Birthmark on face: causes and removing stains

Types of birthmarks on the face and methods of their removal

Nevi or moles are benign pigmented spots or nodules, which consist of clusters of melanocytes varying degrees of differentiation. They are always individual, have features. The exceptions include a situation when a birthmark on the face or other part of the body has inherited. Consider why birthmarks appear spots, and is it possible to remove a birthmark?

  • Causes of birthmarks
  • Dangerous birthmarks?
  • The types of birthmarks
  • Removal methods

Causes of birthmarks

Almost everyone has moles. Some birthmarks appear in the process of life, others are born with the markings. All size, shape and other parameters of tumors differ significantly.

Note, congenital neoplasm can be observed only after 2-3 months after birth.

Acquired moles and spots due to hormonal imbalance, trauma to the skin, ultraviolet rays and other factors. The doctors still can’t say for sure what birthmark arise. In medical practice there are several factors that can be the impetus for their emergence. So, causes of birthmarks the following:

  • The hereditary factor. Information about the mark begins at conception, is passed through the DNA of the parents;
  • Changes in hormonal balance in the body. For example, during pregnancy, after childbirth, at menopause. The fault may be some diseases which during their course, violate the hormonal balance. Most often they are caused by endocrine disorders;
  • The negative impact of the environment. These factors include change of residence, respectively, and climatic conditions; excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays impact on the skin of toxic components;
  • Infectious disease of genitourinary system.

In the modern world, the above factors – this is just speculation, having no evidence base. Where are birthmarks on the face and other parts of the skin, scientists definitely can not answer. The question remains open and requires further research.

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Dangerous birthmarks?

Birthmark poses no danger to health and life of man. In other words, it is only a cosmetic defect, delivering moral discomfort. The security of moles is determined by some criteria:

  • A clear outline;
  • The mark on the body has a smooth edge;
  • Color uniform;
  • Size up to 5 mm.
  • At risk of transformation of moles into malignant neoplasm of the fall of a person having light skin with freckles; men of advanced age; if there is a family history of malignant birthmark; a great number of lesions on the body.

    If the mole on the face is modified, it indicates danger. The symptoms that are the reason for going to the doctor:

    • The presence of inflammation when there nevus skin becomes red, there is pain syndrome;
    • Bleeding, appearance of oozing and crusts in the absence of injury to the element. Sometimes the tumor is covered with small ulcers;
    • The increase of birthmark it is in length, not width;
    • The appearance of the finish from stains.

    Important: with such symptoms are advised to go to the oncologist, it is necessary to do a biopsy of a birthmark.

    Sunbathing with nevi is strictly prohibited. Many believe that tanning will help to conceal a cosmetic defect, and it will become less noticeable. But in reality it is not so. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation spot will become even darker, this increases the probability of harm, because the birthmark is able to transform into a malignant neoplasm.

    The types of birthmarks

    Before you learn how to remove birthmark, consider its varieties. Moles are flat and raised above the skin, smooth and rough, with hair and without, with a broad base and other types.

    The most common type of nevus – a pigmented stain. It is soft and dense structure. In normal, these spots are not characterized by inflammation, redness, swelling.


  • A giant form of nevus. Features – mark covered with hair, you’ll be symmetrical localization occupies a large area of the skin, does not cause pain.
  • Blue nevus has a gray or blue color, localized birthmark on the face or upper extremities.
  • The rim or halo nevi in appearance resembles a small bundle of brown shade, which has a bright knot.
  • Mongolian spot looks like a hematoma, located in the buttocks or lateral thighs.
  • Hemangiomas are in the form of moles, which are composed of vascular tissue. Are pain and extreme sensitivity, because the appearance of involved nerve roots.

    The most common varieties include:

    • Flat view most common. Slightly raised above the surface of the skin, red birthmark composed of blood vessels;
    • The stellate form is localized on the face and the neck, has a red color, like a ray of light with stars;
    • The cavernous type is composed of cavities filled with blood that are delineated by partitions of connective tissue. There is pain with pressure.

    Tip: it is not recommended to expose the spots to the permanent irritation of the clothing, as this can cause their active growth with subsequent infection.

    Removal methods

    Many people, faced with a cosmetic problem, asking how to remove a birthmark on the face, can it be done? Bring a nevus can go to the beauty parlor after visual inspection of the doctor and completion of required laboratory tests.

    However, the medical experts identify contraindications which do not allow to mechanically remove birthmarks. These include infectious disease, Allergy, a history of seizures, diabetes mellitus, and, if in the body are inflammatory processes.

    How to resolve the cosmetic defect various. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Birthmark removal can be carried out by the following methods:

  • The laser treatment. This embodiment is characterized by efficiency and safety, the procedure is quick and painless. Removal leaves no scars. After the intervention at the scene of the markings formed a crust, which can not be tear off. It should fall off on their own.
  • Radiowave removal of moles on face has many advantages. Manipulation does not lead to bleeding, the patient recovered quickly, no complications in the form of scars.
  • How to remove a birthmark of a large size? In this case, the doctor may recommend conventional surgery, which is performed by scalpel. Is done under anesthesia. Spot cut, after the wound edges are sewn. Over the next several days will need dressings. When excision of a nevus exceeding 5 cm may remain a scar. Further it is removed with the plastic.

    Worth knowing: many doctors believe that to remove birthmarks spots better surgical method, as this manipulation allows to obtain tissue for the histological examination.

    As a conclusion, we note that the nevi are not dangerous. However, the violation of their integrity is fraught with complications, degeneration into malignant melanoma of the skin. It is not recommended to use people’s councils for the removal of nevi, this poses serious problems in the future.

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