Analysis of nail fungus and how to make scraping the nail

How and where to be tested for nail fungus?

Sometimes people may face significant changes in the Horny plate of the nail. In particular, can change the structure, form, color. To prescribe the right treatment, the specialist should confirm or deny onychomycosis (nail fungus). And this should be tested for nail fungus. How and where is this procedure and how to prepare for it, are described below.

  • The importance of analysing the
  • Types of tests for the detection of pathogenic microflora of the nail
  • Performing the tests and the tests for fungus?
  • Preparations for the analysis
  • The principle of sampling of biological material
  • The procedure of seeding of the biomaterial taken

The importance of analysing the

If the reader believes that to be tested for the fungus is not so important, and what the dermatologist may on the eye to determine the type of disease, such a view is fundamentally not true. The fact that inappropriate and inadequate diagnosis of the fungus on the nail continues its growth and progression. Not only the plate will be destroyed. Cells of pathogens will begin to have a negative influence on the entire body. It is therefore important to accurately determine the type of fungus. In addition, the importance of testing for the fungus is determined and these additional factors:

  • The risk of infection by the fungus relatives and people from the neighborhood. Therefore, the patient should as soon as possible to pass gemotest to determine the type of fungus;
  • The risk of incorrect self-treatment without consulting the doctor. And that could lead at least to the lack of results of therapy, as a maximum — to a significant deterioration of the situation.

Types of tests for the detection of pathogenic microflora of the nail

For accurate diagnosis your doctor may prescribe a number of such tests:

  • Scraping on the nail fungus. In this case, the assistant special scraper removes the upper Horny layer of the plate damaged nail or cuts a piece of damaged plate. At the same time in a special container can be placed and a piece of plate (if it crumbles well), and particles of skin from under the nail.
  • Test PCR. In this case, the patient takes the blood and DNA of the fungus in it determine the subspecies and strain refers to pathogenic microorganisms. This allows you to assign more effective treatment.
  • The inoculation of fungus nails. For this study, the technicians use the same material that was taken previously during the scraping.
  • The study of blood. In this case, doctors will perform blood tests to understand at what stage of progression is pathogenic microflora.

Important: it is likely that the patient will have to double to be tested for nail fungus. In the first case to be diagnosed, and the second to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

Performing the tests and the tests for fungus?

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If the reader is interested where to take the tests for nail fungus the information below may be helpful. First such studies carried out in most city or regional budget of clinics equipped with laboratory. Also doctor may recommend that you contact one of the private laboratories. And if in the first case the diagnosis will be free or have a nominal cost, private laboratories can test for a substantial amount. However, it is worth remembering that in private organizations most often the quality of the equipment in better times, and, therefore, diagnosis can be significantly more accurate.

Important: the patient has the right to decide where he was to pass such tests. Coercion on the part of the treating doctor is unacceptable. It is worth to note that in a private laboratory the patient may be asked to perform a specific set of tests aimed at clarifying the diagnosis.

Preparations for the analysis

To the result of the research was as accurate as possible, the patient should prepare for the sampling of biological material. In particular, how to test for nail fungus describe such recommendations:

  • Before the test it is forbidden to cut the affected fungus nail and remove using the procedure of manicure damaged skin around it. It is desirable that the nail had not been raised manicure tools during the week to the fence fabric with your finger.
  • It is forbidden to use ointments, creams and all other external funds (health and beauty) 5 days prior to the date of analysis.
  • It is not recommended to take any anti-fungal medication in pill form for 5 days prior to the date of analysis.
  • It is recommended not to use detergents and disinfectants to the analysis at least 2-3 days. Better in this period, rinse the diseased nail is a simple running water.
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The principle of sampling of biological material

It is worth noting that the fears of testing for the majority of patients are groundless. Procedures for collection of biomaterial is absolutely painless and does not differ from the standard excision of the nail plate. When carrying out scraping the technician may slightly scrape the skin tissue under the affected nail. This procedure is also painless.

Important: the technician just has to take a sufficient bite of the biomaterial to capture viable bacteria, which can then be sown. If the specialist will capture only the tip of the nail, which will only lost mycobacteria, they may just not live up to the analysis process.

The procedure of seeding of the biomaterial taken

After the capture of biological material for planting it examined in the laboratory to subject the nutrient medium (carried out fungal cultures). In particular, wort, agar Saburo. The growth of the mycobacteria in a nutrient medium begins at 5-7 days of starting treatment.

Then grown fungi perform a test-a test of susceptibility to drugs. This additional analysis in order to provide an effective remedy from fungus. So, grown in a nutrient medium a fungus is applied to the disks of cardboard, pre-impregnated with these or other drugs. Then track the effectiveness of reduction of fungal growth and his death. The findings of the study, the patient gives the doctor. Based on available data, the specialist prescribes treatment.

Important: holding tank seeding with a nail if you suspect athlete’s foot definitely. As the disease can often be confused with psoriasis, eczema, beriberi and so on this means that can be assigned to ineffective or even harmful therapy.

Remember, surrendering analysis on pathogenic Mycobacterium nail and on the identification of fungal mold, you get the opportunity to quickly get rid of the disease. With this you prevent transmission of the disease to the family, colleagues or like-minded people in sporting activities.

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