Azelastine — instructions for use of the drug

Azelastine Allergy — usage instructions

There are many anti-allergic drugs. Some of them are used inside, while others used topically. If allergic reactions you have observed watery eyes and itching of the eyes, you can help a local antiallergic drug Azelastine, usage instructions which is given in our article. Before using this medication, is familiar with its action, indications, adverse reactions and contraindications.

  • Method of application and doses
  • Method of production and pharmacological action
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • Analogues
  • Reviews

Method of application and doses

This is an antihistamine intended for instillation into the conjunctival SAC of the eye. Before first use, the lid on the bottle must be screwed to the stop and then open. During instillation the dropper of the bottle should not touch the eyelid and the eye. If you wear contact lenses should be removed before instillation of the drug.

For the treatment of adults and children over the age of four usually needs to be instilled 1 drop every 12 hours. The drug can be used during the entire time of contact with the allergen, but not more than six months. If the therapeutic effect is weak, then the dose can be increased up to 4 drops per day. If in this case the therapeutic effect is absent, you need to contact the doctor to replace the drug.

Method of production and pharmacological action

This eye medicine comes in the form of drops in a special bottle with a dropper. You can buy bottles of 6 and 10 ml solution Concentration of 0.05 %. The main active substance is azelastine hydrochloride. Other ingredients Azelastine:

  • sodium hydroxide;
  • polymer;
  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • sodium edetate;
  • a solution of sorbitol;
  • the injection water.
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The use of the drug due to its pronounced anti-edema and anti-allergic effect. The tool has a membrane stabilizing effect, allowing calcium ions do not penetrate into the fat cells and cause their degranulation. When therapeutic concentrations of azelastine released mediators of Allergy, and also held their synthesis. Process significantly slows down the release of serotonin, histamine, eosinophils, FAT and of leukotriene.

Pharmacological action of the drug:

  • reduces puffiness of the eyelids;
  • is itching and soreness;
  • reduced redness of the mucous membranes;
  • reduced permeability of ocular vessels and exudation.

The manual describes in detail the peculiarities of action of azelastine. The drug is used for treatment and prevention year-round atopic conjunctivitis, and if the patient tormented by seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • The abnormal hypersensitive reaction to azelastine;
  • The drug is not used to treat children under 4 years of age;
  • During lactation and pregnancy treatment Azelastina contraindicated;
  • Intolerance to ingredients of medications.
  • You may receive the following adverse reactions to Azelastine:

    • rarely taste disturbance;
    • sometimes the patients had a slight transitory eye irritation;
    • allergic reactions in form of itching and rashes.

    Important! Because the drug is instilled in the eye, you can’t overdose.


    If this is the remedy for allergies does not suit you for any reason or does not give proper therapeutic effect, then you can use its analogues:

  • Eye drops Mitomycin.
  • Drops Sistein ultra.
  • Medication for instillation in the eye – Timohexal.
  • Spray or eye drops Acumed.
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    Before you start to use drugs Azelastine you can read reviews of patients who have undergone treatment with this drug:

    Angela, 21 years:

    Due to seasonal allergies I have very watery and itching eyes. Tablets that are used orally to treat, helped a little, so the doctor prescribed me drops Azelastine. After using them was much better – was itching, burning, tearing and redness of eyes. Now I buy these drops before early spring.

    Veronica, 33 years:

    Drops Azelastine is for me a salvation. Tried a lot of money from allergies, but none of them helped as well as these drops. The most convenient in this medication that its action lasts for 12 hours. So then drop the house in the morning, I spent the whole day protected from Allergy symptoms. No need to carry a bottle and drip eyes at work, which is very inconvenient.

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