Aloe from acne on the face: juice helps against blackheads

The use of Aloe for acne

The men of all ages looking for a simple and cheap way to keep youth and beauty for a long time. Few people know, but that aloe is the cure-all. About the positive impact of the juice of this plant has long been known, on the basis of preparing creams, gels and masks do cosmetic companies. This is not strange, because aloe has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and a drying effect. Aloe from acne on the face very effective, the juice penetrates into the deep orbs of the skin, relieves inflammation, blocks the synthesis of subcutaneous fat and creates conditions not suitable for further breeding of bacteria.

  • The positive properties and composition of plants
  • Value from acne
  • Lotions with aloe
  • Compresses with aloe
  • Ointments and masks involving aloe

The positive properties and composition of plants

Aloe Vera and acne things are not comparable, as the composition of the plant includes complex of biologically active substances that give the skin a healthy appearance and prevent the development of diseases. The healing properties of aloe received, thanks:

  • Alaina — serves as a protective barrier to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the skin;
  • vitamins — improve the color and elasticity of the skin, activate metabolic processes;
  • the catechin — treated substance to the flavonoids, it stimulates the processes of blood circulation in the inflamed areas of the skin, helps reduce swelling;
  • the pectin is characterized by a moisturizing properties, cleanses the skin of residues of dirt and dust;
  • carotenoids — improves skin regeneration;
  • tanning agents — reduce enlarged pores, relieve redness, possess antimicrobial activity;
  • organic acids — active in combating certain strains of bacteria, support acid — alkaline balance of the skin, which often leads to acne formation.

Such a rich composition of the plant allows to use aloe Vera for facial acne, acne and blackheads at home.

Harm from using substances is not going to be any, unlike the ready-made lotions and creams that enrich the chemical components, dyes and flavors. Aloe does not cause allergic reactions and is well absorbed by the skin.

Value from acne

Aloe Vera for acne helps only if used correctly. Source of medicinal raw materials are leaves, therefore, use only fresh-cut options. If the sheet is let stand 2-3 hours is not used, then wtached their properties and applying the juice will not be effective in the pimples.

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Apply aloe Vera for acne can be different ways, but it is important to harvest raw materials from plants which is not less than 4 years. Before this age in the plant there are not many substances that are active in the fight against acne, and help from the subcutaneous pimples.

Aloe Vera juice for acne on face can be used in cooking:

  • lotions;
  • masks;
  • ointments;
  • compresses.

Each option has its own characteristics, the scope and method of cooking, but the principle of operation is almost the same.

Lotions with aloe

The easiest way to treat pimples and blackheads, is to prepare a lotion. You need to squeeze through cheesecloth juice of leaves and mix 8 tablespoons of the liquid with two tablespoons of alcohol. Aloe Vera juice for acne in the ratio with alcohol helps to eliminate brown spots, small rash, but is not effective in advanced options. In the fight subcutaneous acne lotions don’t use. They are well suited for daily cleansing of the skin, the lotion kills bacteria, eliminates impurities, removes remains of fat accumulated in the pores during the day, and cosmetics. This kind of prevention of acne.

Use aloe Vera juice for acne in its pure form, is not recommended for wiping, it is very concentrated and can in sensitive people cause an allergic reaction. If you are afraid that the alcoholic lotion is also negatively appear on your skin can dissolve the same amount of juice with 3 tablespoons boiling water.

If you want to eliminate not only acne, but also a bit whiten the skin, is very good at helping lotion with cucumber and aloe. It is prepared by a simple principle — cucumber and aloe are crushed and squeezed out the juice, mixed with salicylic alcohol. Applied to the skin before bedtime and in the morning after cleansing.

Compresses with aloe

If you think about it, does aloe Vera acne advanced forms, you can be sure of a positive result, important to use a more concentrated option in the treatment. Such is the compress, all you need is cutting off the leaf of a plant, tear off his skin and put flesh to the inflamed skin for half an hour. Order sheet is kept, it is bonded with plaster. You can moisten a cloth of cotton fabric in pure aloe juice and applied for 20 minutes to face.

If you feel tingling or burning, wash face with water, it is likely that you have a personal intolerance to some components of the plant.

You can combine the SAP with the agave, medicinal properties of this plant will increase the antibacterial action of aloe, and will only accelerate the effect of an application. You need grass century plant cover with water and boil for half an hour until the amount of liquid is not reduced by half. Next, mix 50 g of aloe juice with broth, and soak in a thermos, half an hour.

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Ointments and masks involving aloe

Application of compresses and lotions, treatment with aloe juice is not limited to, on the basis of plants it is possible to prepare creams and masks. Better rest proven:

  • Bee products have always been famous for its efficiency in the control of inflammation, they did not disappoint this time. Mask of honey and aloe Vera can work wonders. You need to mix aloe juice with honey until smooth and apply to skin in a thin layer. Be sure to pre-clean the skin. Keep a mask 20 minutes, then wash with cold water. If you want to eliminate the black dots, resulting in consistency add the hydrogen peroxide.
  • To tighten pores, to remove pimples and eliminate Shine will help face mask with aloe juice and egg white. The aloe leaf is crushed to mushy state, and is mixed with the separated from the yolk protein. Thoroughly shot down and add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Keep the mask for half an hour, and then removed in a special way. Rinse with water, not work, because the protein is very sticky and tight to the skin. You need to Pat yourself lightly on the face. The mask will stick to your fingers, and layers to fall off.
  • If necessary, as quickly as possible to remove redness on the face and remove pimples, you can refer to the recipe of the mask based on white clay. It is sold in most drugstores at an affordable cost. For the manufacture of the product is 1 teaspoon aloe Vera juice adds to the eyes, so to get a liquid smooth consistency. The mask can be applied all over the face or dot is applied on the pimples. Keep the clay for half an hour, and then wash off with warm water.
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    The easiest way to use aloe Vera juice as a cream, mix it with vaseline. This tandem perfectly moisturizes dry skin and eliminates peeling. Ready means put a thin bowl and leave until completely absorbed, no need to rinse off.

    The huge popularity of aloe gel in cosmetics, it is also possible to cook by yourself. For this, you need to cut the leaves of the plant and put in foil for a few days in the fridge. The plants are washed and cut the ends on both sides. Tear leaves with your hands so that the middle was open and placed the pieces in a jar filled with sparkling water. Insist 3 hours, strain off the liquid into a separate container. It is diluted gelatin, the calculation is 50 ml of liquid 1,3 teaspoon. The leaves that separated from the mineral water with gelatine, strain through cheesecloth, and the juice added to the second container. All thoroughly mixed and poured 5 drops of vitamin E, it can be purchased at the pharmacy.

    The tool can be used almost immediately, it perfectly fights against aging, as gelatin is collagen, eliminates inflammation, red spots, black spots and triggered acne.

    Some of the options for the treatment of acne with aloe juice, you choose — guaranteed to get a positive result with regular application. Mother nature has taken care of people in such a way that everything necessary for the beauty and survival, we could get directly from her creations. Why ignore such a good opportunity to improve your health, and buy chemical creams, if they can be made from plants that most emblazoned on the window sill.

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