Analysis of HSV — what it is: norms and decoding

Preparation for assay for HSV and decrypting

Herpes simplex virus, once lodged in the human body, remains there forever, thus he can constantly be activated to root them many times. Analysis of HSV (study of herpes simplex virus) shows that in any «relationship» is a virus and the body. There are two varieties of HSV – the first and second type. These two species are able to trigger infectious disease of varying severity, until the defeat of the Central nervous system.

  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Preparation for assay
  • How to decipher the results of the analysis on herpes?
  • What are the normal values for IgG and IgM?

Herpes simplex virus

HSV – viral pathology which is accompanied by the appearance of vesicles and papules on the skin and mucous membranes of humans, inside contains serous fluid. In medicine there are two types. Studies to determine of herpes, in particular, the tests for IgG and IgM, to determine whether it is in the human body.

Actually, and without specific research it is possible to understand that the virus is in the body because it manifests itself symptomatic. The difficulty is that many people are just carriers of the virus they have, but he is «asleep».

Important: to become infected with the herpes virus not only from person with the symptoms, but also from people who are carriers without outward signs of infection.

The first is the most common type of infection. It is characterized by a variety of lesions in the lips, nose, cheeks and other areas of the face. Second type when you activate this files most often causes a rash on the mucous membrane of the genital organs.

To get rid of unpleasant «neighborhood» is impossible. However, the human body can produce antibodies, resulting in pathogenic agent is under constant control of the immune system.

When the immune system becomes weaker under the influence of a number of precipitating factors, viral rashes appear relatively quickly – it is the dominant symptom of HSV activation. If the rash mainly on the lips – type 1, when localized in the intimate area – 2. In the first and in the second case necessarily requires the aid of a medical professional.

Preparation for assay

In the initial stages of the development process the virus in the body herpes to be detected is practically impossible, because the formation of antibodies requires a certain period of time. When herpes virus is present the constant recurrence of the disease suffering immune status.

Need to know: herpes is for pregnant women because it carries a considerable risk for mother and child, the arbitrary interruption of pregnancy, intrauterine infection, which leads to impaired development of the baby. High probability of fetal infection during passage through the birth canal.

What tests need to pass on the herpes virus? A specific study your doctor will recommend. At the moment the most commonly used PCR (polymerase chain reaction), ELISA (ELISA method), serological and cultural study.

Women during pregnancy analysis prescribed in the antenatal clinic. In some pictures the blood to the herpes is examined 2-3 times for the whole period of gestation. This is because the expectant mother may become infected at any time.

A method of PCR analysis is recommended by a medical practitioner in cases when it appears on the skin rashes for no apparent etiology or there is suspicion of genital herpes. As the biological material is blood, urine, saliva, a swab.

Blood test for herpes involves some training, allows to exclude false-positive or false-negative result. Training consists in the following points:

  • Sampling of biological material is carried out on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning;
  • 24 hours before blood sampling from the diet excludes alcoholic beverages, Smoking, excessive physical activity;
  • The minimum period of starvation to get the correct result – 8-12 hours;
  • Before the study, it is recommended to avoid stressful situations;
  • If you are analyzing for a child, 30 minutes before blood sampling it given water – 250 ml for half an hour in small SIPS;
  • 15 minutes before blood sampling to exclude any activity. Need to sit back, not to do sharp movements, not to worry etc.

To obtain reliable results cannot be taking drugs. If this is not possible, you need to provide your doctor with complete list of drugs taken at the moment.

How to decipher the results of the analysis on herpes?

Immunoassay method for the diagnosis reveals not the herpes simplex virus and immunoglobulins – antibodies thereto, which are produced by the human immune system. The laboratory conducts special biological response that helps to find antibodies to a particular type of viral agent.

Antibodies in the interpretation of analysis is proteins that produced by immune system in response to infectious processes. The production of antibodies occurs in the circulatory system, then they spread throughout the body. After experiencing the attack of pathogenic agents in any location.

Note: each infection synthesize the immunoglobulins. The herpes simplex virus reacting antibodies M (lgM) and G (lgG).

IgM antibodies are immunoglobulins, they are found in the first few weeks after infection. Approximately 35% of clinical pictures, their presence in the analysis suggests that the infection is not new, there was activation of the old. IgG are diagnosed in those situations where the pathology is chronic.

The result of the analysis takes into account such a term as «avidity». This parameter reflects the capability of antibodies to get rid of the virus. When HSV is present for a long period of time, respectively, IgG avidity is high.

Interpreting the results of the analysis:

  • The avidity index of 40%, detected IgG miscaviges form. The result indicates a recent infection of primary nature.
  • Avidity varies from 40 to 60%, IgG is a «gray zone». You can talk about uncertain primary stage of infectious process. The result requires another test to confirm the diagnosis. It is recommended to carry out a second blood sampling after 7-14 days.
  • When the avidity above 60% detected vysokoavidnyh form IgG – long chronic infection.
  • Usually the immune system herpes significantly reduced, therefore, requires complex therapy to suppress the activity of the virus pathology. The interpretation of results needs to engage the medical specialist.

    What are the normal values for IgG and IgM?

    Of course, the patient received the results of his studies, he wants in the shortest possible time to learn that showed a laboratory diagnosis. It is not always possible in the day to get to your doctor, so you can try to decipher on their own.

    Note each laboratory has its own set of standards and indicators (listed in the forms), so, not having medical education and not knowing the standards, to understand difficult.

    The analysis on herpes, provides information:

    • IgG and IgM negative. Immunity to herpes simplex virus is absent. Talking about a high probability of primary infection;
    • With IgM + and IgG negative. The immune system is working well. There is no likelihood of primary infection. The risk of secondary activation of virus depends on the immune system, amenable to prevention. In the presence of precipitating factors is developing the pathological process;
    • IgG -, IgM +. Occurred primary infection. Requires medical correction;
    • IgG and IgM with a sign. Observed secondary aggravation, you need to spend conservative treatment.

    When the number of antibodies is low, say about the negative result. If their concentrations increases more than the permissible limits – prescribed standards, it indicates positive result.

    Core values:

  • Anti-HSV IgG. In biological material are antibodies to herpes simplex virus, disease in history. This applies to normal, revealed virtually the entire population.
  • Anti-HSV IgM. Blood detected antibodies in this abnormal process is in the acute stage. After conservative therapy in the norm, such a result is detected within 60-70 days.
  • Anti-HSV IgM Anti-HSV IgG (negative). The activity of the virus is not detected, the person is healthy.
  • Anti-HSV IgM +/ Anti-HSV IgG +. The infection is acute or indolent inflammatory process.
  • Anti-HSV IgM +/ Anti-HSV IgG. The virus in the body is present. If this result applies to a woman during pregnancy, there is a substantial probability of infection for the baby.
  • Herpes simplex virus is in the body of almost everyone. Carriers of the virus do not experience discomfort from this «neighborhood», there are no alarming symptoms. Others on the background of a weak immune system it manifests itself externally – rash.

    In any case, it is recommended to be tested for HSV. It will help to avoid negative consequences in the future. And the timely detection of the virus during pregnancy will protect the baby.

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