A wart on the foot and plantar wart removal

The appearance of warts on the foot and ways to remove

Often warts appear on the feet after penetration of human papilloma virus in the organism there is a benign tumor. Because of this, the skin of the foot is formed outgrowth in the place of the highest friction coated with a thin layer of the epithelium. It brings pain and a large amount of trouble. In this article, you will learn the causes of the problem, how to get plantar warts and prevention methods.

  • Causes of warts
  • Treatment
  • Surgery
  • Treatment at home
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention

Causes of warts

Regardless of the type of growth the reason for the appearance remains the same — decrease the level of immunity. As a result, the body gets the papillomavirus, abbreviated HPV. Modern medicine knows over one hundred different forms, from filiform to papillomas and warts.

Depending on the response of the body, the specialists gave the virus a number. So, for the plantar growths are 1-4 type of HPV.

Most people living in the world sarasani the papilloma virus and are potential vectors. Infection most often occurs in the contact-household level. That is, if the person is not infected, he virus, the wart can be transmitted by direct contact.

In addition, the virus can be transmitted through infected skin cells that remained on household items. Frequently the infection remains for other people’s things or items of personal hygiene. So often we have to think how to get rid of warts on foot. But not all conditions are equal to the chances of infection, in a dry and clean room, then the probability is practically zero. But in wet rooms, where the heat, such as saunas, baths, pools and gyms, the chances of infection increase.

Because the virus that causes warts on the foot are killed when exposed to ultraviolet light, it is impossible to get on the beach.

Wart on the foot can appear in anyone, as it is likely that the person is a carrier and not know about it. The fact is that with a strong immune system the virus remains latent and does not manifest itself. However, if there are physical overload, high stress, poor nutrition, or poisoning, the body weakens and manifested HPV.

In addition to the natural decline of immunity, the cause of manifestation of warts on the feet can be as follows:

  • violation of the skin on the foot;
  • uncomfortable shoes may RUB the foot;
  • various diseases, such as diabetes or varicose veins;
  • the deformation of the shape of the foot for osteoarthrosis or arthritis of the joints;
  • the increased level of sweating or, on the contrary, dry skin of the feet.

Understanding the modes of transmission of HPV can go on to answer the question: how to get rid of warts on the foot?


Currently, there are many ways to treat plantar warts. Professionals can remove moles and warts on the soles of the feet. Clinics offer different methods, which with high probability will help to cope with the problem. Consider the basic options how to remove plantar wart.


To get rid of warts on the heel of the child or adult will help professional surgical equipment. It should be noted that this method is rarely applied in practice. It is recommended only when there is a large spread of warts. For this, the patient is administered local anesthesia and with a scalpel cut the benign. After excision the patient suturing for seven or ten days.

The advantages of this method include reliability eliminate larger growths. But the shortcomings are more significant, for example, remains a scar in place of excision. There is a possibility of eliminating only symptoms of HPV, and some time on the same spot will appear again internal wart.

In recent years there have been a great alternative to scalpel removal of plantar warts with a laser. This method effectively reduces the manifestation of HPV and does not leave a trace. A dermatologist during the procedure, can regulate the degree of penetration of the rays, thereby pinpointing and eliminating the source of the disease. Laser plantar wart removal requires a small amount of time and almost painless. The recovery of the affected area of the skin takes little time.

Most of the professionals plantar wart removal with laser is the best method of control. After the procedure, the chance of recurrence is minimal. In addition, the dermatologist will be able to conduct histological examination.

Treatment at home

Treatment of warts on the foot can be done at home, and for this it is best to use special ointments. They are divided into three groups:

  • Necrotizing;
  • Antiviral;
  • Plant.
  • Some of the treatment options at home to choose, it is better to consult with a specialist. But for clarity, consider the most popular ointment that helps remove warts heel:

    • Salicylic. Works as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Apply 60% of the composition. Before you put on the plantar wart of the foot need to steam thoroughly dry. Once smeared a thin layer, bandage the affected area. Repeat the procedure every day until the problem will be gone.
    • Viferon. Due to the content of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory, immune-modulating means, the ointment helps to get rid of symptoms of HPV. The application is quite simple — the build-up cover the ointment four times a day for one week.
    • Riodical. This ointment from warts on the foot acts as antiviral and antifungal agents. Prepare ream, steam and dry it. Spread a thin layer on the affected area. Repeat the procedure three times a day until complete victory over the disease.

    Folk remedies

    There are proven methods how to cure warts on feet. As a rule, every time you first need to steam the legs, and means applied at bedtime. To avoid becoming a carrier of the infection and not give it to your loved ones, use latex gloves. Consider the most common folk remedy for warts:

    • Its antibiotic properties garlic is famous for. All you need to do is cut on the sole of the upper layer of the lesion and applying a thin slice of fresh garlic.
    • In some cases, prepare «antiboredom tool». To this mix finely grated or crushed garlic, flour and vinegar. The resulting mass is applied on the affected area and cover band. A few days later you can remove the dough together with a knot.
    • Also known tincture of onion to the vinegar. You can use soaked onion or applied to the wart in the vinegar, and after applying a cut onion.
    • The following procedure will require a lot of time for the treatment: from several weeks to several months. Squeeze the juice from medicinal plants, for example, celandine, calendula, Golden mustache or Kalanchoe. You can try to apply slices of fresh Apple, cabbage, horseradish, Rowan. Repeat procedure every day until the problem is resolved.
    • Another option how to get rid of warts on the heel is a breeding wood ash in water in such proportions, to a creamy mass.
    • If there are no problems with sweating, then use the following method. Grind the chalk into powder, sprinkle the knot on the foot and wrap everything with a bandage.
    • Take the bark of birch or willow, soften them in boiling water and apply to the wart. The crust comes salicyl that copes with the problem.
    • When removing warts on the foot you can use the bath with hot water and dissolved sea salt, soap, soda, broth and fir oil of tea tree. Daily application will help cure the wart.


    To prevent infection of HPV is impossible, as it is likely that you are a carrier. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that there was no obvious manifestations. For this regularly simple rules:

    • Daily follow simple hygiene procedures e.g. wash hands and feet;
    • If you know that those who have problems with warts, try to limit physical contact with their objects;
    • Choose shoes by size;
    • If you have damaged skin, then try immediately to treat it with iodine, alcohol or other antiseptic.

    If you have had a wart on the sole of the foot, then take care of reducing the likelihood of re-recurrence:

    • Seek a stable emotional state, and this requires plenty of sleep and the absence of strong stresses;
    • Engage in active sports and sagalevitch;
    • Watch out for the quality of food and take means to strengthen the immune system;
    • Use orthotics to reduce strain on the feet.

    By following these simple rules, you can avoid problems with warts on feet. If that’s the case they manifested, then use all possible methods to treat them. It is best to ask the dermatologist how to remove plantar wart and not to self-medicate. It will save your time and quickly eliminate the discomfort. If the output of the wart at home, you can get a chemical burn or aggravate the situation.

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