A yeast infection without discharge or could it be just itching candidiasis

Form of yeast infection without discharge and its symptoms

Many women are familiar with this unpleasant disease, as thrush. It is called the fungi of the genus Candida. Usually the common symptom of fungal vaginitis in women is itching and cheesy discharge from the genital tract. But often in the fairer sex the question arises, could it be thrush without the cheesy discharge? This can be, if the disease takes an uncharacteristic within and manifests no emissions. It is this form of the disease, and we will tell in our article.

  • Reasons
  • Symptoms
  • Atypical form and its symptoms
  • Differential diagnosis of
  • Diagnosis


To begin to understand the causes of the disease. It is a conditionally-pathogenic fungus that in small amount is present in the mucous membranes of a healthy person. But as soon as the immune system under the influence of adverse factors weakens, the infection begins to grow strongly and to cause disease.

In addition to reduced immunity on the occurrence of disease can be affected by the following factors:

  • improper nutrition (an abundance of sweet and starchy foods);
  • hypothermia;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • overweight (obesity);
  • prolonged antibiotic therapy with a drug of wide spectrum (this is due to the suppression of beneficial microflora, which has not previously been possible to spread the fungus);
  • long-term use of hormonal contraceptives;
  • fatigue;
  • stress;
  • failure to comply with the rules of intimate hygiene;
  • pregnancy;
  • venereal disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • HIV;
  • infection can be transmitted during sexual intercourse from an infected partner.


Sometimes women and girls yeast infections can occur without obvious symptoms. Often minor disease symptoms are confused with symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, even if you only have itching or burning, you should contact a doctor for correct diagnosis. Indirectly, the presence of disease indicate disruptions of the menstrual cycle. The woman should be alerted not only more active and heavy menstruation, but also more scarce than usual, separation during menstruation.

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Generally for yeast infection has the following symptoms:

  • Itching and discomfort in the vagina. Discomfort may be felt and the outside of the genitals.
  • Tip: you can perform a simple test for yeast infection. For this you need to put your legs while sitting. If the itch intensified, then this is a symptom of candidiasis.

  • There is a strong swelling of the labia. Swelling often comes to the anus.
  • Candidiasis often occurs as a concomitant illness for chlamydia, gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis.
  • During intercourse, and after him the woman feels pain. Such pain is often appear after urinating.
  • In most cases, the most characteristic symptom of the disease are whitish cheesy discharge from the genital tract. The smell may either be absent, or to be specific sourish. The volume of secretion increased after cleaning, intercourse, or after a night’s sleep. Despite the fact that this is a characteristic symptom of the disease, some women sometimes thrush without discharge.
  • Thrush often resolves itself spontaneously during menstruation. The reason is very simple. During menstruation the acidity of the vagina changes and becomes unfavorable for the fungus, so the infection quickly dies. However, it is not necessary to wait till my period and the disease itself will take place. If time does not treat disease, it can become chronic and give a relapse every 3 months before the onset of menses.

    Atypical form and its symptoms

    If the disease is more hidden, the symptoms may be absent, and to be expressed in other forms. Candidiasis without discharge is very rare. In this case the women, there is only a burning, swelling and itching. However, the presence of such symptoms does not guarantee that you have a yeast infection.

    Important! Burning and itching in the vagina can be caused by various disorders, and processes due to the presence of multiple nerve endings in this location. The reason for irritation and itching can be any disease.

    Moreover the usual itching of the vagina in the opinion of the gynaecologist is not a symptom of infection or any disease. Many diseases of the female genitalia often occur with itching and secretions (discharges). Sometimes a burning sensation may appear just before the discharge.

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    Often the lack of the secretions of women are those typical of whites, who are constantly present in healthy women. That is, even during thrush whites may not be white cheesy, and a more transparent or yellowish, that girls accept as normal. A small increase in their number they usually do not pay attention.

    It is important to follow a standard indication of candidiasis and not to confuse them with inflammatory processes. Even if whites are different from the cheesy discharge, it could still be thrush. Moreover it is dangerous to treat such «inflammatory» process antibiotics that will create a more favorable atmosphere for the breeding of mushrooms.

    Attention! The absence of a characteristic cheesy whiter for thrush is a sure sign of chronic infection.

    In other words, the yeast infection no characteristic beloeil could be the case if the woman is a carrier of candidainfection. In this case, the disease will proceed without the mass reproduction of fungi, as this process is controlled by the body. Claims to medical statistics, approximately 20 percent of the female population are carriers of the fungi Candida.

    Differential diagnosis of

    Now you know whether a yeast infection without discharge. The answer is Yes. However, before you put a diagnosis to exclude other diseases which give the same symptom with no emissions. Here are some of them:

    • prolapse or prolapse of the genital organs;
    • kraurosis is a disease in which the mucosa and skin near the genitals become coarse (the disease is more common in the elderly);
    • atrophy of the vaginal mucosa are also frequent companion of older women;
    • papilloma and condyloma is a benign growths on the vaginal mucosa;
    • genital herpes.

    Often itching in this location can cause the following diseases, not related to the sexual sphere:

    • proctitis is an inflammatory disease of the rectum;
    • hepatitis;
    • ovarian dysfunction;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • cracks of the anus;
    • leukemia;
    • jaundice.
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    If you have symptoms such as itching and burning, but discharge there is no need to contact the doctor to clarify the diagnosis. For diagnosis, the specialist will first take a swab from the mucous membrane of the cervix.

    If the tests are discovered pathogenic fungi, it would point to the presence of the disease. As a healthy person in the mucosa can also dwell in these fungi, pathology, decided to take the concentration of fungi is higher than normal. However, the described analysis is not very informative, because it allows only confirm or deny the excess amount of microorganisms. But this method is the fastest.

    Important! For a more accurate analysis of the swab is placed in a favorable environment and a few days to identify the pathogen and evaluate its sensitivity to antifungal drugs.

    For a complete diagnosis of the patient must pass the following tests:

  • OAM.
  • KLA.
  • A swab for bacterial analysis.
  • Analysis of the sensitivity of microflora to various drugs.
  • Only after collecting all tests and getting results will be able to pinpoint the causative agent, to evaluate its resistance to certain drugs and to find effective treatment that will lead to full recovery.

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