Allergy treatment folk remedies at home

Folk remedies for the treatment of allergies at home

Many people are familiar with the problem that summer and spring brings not only joy, but also inflammation of allergic reactions. Some people problem worries all year round. In this article you can learn how to treat Allergy at home, without distractions from everyday life, and without attracting unnecessary costs.

  • Brief description of the disease
  • Prevention of the disease
  • Treatment at home

Brief description of the disease

Allergies – is inadequate reaction of the human body to a substance, its constituents. The disease may be seasonal or year-round character. Allergen – a substance to which the body reacts inappropriately. The causes of the disease can be:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • incorrect lifestyle, diet and its components.

Note. Recently out professional form of the disease associated with the human occupation.

Prevention of the disease

You will never have a question about how to get rid of allergies at home, if to adhere to strict rules concerning your daily life. Take a look at 5 rules that help prevent allergic reactions and aggravation:

  • Forget about the open Windows. The rule with admission to a variety of allergens from the outside. In the presence of home air conditioning to live, not opening the house is quite comfortable at any time of the year. For best effect on the conditioning you need to set the mode of air circulation.
  • Don’t forget to use prescribed medication on time. Given that each drug breaks down in the body and circulates there for a while, is to do a strict regimen of means to maintain a proper level of nutrients brought by the drug.
  • Important! Don’t forget that abusing drugs can also cause allergies, not taking into account the fact that drugs have side effects.

  • If you are allergic to pollen – forget about physical activity in the early time on the street. In the morning most of the plants are beginning to spread the pollen, resulting in different sensations, morning exercise may be the cause of the accident.
  • Pay more attention to their health. After analyzing their condition in every season, you can see the pattern on the degradation. Even if the Allergy does not deliver special problems and caused a sinusitis, you should take care of the disease as early as possible to cure the Allergy without the complications of the clinical picture and overall health.
  • Learn how to properly equip your home. The house is a place where people spend the most time, so you should ensure that the house was not flowering plants (balconies and flower beds under the window is also a concern). Pillow and blanket must be Packed with synthetic filling. Should abandon the content in house Pets, even parrots and fish.
  • Adhering to these rules, you can room to fight allergies, not allowing her even to Express themselves.

    Treatment at home

    First aid for Allergy in home is the knowledge of symptoms and treatments right at home. There are many tools that are used in everyday life and help to remove inflammation. These funds include:

    • Tea. Varieties of green tea with mint with antioxidant properties and contain vitamins that can help relieve Allergy symptoms in the short term, because the tea can and should be drunk often.

    Note. Tea means to use only part of its useful properties. Steam coming from hot green or ginger tea will help with a stuffy nose, headache and relieves nervous tension.

    • Shower. Taking a shower after each outing, it’s nice to combine getting rid of allergens that have accumulated on the outer surface of the body and hot water with steam, which removes a stuffy nose, skin irritation.
    • The use of diet herbs and other supplements. Herbs such as: deaf nettle, celandine, spirulina, eyebright, celery, possess anti-Allergy properties. The use of bromelain as a nutritional Supplement, will help to cope with this problem, as home allergic to, taking a high level of inflammation. To understand how to quickly relieve Allergy symptoms and how to alleviate their condition, you should know that it is necessary to properly distribute the dosage the use of these herbs and supplements, starting with small quantities, gradually increasing.

    Important! From the use of these supplements in large amounts, they can also be allergic, before recovered first.

    • Many people who suffer from allergies to dust, animal dander, ask questions about what to do and what to treat this type of Allergy. Use HEPA filters, you can forget about these allergens, because they are captured by filters, which are in addition portable and fully purify the air in the housing.
    • Allergy treatment at home without med – difficult. If a person is not concerned about food Allergy to the product, he must know that honey is one of the best remedies for this disease. Honey helps to remove the inflammation in the nose, freeing the nasal passage to improve breathing process, and reduces the reactivity to the allergen.
    • The saline spray. As remedies for allergies, saline spray helps reduce the swelling of the nose and eases other symptoms of allergies no worse than washing the nasal cavity. When using the spray, the salt solution is distributed evenly over the mucosa, where shows the main effect.
    • Neti-pot. This tool will help to know what can treat the Allergy at home, using only a small special kettle. This device is gaining a wide circle of admirers of the method, because it is easy to use, and the efficiency at a high level. To forget what is Allergy and how to treat the disease, you should know the rules of using the object.

    Instructions for using the Neti pot. Fill the pot pre-heated to temperature levels of the human body with a mixture consisting of water and saline. As the salt, for the best effect it is necessary to use sea or iodized. Before washing, to relieve swelling of the nose and to facilitate the procedure, you need to vismarkt nose, then drip into it a vasoconstrictor. When the procedure is necessary to tilt the head to one side and pour the liquid from the kettle until it is full nasal cavity, mouth breathing. If the procedure is done correctly, the liquid washes away mucus from the nasal cavity and allergens, freely flowing through the nose.

    Remember, if you stick to the important points in the treatment of allergies folk remedies at home, it’s easy to cope with allergies without tiring the body pills and antihistamines drugs, keeping the tone of the immune system.

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