

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