Bifosin — medication nail fungus: composition, indications and contraindications

With the skin fungus of the feet and nails encountered, at least every third inhabitant of our country. One of the most accessible modern tools, capable of coping with the disease, is drug Bifosin. The medicine is made in Russia pharmaceutical company Synthesis.


The main ingredient is Bifonazole. The substance is a derivative of imidazole and combines the antifungal and antibacterial properties. Dermatophytes are killed by drug action (fungicidal effect). Yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, and fungi (Aspergillus ferrus and scopulapiopsis brevicautus) cease to grow and multiply (fungistatic effect). The antibacterial effect is manifested in relation to some types of corynebacteria and a large number of gram-positive cocci (except enterococci). Effects is because Bifosin impairs the synthesis of ergosterol for fungal cell membranes and leads to their structural inferiority.

Bifosin: forms issue

The products contain the same concentration Bifosin (1%), and have additional ingredients in the composition:

  • the powder (or powder), typically of white or white-gray, contains zinc oxide, corn starch and talc;
  • the topical solution is a clear, colorless liquid is composed of polyethylene oxide-400;
  • the cream is usually colorless, can have unexpressed gray, in addition to the basic substance consists of polyethylene oxide-400, polyethylene oxide-4000 and propylene glycol.

The cream can be used to treat dermatophyte various locations, candidiasis lesions of skin, nails, and genitals; when eritrazme and excessive sweating of the feet for prevention.

Bifosin is stored in the skin in high concentrations for a long time, so it is enough to apply it once a day. The most favorable time for application is evening before bedtime. Usually the drug is determined in the epidermis in 48-72 hours after application. Effective concentration in the deep layers of the skin is installed 6 hours after application.

Important! In the case of treatment processes, accompanied by exudation, it is advisable to start treatment with a solution or cream, as well as reverse the progression of the disease to start using the powder.


Contraindications include allergic reactions to certain components of the drug, or a combination. You should not use the medicine in the nipple and areola in lactation.

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In the case of the reception of the drug inside must be notified immediately to gastric lavage and assign chelators. At substance hit in eyes or in case of allergic reactions, you need to wash these areas with plenty of water and contact a specialist.

Important! Systemic side effects of the drug there, as the local application in the blood it is not defined.


To peers bifosin include:

  • Russian drug Betacam;
  • Mikospor drug produced by the company Bayer.

All of the above means the main active substance is bifonazole.

Bifosin – affordable drug with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. It can be used for treatment and prevention of fungal diseases. For the control treatment and relapse prevention, it is necessary to use the drug under the supervision of a dermatologist or mycologist.