Analogues of Cycloferon in tablets cheaper and how to drink with a cold or antibiotics

Cycloferon: instructions for use, method of issuance and analogues

The treatment of some dermatological diseases, especially chickenpox and herpes infections, is carried out using drugs with antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. Such drugs include the Cycloferon. The drug is a high molecular weight inducer which facilitates the synthesis of endogenous interferon. The medication has a broad spectrum activity. This medicine with antitumor, immunomodulatory, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative effects. After the application of Cycloferon in the body increases the production of alpha — and beta-interferons. We will describe the structure, action, and especially taking this medication, and also list the counterparts of Cycloferon. In addition, in this article you will find information on how to take Cicloferon and antibiotics at the same time.

  • Description of the drug
  • Release form and composition
  • Pharmacological action
  • The use of the tablets
  • The use of liniment
  • The use of prophylactic purposes
  • Contraindications
  • Analogues

Description of the drug

Because specific treatment for varicella does not exist, usually during illness to help the patient apply symptomatic therapy. However, with the significant weakening of the immune system need to take Cycloferon, which will allow to achieve high cellular immunity to herpes virus and to hasten the immune response.

Cycloferon is used in SARS and other viral infections, including dermatologic, because he is the inducer of interferon. Taking this drug during varicella can suppress the reproduction of herpes virus in the initial stage of the disease, that is, in the first five days. In the end, during the division of the virus are formed, elements with defects that can not cause harm to the body.

Many patients interested in the answer to the question, is it possible to take cycloferon in conjunction with antibiotics. Since the Cycloferon enhances nonspecific resistance of the organism to bacterial and viral agents, it is allowed to combine with antibiotics and other drugs. You should know not only what can I drink Cicloferon with antibiotics, but how long allowed to take the drug. Since this drug is not addictive, it can take quite a long time.

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Release form and composition

For treatment of chickenpox apply the following medicinal forms of the drug:

  • pills for intake;
  • liniment for topical application to the skin.

The composition of the tablet form of the following:

  • criconematina acid in one pill 150 milligrams;
  • N-methylglucamine – in the pill for 146 mg;
  • as additives used cellulose and calcium stearate.

The composition of the liniment, which has no analogues, is the following:

  • criconematina acid for each gram, 50 mg;
  • N-methylglucamine – for every 2 ml 192,9 mg;
  • auxiliary ingredients: the basis of 1,2-propylene glycol, and antiseptic katapola.

Also available in an injectable solution Cycloferon, but it is not used to treat chickenpox in children, therefore, to describe its composition is not necessary.

Pharmacological action

This drug, as analogues of Cycloferon, causes clinical improvement of the patient with infectious disease of viral origin. The highest concentration of interferon is defined in tissues with a high content of lymphoid elements (intestines, lungs, spleen and liver). Thanks to the activation of the immune system in patients receiving antimicrobial and protivokariosnoe observed effect of the drug.

The drug has a cancer effect and has antimetastatic effect, so it prevents any tumor processes in the body. Reduces pain by suppressing autoimmune reactions. The local use of Cycloferon helps to improve the balance of the immune system due to anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative actions.

The use of the tablets

Now let’s talk about how to drink Cicloferon. Drink the pill once a day for ½ hour before meals. It is desirable to do the morning on an empty stomach, because observed better absorption of active ingredients.

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The use of Cycloferon allowed in children from 4 years.
Dosing the following:

  • children from four to 6 years – one pill once a day;
  • children from seven to 12 years – the pill two times a day;
  • since twelve years of age, use adult dosage up to 4 tablets a day.

How to drink Cicloferon for colds, tell the doctor. In the treatment of varicella adhere to the following regimens:

  • In the first two days of treatment tablets age dose is taken daily.
  • Next age dosage drinking on 4, 6 and the eighth day of treatment.
  • On the 2nd week of treatment the drug is taken three times a day.
  • Duration of treatment – 20 days.
  • Attention! For the treatment of severe and complicated forms of herpetic infection in children is recommended to use both tablets for oral use and liniment for topical application.

    The use of liniment

    In the treatment of chicken pox Cicloferon in the firm liniment is used quite often. The medication comes in tubes of 5 ml each. The active ingredients of drugs quickly penetrate into the dermis and stimulate the production of interferon.

    Important! Cycloferon in the form of liniment is allowed to combine with any local antiseptics, which are processed by areas of skin with rashes.

    To facilitate the course of the disease and prevent secondary infection of the rash in the composition of the antiseptic liniment present. A thin layer of ointment applied to the skin and mucous three times a day. Duration of treatment – 7 days. During this time, symptoms such as rashes are usually fully tested.

    The use of prophylactic purposes

    In the case when ill with chicken pox a person contact an adult or a child who had not previously suffered from chickenpox, it is recommended to take Cycloferon in the preventive purposes. To this end, the Cycloferon take a dose of age every three or two days. Also to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to take vitamin C.

    Should know! Receiving Cycloferon is not always possible to avoid the disease through contact with a sick person.


    The use of antiviral medicines in tablets is contraindicated in the following cases:

    • pregnancy and lactation;
    • not used to treat children under the age of four;
    • individual intolerance;
    • decompensated cirrhosis of the liver.
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    Treatment of pregnant women and the use of medications during lactation is allowed only in the form of a liniment. On a background of reception rarely seen adverse reactions in the form of various allergic reactions.


    If you decide to use an analogue of Cycloferon in tablets is cheaper, then first you should consult with your doctor. Among drugs with similar action is the following:

    • Alokin-alpha;
    • Amiksin;
    • Anaferon children;
    • Amiksin is;
    • Blastomyces;
    • Galavit;
    • Vilozen;
    • Gerbion, Echinacea;
    • Gepon;
    • Glutoxim;
    • Zadaxin;
    • Imunal;
    • Immunoplate;
    • Lavomax;
    • Manax;
    • Neovir;
    • Proteflazid;
    • Primaver;
    • Aginal etc.

    Despite the good tolerability of Cycloferon, it is sometimes necessary to replace the drug analogues. To do this without an appointment and a doctor’s advice is not necessary, since the indications and contraindications to the use of the products differ.

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