Allergodil eye drops and instructions for their use

Allergodil eye drops Allergy

In allergic conjunctivitis, there are negative symptoms – itching, burning sensation in eyes, foreign body sensation, tearing, painful reaction to light. To treat year-round or seasonal allergies often prescribed Allergodil drops. The drug effectively, and most importantly, quickly relieves the signs of allergic reactions. Medication with antihistamine activity recommend that young children and adults. In compliance with the instructions for use adverse reactions develop rarely.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

Dosage form means Allergodil – eye drops and spray to irrigate the nasal passages. Drops are available in bottles, have a different amount – 6 and 10 ml. Spray metered sold by spray-dispenser bottle 10 ml.

Drug drug has antihistamines and anti-allergic effect, belongs to the category of blockers H1-receptor synthetic origin.

Has antihistamine and membrane stabilizing properties, reduce permeability of capillary walls, prevents the secretion of fat cells active components in the form of histamine, serotonin, which provoke the development of allergic symptoms.

Should know eye drops in allergic conjunctivitis relieve itching, redness, prevent inflammation; nasal spray effectively treats allergic rhinitis decreases nasal congestion, reduces swelling of mucous membrane.

Effect after application comes quickly. After 15 minutes, a decrease in negative clinics. Duration of about 12 hours. Can vary in either direction due to the individual characteristics of the organism and severity of allergic manifestations.

Instructions for use and composition

Allergodil (eye drops) include the main active substance is azelastine hydrochloride and auxiliary components. Per ml drops contains 0.5 mg of active component. The spray has a similar composition, the dosage of azelastine is 0.01 grams for the whole bottle (10 ml).

Indications for use:

  • Eye drops are prescribed for the treatment of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis nature, for the treatment of inflammatory pathologies of organs of vision of any pathogenesis, including traumatic etiologies;
  • The nasal spray is issued for the relief of symptoms of seasonal and year-round rhinitis, used for the treatment of non-allergic forms of rhinitis.
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Eye drops Allergodil and spray from allergies have contraindications. You cannot use if you are sensitive to azelastine or drug in General, during pregnancy, breastfeeding. Nasal spray is not used for children under 6 years of age drops are not used up to 4 years.

Side effects

Due to hypersensitivity to the drug or with organic intolerance means, you may experience a negative reaction. Eye drops can enhance lacrimation, lead to edema and hyperemia, pain.

Sometimes patients after applying the drops complain of itching, appearance of red spots on the sclera (bleeding), feeling of a foreign body, impaired visual perception, increased dryness in the eyes. Rarely develop blepharitis.

Due to the fact that the drops practically do not penetrate into the bloodstream, systemic side effects are rare. These include difficulty breathing, prolonged constipation.

After using the spray can develop negative effects in the form of sneezing, itching in the nose, burning sensation, epistaxis, dryness in the mouth. Nausea is manifested in those scenes when the drug into the nasopharynx.

Method of application and doses

Not recommended to appoint himself drops Allergodil. Instruction manual only specifies standard dosage, they can vary greatly depending on the severity of clinical manifestations, General health of the patient, the patient’s age and other factors.

Important: azelastine hydrochloride enhances the sedative effects of ethanol and means which inhibit the activity of the Central nervous system. Cimetidine increases the concentration of the active component in the blood, and Ketoconazole reduces.

The nasal spray is equipped with a special dispenser that facilitates the application. The first time you should spray the medicine in air. During use, the head does not throw back, keep straight.

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Features of application of the nasal spray:

  • For the treatment of allergic rhinitis or the combination of rhinitis and conjunctivitis child of 6 years appoint 1 dose (click once on the spray) in each nostril. From 12, recommend 2 doses in each nostril twice a day. Apply until the cessation of the alarming symptoms. Long allowed the use of up to six months, but not more.
  • Therapy vasomotor rhinitis child and adult person appoint two of the dosage in each nostril. Used to leveling the clinic. In this case, the maximum duration of treatment – up to 2 months.
  • Eye drops should be instilled into the lower conjunctival SAC. When seasonal form of allergic conjunctivitis in adults and children 4 years of being prescribed one drop in both eyes morning and evening. If the symptoms are very pronounced, there is pain, I can recommend the rate of application up to 4 times per day. If such pathology can be used prophylactically.

    For the treatment of non-seasonal allergic conjunctivitis prescribe one drop morning and evening. The multiplicity is determined individually, as the duration of therapy. The dose can increase according to the medical testimony.

    Note, before burying medications contact lenses are removed. Other eye drops that are recommended in the complex treatment, used at intervals of not less than 15 minutes.

    Analogues of the drug

    The pharmaceutical industry offers medications, which would have coincided with drops Allergodil on the active substance and therapeutic effect simultaneously. As an analogy, a medical expert can recommend ways Chromogen, Rental (tablet), Tizin, Alergi.

    Cromolyn – eye-drops anti-allergic properties work as a result of stabilization of membranes of mast cells. Drug release form – eye drops and spray to irrigate the nasal passages. Active ingredient – kromoglicieva acid. The drug has a more extensive list of indications for use.

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    It is advisable to use not only to treat allergic conjunctivitis, and keratitis, a combination of keratitis and conjunctivitis. Spray is prescribed for the treatment of seasonal and non-seasonal allergic rhinitis.

    At the beginning of treatment it is recommended to drip 4 times a day at intervals of 4-6 hours. Use 1-2 drops in each eye. When absolutely necessary, when there are pronounced symptoms of allergies, you may use up to 8 times a day.

    Glycine, Alergi has indications for use:

    • Allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis;
    • Rhinoconjunctivitis syndrome allergic etiology;
    • The worsening of hay fever.

    Glycine is a good analogue Allergodil, often used in ENT practice. Not recommended for the treatment of children up to 6 years. Be wary appoint patients with renal insufficiency and in the elderly. Sometimes provoke side effects – dry eyes, burning, itching, swelling of the eyelids, drowsiness, flushing. The tool have only one form of output – drops that can be used for the nose and for the eyes.

    Allergodil is an effective remedy for allergies. Patients fast results – within five minutes of reduced burning and itching in the eyes. Sometimes detected a slight burning sensation after instillation, but it passes quickly, does not require medical treatment correction and cancellation of medication.

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