Allergic to the sun and is manifested as: symptoms and treatment

Causes of allergies to the sun and methods of treatment

Vitamin D deficiency, which give the sun’s rays, it is unpleasant. But what if you are allergic to the sun? To postpone the vacation or think about what ointments are allergic to the sun will suit you and your baby? Understand what is a sun Allergy, symptoms, treatment. At the same time talk about the possible consequences of the disease.

  • The types of symptoms, causes of allergies
  • Common symptoms of allergies
  • Possible causes of intolerance
  • Treatment intolerance
  • Creams, ointments
  • Antihistamines
  • Folk remedies

The types of symptoms, causes of allergies

Intolerance to sunlight manifests itself immediately, literally 20-40 seconds and the person experiences discomfort. Allergic to the sun causes a different reaction, called in medicine photosensitivity:

  • Fotochromatyczne reaction. The consequences of a long stay under the sun. Occur and normally healthy people who received burns of the skin. To avoid phenomena that should not sunbathe for a long time, especially in the period from 11: 00 to 16 -00 h
  • Phototoxic symptoms. Appear due to the use of products or medicines containing the photosensitizers. Skin lesions in the form of bubbles, swelling, erythema.
  • Photoallergy is a sun Allergy that occurs when absolute intolerance to UV rays. Symptoms of an Allergy to the sun is extensive: papules, vesicles, rash, pigmentation disorders, thinning or thickening of the skin (patchy). This allergic reaction to the sun is a pathological process. The reason is the perception of the body rays as an alien toxic effects.
  • Photodermatosis manifested by contact with ototoksicnami plants. Grasses and flowers with salicylates and coumarins.
  • Important! Sunburn is, of course, not quite an Allergy, but unpleasant phenomenon. The consequence of excessive tanning is melanoma. It is essential to get a tan under the rays of the dosed, not to get gerodermia, the pathology of which is not similar to the intolerance, but is the immune system’s response to the contact allergen. Causes of rashes itching.

    It is not always possible to understand, there are allergic to the sun or the consequences of overheating. At risk are patients with disorders of the endocrine, immune system, pathologies of the kidneys and liver.

    Common symptoms of allergies

    Allergy has different symptoms. The signs vary depending on age, sex, health condition of the patient, external factors. Most often allergic to the sun’s rays looks like: reddening of the skin, rash, itching. On the hands, feet and face burns can occur peeling, sometimes the lesions coalesce into large areas of swelling. Can cause scabs, which then burst and bleed. It should be remembered that Allergy from the sun on the face and other parts of the body normally a healthy person is seen only when the targeted exposure, that is, if the tan was long lasting. If the rash and other signs appear in covered areas of the body, is allergic to the sun. The normal healthy person ultraviolet irradiation is converted in the sun, the intense radiation burns, which healed normal household methods.

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    What is a sun Allergy in adults – it is clear, with the children all the more difficult. The immune system of children is unstable, because the response to the insolation has its own characteristics. The main manifestation can be similar to simple rash, redness, peeling. The similarity of the rashes from sun allergies to other types of intolerance requires a clear separation and understanding of intolerance of UV rays:

  • Seasonality. A sun Allergy is manifested in periods of intense insolation.
  • Focal localization of lesions. Urticaria, other skin rashes occur only where the parts of the body are open.
  • Direct dependence from the place of rest. Let’s say the baby was taken to the sea, where the sun’s light is not only brighter than in my own yard, but also reflected from the water. Factor also can trigger eruptions.
  • Allergic to the sun, hypersensitivity to radiation can be and the consequences of taking certain medications. Because you should not bring the child to the sea without preliminary visit to the pediatrician.

    Possible causes of intolerance

    Arising sun Allergy causes is different. The disease mostly affects people with the first (Celtic) skin phototype. Tan to such individuals almost does not stick, the skin simply consumed. In addition, the causes of Allergy to the sun lie in special substances: the photosensitizers or photo-reactive agents, which depends on the amount of permissible irradiation intensity. If the patient photosensitizers lot, any exposure on the beach, the Solarium causes changes that manifest in the form of these signs.

    Phototoxic reactions may be caused by substances contained in the following items and products:

  • Antibacterial gels, Soaps;
  • Almost all of perfume compositions, lipsticks;
  • They may contain sunscreen, which includes walnut oil, patchouli, citrus essential oils, bergamot, cinnamon bark;
  • Mothballs, household chemicals.
  • Fact! It was from sunscreen, you can get a severe allergic reaction. Read the composition, if it contains para-aminobenzoic acid and benzophenone, it is better to refuse the cream.

    The list of drugs containing substances causing intolerances, huge. As a rule, the manuals have an indication of an adverse reaction photosensitization. The most common are: oral contraceptives, Ibuprofen, tetracycline, Palin, Biseptol, diuretics, antidepressants, glucose-lowering drugs, ointments with the content of tar.

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    Intolerance may occur due to plants containing furocoumarins. This substance is most often found in the grass. Even the slightest hit of juice or substance of plants is manifested in itching, rashes, eczema. The most common ones are: nettle, buckwheat, quinoa, cow parsnip, St. John’s wort, sedge. Provocative action have foods and drinks: carrots, peppers, figs, sorrel, parsley, citrus juices, wine, champagne. A high level of risk is in patients who already are allergic to chocolate, coffee, nuts.

    Treatment intolerance

    Treatment of Allergy to the sun begins with an explanation of the reasons of strange reactions. If it’s food or cosmetics, it is enough to exclude ingredients from the diet and treatment of sun Allergy can be considered complete. In the case when a cure for chronic or other diseases, causing intolerance, you can’t cancel, have to avoid any contact of the skin with the sun. For protection there are several variants.

    Creams, ointments

    Especially effective is an ointment Allergy with corticosteroids, but can be used only in the most severe form of intolerance. Are assigned to similar preparations from an Allergy to the sun doctor purchased prescription. Prolonged use of the compounds causes a disruption in the body, addictive. In the end, the patient gets an atrophy of the skin. You can choose non-hormonal cream from an Allergy to the sun: Destin, Gustan, Solkoseril, Vinilin, Livian.

    As for ointments, that is a good tool Radevic containing vitamin supplements. Using the ointment Actovegin, Apulien, the patient will almost immediately notice the effect of the application. The compositions clean manifested from radiation rashes, redness, sores, cracks. There are good gels, for example, Cost components an excellent job with the burning, cool the skin. Anti-inflammatory balm Akriderm produced also in the form of a cream that contains ibuprofen, paracetamol, Nimesil, and therefore cope with the itching, burning and other uncomfortable symptoms.

    Tip! All proceeds from the Allergy to the sun in the form of ointments, gels, creams most effective when combining them with antihistamines.


    Tablets from allergies to the sun are appointed only after a thorough examination by a dermatologist, allergologist and other professionals. The effectiveness of the compositions depends on the type of symptoms and the intensity of intolerance. Most popular Allergy medication is: Suprastin, Citrine, Zodak. It is necessary to distinguish drugs for the treatment of adults, children and pregnant women. For example, Promethazine – effective, powerful tool that relieves all symptoms, but are contraindicated in expectant mothers and children up to 5 years. Clemastin is applied in urticaria, angioedema, but is contraindicated to those who have intolerance of separate components. The pain is a very good composition, you can almost completely treat the Allergy to the sun, but has the side effect of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, fatigue, dizziness, and therefore it can not be used before driving a car.

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    Folk remedies

    Often it is enough to change diet and to include in the menu more products to maintain immunity to the body well against allergens. Allergy is manifested when the dose vitamins: C, B, E, nicotinic acid. Good help chelators and drink plenty of water – procedure will quickly cleanse the body from toxins and allergens. Products: Enterosgel, Polyphepan, POLYSORB.

    Vitamin therapy is also relates to alternative treatment options like traditional recipes. They are used if you cannot access a doctor if signs of intolerance implicit. How to treat sun Allergy simple ways:

  • Cabbage, potato juice helps to relieve inflammation of the skin;
  • Slices of fresh cucumber to relieve this itch, clean burn;
  • Cold compresses of the color of calendula, celandine will help adults and children who are allergic from the sun, the treatment can be carried out in continuous mode;
  • Leaf color geranium (1 tbsp in 1 Cup of boiling water and strain) will help to deal with extensive skin lesions, for example, if the patient were sunbathing under the intense rays and burned to blisters.
  • When choosing how, what to treat allergies, be sure to consult a doctor. First aid is not always effective, removing only the obvious signs. The problem may lie much deeper and lie in cosmetics, medicines. But knowing how it looks and why there is intolerance in a patient from a long stay in the sun treatment to choose easier. During visits to the doctor, be sure to talk about the frequency of symptoms, their character and their own feelings. Only in the case of detailed analysis, the specialist will be able to decide how to get rid of allergies to the sun and will choose the right treatment option.

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