Asit therapy — what it is: immunotherapy for allergies

Therapy ASIT for allergies: what is it

Allergy treatment is a long and not always successful process. The disease becomes a serious burden, which greatly reduces the quality of life. Pills and creams only relieve symptoms, but they soon returned under the influence of a number of precipitating factors. ASIT from allergies or allergen-specific immunotherapy appears to be a complex of effective events that are focused on eliminating pathology completely. Let’s look at what the ASIT, the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

  • Allergen-specific therapy: characteristics and the essence of the method
  • Indications and contraindications ASIT
  • The methodology of allergen-specific therapy
  • Determination of the effectiveness of treatment

Allergen-specific therapy: characteristics and the essence of the method

Perhaps every allergies on your own have experienced what drugs and folk remedies only temporarily prevent the clinical manifestations of the disease. When the pill for a long period of time does not help, a very short remission and exacerbation occurs frequently, this is accompanied by severe clinic, the allergist may recommend therapy ASIT.

Important: allergen-specific therapy is the only method in the field of Allergology, able to take control of the disease. Manipulation if successful allows you to get rid of the disease permanently or to achieve 5-year remission.

Where medicines are various forms of issue are acting exclusively for Allergy symptoms, while their impact does not depend on causes pathological reaction of the body, ASIT is required to identify the source of problems.

The method ASIT is an introduction to the human body minimum dosages of the allergen to which the inadequate reaction of the immune system, produces specific clinical signs – rash, red spots, itching, etc.

Over a certain time (interval is calculated according to medical Protocol) the dose of the substance increases and the body begins to adapt to it. As a result, it is possible to observe addictive, therefore, the pathology can be overcome.

Allergen-specific therapy, in fact, is a combination of homeopathy and vaccination, because it borrows the principles of these treatment options:

  • From homeopathy method ASIT took the principle of «like cures like». In other words, the relief being revealed in meager doses of the irritant, large doses lead to severe allergic reactions;
  • Vaccination method of immunotherapy taken the following: training the immune system to introduce a foreign component. The secret to a favorable prognosis lies in the minimum of allergens before the body will be forced to coexist in interaction with high doses.
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A method of treatment of an Allergy is a failure of the chain complex multi-step reactions, resulting from the switching response of the immune system with a normal allergic reaction. A course of immunotherapy can last for years. Medical professionals do not guarantee 100% successful result. However, significantly reduced the number of relapses, symptoms of allergies are much weaker.

The systematic entry of water and salt extract of the stimulus with a gradual increase in dosage leads to a moderate production of blocking anti bodies. the Dose due to the «source» and a state in which at the time of treatment remains the patient. Great importance is given to the form of the injection of a substance to its quality.

Water-salt extracts of allergens are the first therapeutic stimuli, but now not lose their popularity. In modern medical practice using the pathogens long-term effect (prolonged), which in comparison with water-salt extracts have obvious advantages:

  • Minimal risk of side effects;
  • Enhanced therapeutic effect;
  • Allergenicity is minimized.
  • Worth knowing: ASIT consists of two stages. First it is necessary to establish the maximum allowable dosage of drug allergen. The second stage is required to achieve a sustained remission.

    Indications and contraindications ASIT

    If there’s a chance get rid of allergies, it is ASIT is the only method that allows for such a possibility. However, the technique has its indications and contraindications, can cause side effects. The ASIT is recommended treatment for seasonal rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and colds, bronchial asthma (only the compensated form), some types of food allergies.

    Together with the medical testimony and consider other aspects. This procedure is conducted only against the background of precisely determined irritant; possible effects on the body not more than three allergens at a time; if the patient has no opportunity to avoid contact with the stimulus, for example, plant pollen, insect bites, etc.

    Method ASIT has contraindications:

    • Oncological diseases in anamnesis;
    • Severe disorders of the immune system;
    • Cardiovascular disease;
    • Mental illness;
    • Chronic diseases in decompensation;
    • Pregnancy;
    • Children up to 5 years;
    • The use of beta-blockers.

    Fact: an allergen-specific therapy is not carried out if you are allergic to fungi and mold, drugs, wool, Pets, cold, angioedema, urticaria, atopic form of dermatitis.

    To reduce the risk of negative effects due to the use of ASIT, it is necessary to start the treatment in a period of stable remission or outside of the seasonality of the disease. If it’s year-round allergies or asthma, the method is carried out on the background of basic therapy.

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    If allergen-specific therapy is used for seasonal pathologies that begin in the autumn or winter. To cancel the drug is not necessary. During the procedure, you need to reduce contact with the allergen to a minimum.

    Immunotherapy for allergies leads to the development of local and systemic side effects. These include:

  • Local reactions – hyperemia of the skin, swelling, swelling, itching, burning.
  • Systemic side effects of mucus from the sinuses, itching eyes, breathing difficulties, throat irritation, urticaria. Very rarely develop anaphylactic shock or angioedema.
  • To reduce the likelihood of negative effects should apply to qualified allergist. After manipulation within the hour to be under the supervision of a medical professional. It is extremely important to inform the doctor of any changes in your health.

    The methodology of allergen-specific therapy

    ASIT is carried out in five ways. The choice of method depends on the patient’s age, clinic, allergies, etc. factors. It can be injection, swallowing – put allergen under the tongue for two minutes, then it needs to swallow. The spitting involves the premise of the stimulus under the tongue, then spit. A variant of nasal – liquid pathogen is introduced into the nasal cavity; bronchial method – a liquid or powder irritant is injected into the bronchi through a special apparatus.

    Note: the most studied is the injection method, when the allergen is injected under the skin in the upper third of the shoulder. The disadvantage include the high risk of side effects when compared with other treatment options. Non-injection methods is good because adverse effects are rare, with allergens can make your own at home. The efficacy of ASIT does not depend on the method of administration of the stimulus in the body.

    The immunotherapy varies depending on the periodicity and frequency of treatment:

    • Preseason technique is carried out in hay fever, it is recommended for 90-120 days to flowering plants of the allergen. Doctors suggest that this allows to achieve at the beginning of flowering the maximum tolerated dosage of the substance. During the flowering stimulus is not introduced, the treatment continues after a year;
    • Year-round technique is carried out on the background of allergic reactions to household allergens. First, the medical specialist has reached the maximum dosage, after the need to carry introduction of maintenance doses to achieve positive dynamics.
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    Note that if the patient receives the allergens on their own, then it is recommended to strictly adhere to all recommendations of the attending doctor. Not following the rules leads to exacerbation of the disease, reduces the effectiveness of the obtained result significantly.

    Determination of the effectiveness of treatment

    Many patients believe that ASIT gives the result instantly, while forever. But the reality is slightly different. To predict the effectiveness of the method impossible, until it will hold.

    Note, in medical statistics a significant improvement observed in 85% of patients after the first course of therapy – after a few months of beginning treatment. To achieve stable results, the method requires a series of courses, held multiple years.

    In Allergology allocate certain indicators, based on which, a medical professional can determine whether there was a positive trend. First and foremost take into account the results of laboratory diagnostics, namely – reduction of the concentration of IgE in biological fluids – compared to initial values (before the beginning of the therapeutic course).

    The result of using ASIT:

  • Allergen-specific immunotherapy reduces the severity of clinical manifestations of the disease. With each session the introduction of the irritant, the symptoms become weaker. After about 3-4 months the signs may disappear completely.
  • ASIT allows you to refuse the use of symptomatic antihistamines, or reduce their dosages and frequency of application.
  • Even if you can not get rid of allergies completely, ASIT in any case provides a relatively positive result. In particular, it is possible to transform a severe form of the disease in the lungs pathology.

    Making the choice between the use of anti-allergic drugs and the method of ASIT, you need to understand that this treatment requires from the patient time, money and patience. Price for one treatment is about 15-20$ depending on the pricing policy of the medical institution. The total course of treatment can cost 600-1000$.

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