Aflamil nail fungus nail: instructions for use

The composition of the varnish Aflamil and indications

Fungal diseases of nail plates with difficult to treat and often relapses. However, the use of antifungal lacquer allows you to cure the infection, without using drugs for internal ingestion. Aflamil lacquer also known as lacquer Flamini used to treat fungal infections, and also allows you to do a manicure on the affected with fungus nails.

  • Composition and indications for use
  • The use of the drug
  • The cost and analogues
  • Contraindications and side effects
  • The reviews about the drug

Composition and indications for use

Flamel, who mistakenly called Nail Flamin or Designed, has a wide therapeutic effect: destroys fungus, contributes to the rapid restoration of the nail plate and protects from secondary infections. The last step is very important, because the fungus weakens the nail plate, which can develop dangerous secondary diseases that cause suppuration, detachment, destruction of the nail and skin around it. Flamin nail fungus has positive reviews, it is noted that the drug reduces the burning and itching of a fungal infection.

Please note! Although the funds are more costly counterparts, Flamel has the most affordable cost.

The purpose of the drug:

  • the treatment of fungal infections;
  • prevention of recurrence;
  • protection from fungus infection.

The therapeutic effect of the funds determines its composition. The main active ingredient in Famile is amorolfine, it occupies about 56% in the composition. Enhance the effect of the drug and create the right consistency excipients:

  • Ethanol;
  • Triacetin;
  • Butyl acetate;
  • Etilakrilata copolymer;
  • and other substances.

Aflamil nail from the nail fungus is only suitable for external use, they need to cover the nail plate affected by a fungal infection. Lacquer against nail fungus gives fungicidal and fungistatic effects and provokes the destruction of the cytoplasmic membrane of the fungus. Regular use significantly reduces the number of substances required for the growth of fungal infection. Important is the point that the remedy of nail fungus Aflamil destroys not only the frequent causative agents of fungal infection, but those are rare and are diagnosed.

Flamin nail from the nail fungus is able to treat lesions of the nail plate, triggered by fungi:

  • by dermatophytes;
  • yeast;
  • mold.

However, Flaming from nail fungus is not only used for direct treatment but for prevention of relapse after complete cure.

Please note! The application of the drug to the nail plate before visiting a public pool or bath will protect against infection with fungal infections.

The use of the drug

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Aflamil have a nail Polish from nail fungus can only be used externally, it must be applied on the nails. The drug is equally effective against nail fungus on the feet and hands. Apply varnish should perform preparation procedures. With varnish there is an instruction on application, but dwell on the procedure of applying should be more.

First, you need to remove dead areas of the nail plate using nail file, which is attached to Iloilo. You should try to remove as much dead tissue and align not only the edge of the nail, but also to Polish its surface. You should then wash your hands, dry them with a towel and remove from the nail plate balances sebum. You can use cotton soaked in alcohol or alcohol-containing lotion.

Important! Preparatory procedures should be performed before each application!

After the preparatory procedures, you can begin drawing funds:

  • Dip the spatula into the varnish, being careful not to scoop too much;
  • Remove the paddle from the vial without removing the excess funds and not touching the tool region of the bottle;
  • With a spatula cover the drug for every nail in need of treatment;
  • After processing all of the nail plate tightly close the bottle;
  • Not to touch the fingers of three minutes – the drug should be dry;
  • After dry, wipe the blade with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  • Attention! When processing tool, careful not to touch nails with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol!

    Reviews indicate that the first therapeutic effect when using Aflamil occurs after 2-3 weeks of use. However, even with the disappearance of symptoms treatment should continue to fully eradicate the infection and eliminate the risk of recurrence. Usually, treatment of fungal diseases of nail plates of the hands lasts half a year. To destroy the fungus toenails Aflamil should be used for about a year.

    Important! During treatment Ofeminem not cover the cosmetic nail varnish or use shellac! Decorative dried and contribute to the destruction of infected nail fungus, as well as interfere with the therapeutic action of Flamina. Make hands look attractive, you need to make high-quality classic manicure and therapeutic nail Polish applied neatly, evenly.

    The cost and analogues

    Aflamil nail fungus is not the most budget, however, it has excellent performance and high efficiency even in advanced cases of fungal infection. How much is Aflamil? The cost of the drug depends on the region, the average price of around$15.

    Please note! Flamel – the cheapest tool among the anti-fungal lacquers. All counterparts of this funds are more expensive.

  • Loceryl. The price of the drug Lotseril is more than 19$. rubles for a bottle of 2.5 ml. part Loceryl include amorolfine hydrochloride, destroying most fungal infections. Despite the high cost, the nail Polish has positive reviews.
  • Onehell. Lacquer is about 31$.for a large bottle, with its action and composition do not differ from Ilemela, and active substance – the same amorolfine hydrochloride.
  • Important! If you want to buy the vehicle cheaper then you should pay attention to ointment nail fungus on the feet and hands.

  • Atavin. The drug costs about$ 3, but this cream for the treatment of nail fungus cause side effects, although having the treatment in advanced cases of fungal infection.
  • Terbinafine. Means cheaper costs up to 2$. But the ointment is not less effective than lacquer Flail, although it has more side effects.
  • Termikon. The tool produces a Russian manufacturer. Ointment is cheap, about 4$. The tool has a similar composition with lacquered Oflameron. Has few side effects and provides treatment for fungal nail and skin, including infections caused by Candida, mold fungi and dermatophytes.
  • Please note! Ointments are much less than varnish, however, they are not absorbed into the nail plate, and their action is less effective.

    Contraindications and side effects

    You cannot use Aflamil nail fungus treatment in case of intolerance to components of the therapeutic agent. If pregnant or breast-feeding woman, before you start treatment with Oflameron must obtain permission of the attending physician. Nail fungus treatment used to treat children under 12 years since have not been any studies on the impact of the funds on the child’s body.

    Please note! If swallowed Aflamil required urgent gastric lavage and medical examination.

    Side effects from the use of the antifungal lacquer are very rare: one of thousands of patients after regular use of nail Polish the nail becomes thin, change color, breaks down. Probably, this phenomenon is associated not with the actual drug, and with late treatment when a fungal infection is already running form and much destroyed the nail plate. One person out of 10,000 is observed burning sensation, but this symptom passes quickly.

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    Contact dermatitis when using Aflamil may occur if the tool often gets on the skin during application. Therefore, when using the drug need to act very precisely and carefully, trying not to touch the blade skin.

    The reviews about the drug

    Anastasia, 42 years

    Previously treated locurilor. But, having had a rest in Thailand, has again contracted the fungus. The idea was not to take on the rest of means for the prevention! Arriving home, began to treat with Oflameron the whole family. Notice that after coating all the family members felt a burning sensation, but it passes. Nails cut year even when the nails began to look decent. The whole family spent three bottles (came expensive). In General, satisfied.

    Svetlana, 27 years

    My husband and I contracted nail fungus at the same time (I think has caught on the beach). And treatment of steel together. Bought Aflamil as advised by the doctor. Summary: I have in a month has grown thin, pink, healthy nails. My husband is the effect less visible, the fungus is still there, the nails crumble. I think it is because I’m not lazy before applying the varnish to the nails steamed in salt water and do pedicures. Husband just cut the nail and smear the Polish. I think I would rather three months of treatment, her husband (in the instructions) – six months.

    Natalia, 23 years

    Visit the fitness room, go there to shower. Use Aflamil for prevention, so you don’t get nail fungus. I think that 900 rubles for nail Polish – it’s expensive. However, along with varnish are of a spatula for application, cotton balls for cleansing nails, and nail files. Good product, not infected by the fungus for 3 years access to the sporting club.

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