A comprehensive treatment of fungus toenails

Fungal nail disease (onychomycosis) is not a rare phenomenon in our time. What is the treatment of fungus toenails is the most effective? Local treatment, injection, radical treatment?

Various pathogenic fungi are the causative agents of diseases in the body, however, their «favorite» locations are the skin and nails. It may seem to some extent a tautology, since the nail is a derivative element of the skin, however, there are fungi that «spetsializiruyutsya» on the defeat of the nail plate.

Holistic treatment of nail fungus in a mandatory order is made by the doctor asked the patient complaining of a change in the nail plate. This can be the expert of a narrow profile mycologist or a dermatologist. The first thing that must be done by the doctor to take a sample of affected nail fungus for analysis. The onychomycosis caused by different fungi, and sometimes only one appearance very difficult to identify the causative agent. This is a mandatory procedure, otherwise treatment will not be effective.

The rules and the General scheme of treatment of onychomycosis

For the therapy to be successful, a patient needs to take the following measures:

    • tools for topical application in the form of ointments, gels, varnishes, drops;
    • oral medicines;
    • mechanical removal of the affected area of the nail plate;
    • support local and General immunity means.

    The importance of qualified treatment lies in the fact that many antifungal drugs have some contraindications and side effects, and therefore they can be assigned only to the attending physician.

    Local treatment for fungus on nails feet

    In antifungal creams and ointments apply such active substances as naftifin, terconazole, ketoconazole, fundazol, oxindol. They adversely affect the cell wall of fungi, causing their destruction. Medications ciclopiroxolamine it makes sense to apply in the early stages of onychomycosis caused by yeasts, dermatophytes, moldy fungi. Often used in the fungus of the nails drugs on the basis of bifonazole.

    Sometimes during treatment the patient can mark the skin around the patient’s nail. This may mean the development of an allergic reaction to the drug, the fungus has almost destroyed. In this case, doctors recommend to stop treatment.

    Antinicotine oral medications

    Treatment of nail fungus tablets must, as a rule, in the case of a running of the disease, when local facilities are unable to cope with the mycosis. As local drugs, antifungal tablets, a great many, and therefore their reception requires a clear assignment of the attending physician.

    Most antifungal oral medications have a number of contraindications. They cannot be assigned to young children, pregnant and lactating women, patients with diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as people who are undergoing treatment with hormones.

    Pill can be prescribed for one or several courses. Duration of one course in average week. Due to harmful effects on the liver of certain drugs the doctor prescribes along with anti-fungal pills means reducing the devastating impact of the first on the liver cells.

    Radical removal of the nail plate

    In severe cases, your doctor may raise the question of mechanical removal of the affected nail. While onychomycosis can be in active or latent (spores are stored on the skin of the toe.) form.

    Radical therapy is used in patients receiving antifungal tablets and can be implemented in the following ways:

    1. By surgical removal of the nail with the opening of the nail bed. This method requires the use of local anesthesia, as it is very painful.
    2. With the help of apparatus pedicure. The procedure performed in the beauty rooms and also requires local anesthesia.
    3. The use of special chemical compounds for the removal of the nail plate. It is a longer pain-free alternative to the first two methods.

    After completing a full course of treatment, the doctor needs to take a sample of the nail tissue to conduct follow-up investigations. Usually this is done 2 weeks after the end of therapy.

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