Allergic to shellac and why you got itchy fingers now and than to treat

Causes of Allergy to lacquer, Shellac, and methods of treatment

Gel laki Shellac firms well-known and long lovers of resistant and beautiful nails. Professionals also a good idea to speak about the tool that has a nail restorative effects. Also, making a shellac manicure can be a good save – the tool lasts long enough and maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. But with all the advantages of the material happens to be allergic to shellac. Let us consider the possible causes, manifestations and treatment.

  • The causes of intolerance
  • Allergy symptoms
  • How and what to treat?

The causes of intolerance

Probable cause an allergic reaction to the remedy must be sought in the composition. To maintain the basic properties of strength and durability, used chemical components. A list of them:

  • Film former – a substance, forming a solid and long-lasting protection that is not sensitive to mechanical shock, tension and bending. To secure the effect it is necessary UV radiation.
  • A photoinitiator is a chemical responsible for the polymerization of elements.
  • Ventinove esters, benzylbutyl, aminoalkylindole and other additives, fillers and chemical properties. Without them, the gel Polish doesn’t get the right viscosity, plasticity, matte or glossiness. These elements may vary depending on the manufacturers part.
  • Active solvents required to maintain the required level of viscosity. Basically the effect is achieved by the addition of methacrylate – because of which there is an Allergy to shellac.
  • Pigments needed to give the composition a specific color.
  • Almost any substance in the composition may receive allergies from shellac. The problem lies in the similarity of the main components, because a change of brand does not always help get rid of intolerance.

    The second reason for discomfort – a negative reaction to UV irradiation. And it’s not allergic to shellac, and intolerance to sunlight. By the way, notice it and not doing her nails, people with this ailment almost never sunbathe.

    The third reason is intolerance to the components of the liquid for removing nail Polish. All compositions are based on acetone or an alternative substitute. Chemical solvent, and can be the cause of the symptoms. Figure out what exactly occurs the reaction: allergic to shellac or liquid, removing gel nail Polish is easy enough to post the procedure for removing the old nail Polish and applying new, time. In the case of the onset of symptoms not in the wearing period of the manicure, and in the process of removal or immediately thereafter, is necessary to change the solvent composition for the better.

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    Allergy symptoms

    Gel Polish or components of liquids hypersensitive to cause a variety of symptoms, but as a rule all changes the skin are localized in the upper phalanx of the fingers. The main manifestations of allergic reactions:

    • Itchy fingers, especially severe itching at the tip, near the nail plate;
    • Around the nail bed bubbles, sometimes an education can be filled with liquid;
    • Observed discoloration of the skin, fingers swollen;
    • The rash rarely spreads to the hands, forearms, shoulders;
    • The skin may harden, start to crack, appear moist focal inflammation;
    • Inhalation of methacrylate leads to respiratory symptoms: sneezing, itching in the nose, swelling of the mucosa of the nose, throat.

    Important! If there are signs of respiratory Allergy to shellac, you should immediately contact a doctor. Otherwise the malaise will turn into pulmonary edema, leading to death.

    All these symptoms are the most known, but in each individual case intolerance can be given, supplemented by more overt or hidden signs. For example, the manicure using gel lacquer, is credited with a high level of fungus infection. Reason: in the process of wearing in layers of shellac are cracks where get spores and a dense coating is the ideal area for the development and growth of candidiasis.

    How and what to treat?

    What if was allergic to gel Polish? Of course, to exclude all contact with allergens. You have to remove the manicure, this can be done both in salon and at home. In the case of the strongest signs of irritation around the nails, consult a doctor. Perhaps the toxins have penetrated much deeper, and will require not only external influence gels, ointments, but also by drug therapy. What is included in the treatment:

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  • A course of antihistamines: Zyrtec, Citrine. Tablets help treat allergies and relieve the symptoms.
  • Ointments with curative effect: Fenistil gel and similar drugs also help to cure allergies, simultaneously cooling the skin of the fingers and removing the discomfort.
  • Tip! If inflamed skin, itching and otmokaet in region of forearms, on the hands, well help Advantan, Elokom. To use medical means should be at least 10 days. Moreover, the application area should be not be selective but extensive, that is, to smear all the brush and all forearm.

    The problem of allergic response to a delayed reaction. Allergens can accumulate in the body for a long time, then emerge. And you don’t understand, why did the manicure did not trouble, and now the nail changes shape, cuticle started to itch and a rash covered hands. In this case you should also immediately treat allergies, and be sure to remove the shellac. And then to go to the doctor, who will tell you the cause of intolerances and how to get rid of allergies.

    Fact! At risk are patients with reduced immunity, chronic diseases of kidneys, liver, and after infectious diseases. If you do not want to waive coverage, you can find something to replace shellac. For example, there is an alternative Blyuskay. But replacing Shellac cnd on Blyuskay not always the answer, the composition also contains a lot of components that cause severe allergic symptoms.

    If the right to choose, than to treat intolerance, or rather its consequences, it is noticeable relief after a couple of days. In the case of ineffectiveness of the drug, be sure to consult a dermatologist-allergist and to change the scheme of treatment.

    Important! Despite the fact that manifestations of intolerance respond well to treatment, there is no guarantee of the absence of signs of allergies in the future. Moreover, even if the patient is completely rid of the symptoms, later manifestations may be more manifestations of the disease are of increasing nature. Why? Allergens have the feature of accumulation that affects toxic way on the entire body and consequences – total deformation of the nail, skin ulceration and other nasty diseases, as in the photo.

    How to get rid of signs of intolerance, if not at hand any means and to the pharmacy far away? To help bath with lots of sea salt: 0.5 l. of water (preferably warm) take 1 tablespoon of salt and whisk well. After the dissolution of the grains to immerse your hands and hold them in the water approximately 10-15 minutes. This tool helps to fingers and the skin itched. You can take baths with salt when symptoms affect the hands completely. No salt, take a lemon: to not itch, you need to RUB your nails in fresh lemon juice (3-5 minutes), then rinse hands with clean water and then apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer.

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    Knowing how to treat the intolerance of shellac, you can take a chance and get a manicure again. But it is better to switch to more gentle options for decorating the fingers, especially when international experts have already banned the tool in a number of countries because of its chemical components, from which there is an Allergy to shellac.

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