Any disease medical a nail Polish from nail fungus

But first the nail Polish from nail fungus that acts quickly and effectively. In its composition does not include harmful substances that affect the nail plate. It can also be used for preventive purposes before going to public places such as pools, spas, water parks.

The effect of varnish

To be infected by the fungus is not difficult, but to get rid of it is not so simple. It is easily transmitted from person to person. To resolve this issue requires a comprehensive approach. It is important at the slightest sign of a fungal infection can start treatment immediately.

In addition to various ointments and medications there is a special nail Polish from nail fungus. Especially works well for any Disease. It has a drying effect and does not injure the nail plate. It is in a humid environment develops fungus, so you need to remove it.

Varnish is applied to the damaged nail and gradually softens the plate. It is necessary for a deeper penetration of the funds.

After a while the Polish completely dries and clogs the pores, in order to, this place did not penetrate the oxygen. In this case, the fungal spores will not multiply and begin to die.

Medical nail each covering stores substances, and its effect gradually increases. After a few times of use are observed positive changes:

  • the burning stops and starts itching slightly, which indicates the beginning of the healing process;
  • the nails become lighter as the redness gradually passes, and it indicates the termination of the inflammatory process.
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A distinctive feature of varnish Aflubin

Some remedies, such as ointments or sprays, can only act on the surface of the plate and not fall on the lower layers. This causes the re-emergence of the fungus from which, each time harder to get rid of. Nail fungus Disease is the latest development, which is easy to cope with the problem. Product penetrates all layers of nail plate and holds the local therapy. Long-term use permanently eliminates fungal spores.

The composition of the varnish are:

  • large amounts of alcohol;
  • the extracts oils.

Due to these components is achieved by a drying and germicidal effect. The drug is effective on fungus and contributes to the neutralization of its enzymes. The Polish leaves the nail plate thin, barely visible film that has a protective function. This prevents the ingress of moisture and the formation of new fungal infection. After the first application noticeably positive effect.

How to apply nail Disease?

To cure the fungus in the shortest possible time, to properly use the drug. Getting rid of this disease is a complex and lengthy process, so it is important to approach it comprehensively and systematically.

Holding the skin surface in the bath for a few minutes, you should wipe dry each plate with a soft towel. Then, you should disinfect and degrease the nails with vinegar (9%) or alcohol. Then they have to dry completely. It is important to prevent the ingress of moisture inside of the plate.

Together with the varnish is typically applied with a special brush, which is used for removing from the surface of the nail is dead tissue. It can be used only on the affected surface, in any case it is impossible to Polish a healthy plate in order to avoid infecting fungal spores.

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After sanding you need to carefully apply the varnish. Avoid contact with the skin around the nail, because it will peel and itch. The preparation is intended only for the nail plate. It dries in literally 2 minutes. However, the top apply decorative coating, as this may decrease the action of the therapeutic agent.

The advantages and disadvantages of tools

Varnish against fungus is a great remedy for getting rid of the disease, but it is not suitable for everyone. If the surface of the nail plate severely affected, one this tool to remove fungal disease will not be enough. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor for use of appropriate medicines. Also varnish will not benefit if the nail is very weak and brittle.

In some cases, there may be severe itching and irritation. If this occurs, you should stop using the tool.

In other cases, especially in the beginning of the disease, the lacquer acts effectively and quickly.

Medical nail Polish can be purchased in pharmacies or cosmetic stores.