Anti-fungal herbs in folk medicine for oral

Antifungal herbs for the treatment and prevention of

Herbal treatments, dozens of generations was the main method of treatment for all diseases. Today there are many alternative ways however, prescriptions from folk healers continue to be used among patients. The popularity of alternative medicine in principle understandable, because in contrast to synthetic drugs purchased at the pharmacy grass from fungus rarely have contraindications and not give consequences, even after prolonged use. They are not habit forming and is available to everyone.

  • Antifungal herbs for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections
  • Oak bark
  • Golden mustache
  • Calendula
  • Celandine

Antifungal herbs for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections

Treatment of fungal infections herbs approve even dermatologists are usually skeptical to the unconventional methods of therapy. Some of the herbs include components that can kill the spores of the fungus and strengthen the immune power. The body is able to cope with any disease, if to reveal its hidden reserves.

Grass from fungus give a very good effect, especially if they are between a right mix. Each of the herbs has its own purposeful action and its own effect on the body, but if you correctly prepare the collection, the components are reinforcing each other’s action, and will give the result much faster.

You can buy herbs already prepared in the pharmacy, or prepare it yourself using one herb from each group. In order to get rid of foot fungus and other parts of the body, it is necessary to choose herbs of these groups:

  • anti-inflammatory — helps relieve swelling, itching and burning in the affected area. Helps chamomile, Hemlock, calendula, marigold, meadowsweet, fireweed;
  • antifungal herbs — allow to kill the fungus, destroying its cells (tysyacelistnik, grass Dubrovka, tarragon, rosemary, plantain and nettle);
  • tonic herbs improve immunity, promote rapid healing (mint, ginseng, Echinacea, Siberian ginseng).

The above herbs against the fungus can be mixed together or alternating, it is necessary to remember, no you are allergic to a particular plant. Otherwise, you Supplement fungal infection, a strong reaction of the skin that will aggravate your condition.

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There are certain types of plants that can best affect the body that the affected fungal infection. Among these herbs celebrate Golden mustache, celandine, calendula, and another active component, the oak bark. In all of these plants include tannins and volatile, which have antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect. They can be consumed as beverages and to treat the affected skin external way.

You should not get involved with decoctions of herbs in the treatment of fungus is not a panacea, but only one way to eliminate the ailment. If they are not given the result for two weeks or you notice new symptoms, discontinue use of the herbs and immediately contact your doctor.

Oak bark

According to numerous studies, scientists have shown that crushed oak bark active against yeast and fungi, and some gram-positive fungi. Thus the older the oak, the more useful it turns out to be raw. Chopped oak bark is used to prepare therapeutic baths, if you have a foot fungus or onychomycosis. You just need to pour in 100g of the raw material 1 liter of water and infuse for half an hour.

With excessive sweating of the feet, which is constantly evolving fungal infection, it is recommended to wipe several times a day feet, decoction of oak bark and flax seed. To eliminate peeling and to remove the top layer of calloused skin, help the ointment on the basis of oak bark. For its preparation you need to melt the lard, mix with chopped bark and tincture of water pepper.

In gynecology, the oak bark is also used very often, this component is rarely causes allergic reactions and even allowed women during pregnancy. To eliminate thrush, you need to moisten a cotton swab in the decoction of oak bark, and insert into the vagina at night. Spend the morning cleaning and evening the procedure was repeated. Also practiced douching decoction and washing the affected areas twice a day.

Golden mustache

Among the antifungal herbs Golden mustache is one of the leading positions, and all because it includes chromium, is able to normalize metabolic processes in the body, sulfur – what is antiseptic, and copper cleanses the blood from bacteria and fungal microorganisms. The beneficial properties of plants can be observed only in the alcoholic tincture. Golden mustache crushed and pour vodka, then you need to push a medicine at least two weeks. Use the resulting material 10 drops, 2 times a day before meals. The same alcoholic solution, treat the affected areas with a fungus.

Remember, how well-intentioned and medical purposes, you would not use grass from fungus of the toenails and other areas, on alcohol, alcohol continues to be alcohol. In large quantities or with long-term ingestion of alcohol may cause dizziness, drowsiness and impaired coordination of movements.


Calendula is a very famous drug, it is part of a huge quantity of medicines due to its powerful anti-inflammatory action. Calendula flowers contain tannins, ether extract and acid. All substances which are chemical composition, have antiseptic and antimicrobial effect. Flowers plants pour boiling water and a thermos insist half an hour. Recommended to drink a day half a Cup of infusion before eating 3 times a day. For best effect, you can make a decoction of calendula tincture of propolis. Thus, you will not only get rid of the yeast fungus, but also significantly strengthen your immune system. A decoction of this plant can be used for douching with a yeast infection and in inflammatory diseases in gynecology. Alcohol tincture is prepared with the expectation of 100g of flowers for 50g of vodka. Alcohol solution is used for external treatment of skin lesions. In onihomikozah make compresses, having moistened a cotton swab in the liquid.

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Effective antifungal agent, and is the celandine. It is used for therapeutic baths, for topical treatment of skin as well as lotions. For ingestion, other herbs recommended against the fungus, celandine has a certain toxicity, so it can cause kidney failure, digestive system and symptoms of intoxication.

Of this herb from a fungus of nails of the feet, can be prepared oil mixture. You need fresh stems are crushed, the leaf of a plant and its flowers are not used, and pour olive oil. The mixture insist in a dark place for three weeks. Next, the liquid filtered and used to compress or wiping of the affected area.

Have antifungal properties prefabricated mixture with the participation of celandine. The huge popularity of alcoholate based on oregano, marigold, and celandine. You should use fresh plants, dried herbs fail to prepare effective tool. The components are crushed, pour 100 g of vodka. Insisted 3 days, the medication is applied to inflamed skin and the nearby areas of healthy skin. Tool kills the cells of the fungus and dries the vesicles, which is not uncommon with mass lesions of the skin.

What herbs to drink for fungal infection, and how to treat the area of infection, now you know. Properly prepared tincture, you will be able to get rid of pesky fungus at home. It is very important to be patient, because in most cases, the effect does not occur immediately, every body is special, and its responding to treatment natural ingredients. The use of these traditional medicine gives a good result, but, as a rule, at the initial stage of the disease. If the fungus is running, it may go into chronic stage and grass in the end, will remove only visible manifestations of the disease, and the pathogen will not be affected.

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